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Neighbours Episode 2829 from 1997 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2829
Australian airdate: 10/04/97
UK airdate: 22/09/97
UK Gold: 11/09/03
Writer: David Allen
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Father Donnelly: Clive Hearne
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Lou realising how his pews were stolen.
Mystery man calling to report that things are going exactly as he wanted.
Ramsay Street
Lance tries to teach his mother how to rollerblade but the lad is embarrassed as to how bad she is. He pushes her off solo and she literally runs into the mystery man we met in the last eppy.
Number 30
Jo leads mystery man into the kitchen to introduce him to Lisa and Sarah. We finally find out that mystery man has a name - Ben. He explains that he is a mechanic from Adelaide and likes to keep fit but to their relief he exercises outside! The ladies invite him to stay for dinner to chat some more.
Lou's Place
Phil asks Lou if he is an insensitive guy because he didn't invite Ruth to the book launch. He assures him that he didn't invite her for the right reasons but that doesn't make Phil feel any better.
Number 30
Sarah says bye to Ben as she has to head to work. Ben announces that he is off too and hands over his phone number so they can contact him about the house share. Once he leaves, Jo wants him in and Lisa is almost there but feels that because he hasn't shared before that may be problematic although Jo points out that means he hasn't picked up any bad habits! Lisa wants to wait a few more days before telling Ben that he is in but Jo feels that he is the best person.
Lou's Place
Lou is miffed to find out he's been invoiced for the stolen pews and Sarah suggests that he shouldn't have to pay since they were stolen. Ben arrives and Sarah admits to him that he has her vote for being allowed to move in.
Number 30
Hannah pops in to seek out Lisa's advice on the essay she's written for the paper competition. Jo wonders why she didn't ask her dad but Hannah replies that she wants a neutral opinion. The ladies persuade her to leave so they can read the story at their leisure, which she does. Lisa starts to read once she has left and goes "oh no!"
Number 28
Libby is reading Hannah's story which Lisa has brought over and concurs with Lisa that the story Hannah has written is basically about Tim and Susan although Hannah did change the names every so slightly (Tom for Tim and Sharon for Susan) but anyone in the know will know who it is. Lisa thinks she has a good chance of winning, which will mean it will get published and Libby isn't relishing that prospect nor the thought of telling her parents either!
Break over and Karl and Susan return home excited from setting up the new surgery. Libby tries to get rid of her dad so she can talk to Susan and with her help they cajole him into having a shower. Alone, Libby shows Susan Hannah's essay and Susan is gobsmacked. Susan wants to get it stopped and pleads with Libby for her help in doing so.
Lou's Place (next day)
Lou and Sarah are setting up for the day when Father Donnelly arrives. Father Donnelly is sympathetic over Lou's position but doesn't want the church to lose out either, so Lou invites him into the office to chat.
Number 28
Karl hurries Susan along so he can get to the surgery to finish getting ready. Karl goes to check the car as Libby returns home with bad news - she can't get hold of them, only the competitors can withdraw their essays.
Lou's Place
Phil pops in for an expensive one bottle of wine as part of his apology to Ruth (he has a large bouquet of flowers too). Father Donnelly and Lou exit the office with Lou holding firm that he isn't paying and the Father leaves empty handed. Sarah changes her mind and tells Lou that he should pay when she realises that he was getting them straight from the church and not the antique dealer she previously though.
Number 32
Lance brings his mum a coffee who is suffering after her rollerblading escapades. He answers the door to Phil and he hands over the wine and flowers along with an apology and reason why he didn't invite her. Ruth accepts his apology and gifts and agrees to have lunch with him.
Susan shows Karl Hannah's essay and that it stands a good chance of winning/being published. The aghast Karl seems to think that Phil has been telling Hannah things he shouldn't have.
Lou's Place
Sarah tells Ben that he's got the nod to move in and he's going to move in soon. She returns to the bar and is very frosty with Lou and suggests putting a collecting tin on the bar to raise the money for the church that way, which goes down like a lead balloon.
Phil and Ruth arrive for lunch and Sarah says she'll take the menus to them (they will be sitting outside) and as they exit the door, Ben looks over from the pool table and stares at them.
Lassiter's Complex
Sarah brings Phil and Ruth their drinks and Ben moves outside too. Ruth makes small talk with him when she spots him but he eventually moves back inside and Phil remarks that is a bit strange and Ruth adds that perhaps he is shy.
Lou's Place
Sarah introduces Ben to Lou and that he is moving into #30. Lou tells him that he will meet a lot of the Ramsay Street Residents in the pub, which Ben uses as a way to find out Ruth and Lance's name and to ask questions a few about Ruth.
Sarah answers the phone - its Marlene who isn't happy, but Lou tells her to lie and say he is busy. She does that but then tells him after she has hang up that Marlene is coming to see him!
Number 26
Just as they were getting comfy on the sofa, an annoyed Karl calls round to enquire how Phil could let Hannah write that essay. Phil is oblivious as to what is going on but Karl spells it out to him - that if one word of it is published, he'll see him in court!
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