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Neighbours Episode 2760 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2760
Australian airdate: 06/12/96
UK airdate: 12/06/97
UK Gold: 05/06/03
Writer: Scott Taylor
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Madge Bishop: Anne Charleston
Harold Bishop: Ian Smith
Bonnie: Trained by Jason Hura
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Summary/Images by: Emily
Ned inform Lance that's he's in the deal, and threatens to bring him down with him should anything happen.
Harold suggests that he and Madge move in together. Madge is speechless.
Number 32
Anne returns home with a successful cake. Ruth is impressed and wonders if Billy was too. Anne informs her mother that they are just friends, so Ruth agrees to let it rest. Lance appears, but isn't that bothered about the cake. Ruth is curious to know why Lance has been so miserable recently, but doesn't get a chance as he storms outside with his rollerblades. Anne promises her mother she'll try to talk to him again.
Ramsay Street
Anne comes out as Lance is sitting on the pavement. Using her sisterly powers, Lance finally admits that he's not having a fun time at work, as his boss is being difficult. Anne is sympathetic but can't deny that she won't tell Ruth. She heads back inside to let him skate in peace.
Number 22
Harold and Madge pop over to visit Marlene; they'd like to rent Number 24 off her so that they can live together once more. Marlene is unsure about such a bold move, but Madge points out that they plan to take things slowly in the hope it will help Harold's memory to return. Marlene is thrilled to hear the full idea and agrees for them to pick up the keys the following morning.
Number 32
In an attempt to tidy up, Ruth picks up Lance's jacket, but a wad of cash drops onto the floor. Realising it is more than his standard wage; she questions where he got the extra money from. Lance claims he earns it by helping carry Christmas trees to people's cars. Ruth isn't convinced, but Lance storms off. Anne admits to Ruth that there is more to it than just the trees. Ruth is shocked to hear about Lance's boss, but Anne advises her to stay out of it, or Lance will never talk to her again.
Number 24
Hannah and Debbie are bickering over the washing up. Helen tries in vain to stop them, but it seems Hannah is not impressed by Debbie continuing to order her around.
Madge wanders in and successfully manages to calm the situation down, by announcing that she's moving in with Harold next door. She thanks them for letting her stay with them.
HELEN: I just hope everything works out the way you want it to.
MADGE: So do I.
Number 32
Ruth asks Anne about her plans for the day. It seems Anne would like to meet up with Billy, but also aims to avoid him. Ruth wonders what is actually going on, but doesn't get an answer as a grumpy Lance appears.
Ruth informs Lance that she knows what's going on (about his boss not being fair to him, not the full details), and offers to go and talk to his boss. Lance asks that his mother stays out of it as he can handle it on his own, so Ruth heads off to work.
With Ruth gone, Lance lays into Anne about blabbing to Ruth.
LANCE: Oh forget it, the next time I have to tell someone something; it won't be you will it.
Anne doesn't believe that Lance has told them the whole truth about the situation, but Lance claims it doesn't matter.
ANNE: It does (matter) to me, and I know you better than anyone.
LANCE: And I know you. You are the only person I thought I could really trust, but I guess I got that wrong too.
Number 24
Marlene welcomes Madge and Harold back into a dusty Number 24. She offers to show them around, but quickly remembers they've lived there before. Harold admits that he can't remember it, but Madge offers to give him a tour. Talking rent agreements, Marlene offers them a 6 month lease, however Harold would like to settle on a shorter time period in case things work out and they decide to head back up to Queensland. They settle on a monthly agreement and Marlene leaves them in peace.
HAROLD: Do you like music?
MADGE: Course I do, why?
HAROLD: Just couldn't remember, that's all.
MADGE: You don't have to force things; now that we are home you can take things nice and easy.
Soon realising there is no food in the cupboards, they head out to the supermarket.
Number 26
Helen and Ruth come to the end of a physio session. Helen admits she's been practicing on her own; she's determined to get back to her portrait so she can finish it. Ruth is impressed, but reminds her not to rush it.
They are soon interrupted by Hannah and Debbie bickering over a shirt. Hannah storms out, while Debbie heads to the kitchen. Ruth follows. Debbie is quick to accuse Hannah of being the one who started the argument, but Ruth reminds her that Hannah is only 14, and as the older one, she should be taking some responsibility. Debbie is horrified to hear Ruth telling her what to do.
RUTH: Maybe not, but Helen is my patient, and she doesn't need any un-due stress.
DEBBIE: What are you saying; that I don't care about Gran?
DEBBIE: Look, I love her; and everyone in this family cares about her health, and they cared about her a long time before you got here. Don't go sticking your nose in where it doesn't belong.
Number 32
Anne admits to Lance that she didn't realise she wasn't supposed to tell Ruth about his work, but Lance is still angry about it and claims she should've known. Anne is still convinced he's hiding something, but Lance would rather she kept out of it.
ANNE: No I won't, we've always talked about stuff when we couldn't handle it on our own.
LANCE: Maybe when we were younger, but not anymore.
ANNE: You don't mean that.
LANCE: Yes, I do! Things have changed between us; get used to it.
Walking out into the hallway, Lance realises he may have overstepped the mark.
Number 26
Hannah arrives home and Debbie asks if they can call a truce. Hannah eventually agrees.
HANNAH: But stop treating me like some stupid little kid; I'm not, in case you hadn't noticed.
Debbie agrees to treat her sister better and suggests they go off shopping together, to show Helen that they've made peace.
Number 24
Madge offers to cook dinner for Harold; the way she used to. Harold is happy to let her manage the kitchen so finds himself another activity for the evening. He reaches down into a bag, and pulls out a tuba. Madge is intrigued and Harold admits he's been learning to play it whilst in Tasmania; he's hoping to make the Salvation Army Band. As Harold starts to play, Madge soon realises what she may have to put up living with!
Number 32
Anne overhears Lance cancelling his shift at the garden centre due to 'being ill'. Anne tells him she's had enough and Lance finally spills over what's been going on.
LANCE: I hate the place. You know the guy I've been telling you about? He's not been pushing me around, he's stealing when the owners not there, and he's making me a part of it.
Anne is shocked to hear that Lance took money as a bribe to not tell anyone.
Unfortunately we can still hear Harold playing his tuba through all of this.
Number 26
Ruth offers to help Helen find a way to hold her paintbrushes easier, but warns her that she still has to take things slowly. They are interrupted by the return of the sisters. Hannah is happy to have found such great bargains, and rushes off to try them on, leaving Debbie to apologise to both Ruth and Helen about her behaviour. Ruth admits that no 14 year old who is easy to get on with.
HELEN: I don't envy you dealing with two teenagers.
RUTH: Funnily enough, having two seems to help. They seem to work their problems out in advance, before they even get to me.
Number 32
Speaking of such, Anne and Lance are discussing tactics. Anne suggests telling the owner about the situation, but Lance admits he's too far involved to get away with it. He admits the pressure of owing Karl money lead him to take the cash. Lance apologises for saying such harsh things in the heat of the moment, and they agree that they will talk to one another, but it still doesn't solve the situation.
Ruth arrives home complaining about the racket in the street. She notices the twins sitting in silence and wonders what is going on. Anne covers for Lance, by telling her mum that Lance has a crush, so Ruth agrees to leave them to it. Lance thanks his sister; only they still don't have a plan.
Number 26
With Harold's tuba playing still going, Debbie is getting fed up, but Helen points out that Harold isn't doing anything illegal. Debbie admits that Hannah has more of a life than she does. It seems Debbie is feeling sorry for herself, but Helen reminds her that life comes with ups and downs and that something will come her way soon enough.
Number 24
Madge brings Harold's tuba playing to an end to serve up dinner. Madge reveals that she has a plan for them for the next few days, but doesn't get the chance to share it as Harold thanks her for being so understanding with the tuba. He admits that many people don't like it, but Madge can't bring herself to say anything. Starting her meal, Madge is shocked to watch Harold saying a prayer.
Number 32
Ruth is puzzled to see that Lance is still home. He explains that he's not going into work, as he was told not to. Ruth can't see why he wouldn't be given a shift, but Anne helps Lance out by reminding their mother that she has the bath running.
Leaving just the twins alone, Anne admits she won't be able to cover for him all the time. Anne warns her brother Ned will be caught out at some point, and he needs to get out of it before that happens or he'll have some serious explaining to do to Ruth.
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