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Neighbours Episode 2761 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2761
Australian airdate: 09/12/96
UK airdate: 13/06/97
Writer: Victoria Osborne
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Ned Goodman: Brett Tucker
Dahl anf Bonnie: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Emily
- Toadie insists that he doesn't want a birthday party.
- Jo finds out about Mal and Cath, and announces she's moving out.
- Anne warns Lance he needs to do something before he gets caught.
Number 28
The Kennedys are browsing magazines, looking for potential Christmas presents; Toadie is interested in the latest computer games, whilst Susan is more interested in a new bike.
KARL: Oh children, Christmas is a time of wonder.
TOADIE: Yeah, I wonder what we're going to get.
Karl reminds them it's a time of giving, and encourages them to think about what they will give him.
Number 32
Lance would prefer to just ignore what's going on at work, but Anne points out that by being involved, he's also breaking the law. Anne suggests he goes to speak to Ned that evening to sort things out before it goes too far.
Number 28
Karl asks his wife if she's thought what she might get him for Xmas, and suggests a new set of golf clubs. Susan highlights that they are tight on money, and jokes that her bike should come first. Their moment is spoilt, as the boys reappear, complete with Susan's bike (in parts) to have a go at reassembling it on the kitchen floor.
Number 30
Sarah offers Jo a hand with her packing, and asks if she'd reconsider staying. Jo is hurt though by Mal and Cath's lying, and admits she cannot live with people she doesn't trust. Sarah is disappointed.
Number 28
The surgery begins as Toadie sets to work on Susan's bike. Mal soon realises that there isn't much left on the bike that is still working, and Toadie admits he did manage to mess up the crank, pedal, chain, back wheel, front wheel, cleats, handle bars and pack rack when he crashed. Susan is shocked to see the boys have completely dismantled her bike, though Toadie reassures he it will be complete again by the morning.
Garden Centre
Ned is annoyed to see Lance at the garden centre so late, but Lance informs him he wants to leave the scam. Ned tells him it's too late and that he's part of the deal whether he likes it or not. Lance is adamant that he does not want to be involved with stolen goods. Ned quickly drags him away from the customers and informs him that he already suspected Lance would spill the beans, so he's told the boss about the stolen stock and he's framing Lance for it. If he quits now, he's just going to look guilty. The poor boy is stunned, and Ned makes it clear that he turns up for work in the morning, for another delivery.
Number 28 Garage
As Karl and Mal load the kit into the van for the following morning, Karl asks his son if it would be alright to take the morning off work, as he wants to buy Susan a new bike. Mal agrees and offers to come with him to help choose; that way he could buy Mal the piece of equipment he owes him! Karl gives his son a playful clip around the ear and the pair soon chase each other into the house.
Number 32
Lance has arrived home and informed his sister of Ned's latest threat. Anne reckons there must be a way out of it, but Lance can't see how, admitting Ned has him right where he wants him.
Ramsay Street
Next morning, Toadie has brought out Susan's bike to show her the repairs he's made. He decides to take it for a quick spin as Anne comes over to see Billy. Anne asks if they've had anymore plans about Toadie's birthday party, and Susan decides to leave the two youngsters to it. Anne takes the opportunity to inform Toadie about Lance's troubles.
Number 30
Sarah is busy looking for the cafetière, but can't find it anywhere in the kitchen. It turns out that Jo has packed it, and Cath is not best pleased. Jo claims that as she paid for it, she's entitled to take it, but Cath reminds her it was a replacement for one she broke. Cath suspects she is taking it out of rebellion for her and Mal, and starts to accuse Jo, that Mal was never cheating on her, as they were never going out.
Jo has had enough and announces that instead of moving out in a week, she'll move out later that day. Sarah can't believe what she has just witnessed between the two former friends.
Number 28
Billy and Anne aren't sure what to do to help Lance, but Toadie reckons he could help them come up with an idea.
Number 30
Jo's taxi has arrived to take her to the hotel. Sarah asks that she lets her know where she's staying and ensures she stays in touch. Cath meanwhile is more interested in when she'll be back to collect the rest of her stuff.
Jo heads off leaving Sarah to confront Cath over her values of friendship.
Number 32
The rescue team have come to help Lance, but he's not impressed that Anne has told the boys about his work problem. Toadie and Billy point out that he needs their help, though their suggestion of taking photos of Ned doesn't go down well as Lance storms out; telling them to grow up.
Ramsay Street
Mal and Karl pull up in the ute and park up outside Number 32. Karl ushers Mal to hurry up so they can get Susan's present out without her seeing.
Billy, Toadie and Anne head out of Number 32, but Toadie spots Karl with the present and pushes Billy back towards the house. He believes the present is for his birthday and doesn't want Karl to know he's seen him.
Number 30
Mal has come by for lunch, and Cath admits it's her fault that Jo has moved out. Sarah feels sorry for Jo, and worries that she might do something stupid.
Sarah pleads with Cath to talk to Jo when she returns that afternoon so that they can all be friends again (and get the cafetière back), but Cath isn't keen. Sarah won't take no for an answer, so Cath concedes and agrees to change her shifts so she'll be home.
Coffee Shop
Billy and Anne are beginning to realise that Toadie may get want he requested - no birthday party. Everyone they've called is away and they begin to realise that they should've organised it earlier.
Toadie comes over to see what they are up to and they quickly switch subjects by asking if he has a plan for Lance yet. Toadie's latest idea is to try and stop the delivery truck from leaving the site, by interfering in some way. Billy points out that sugar in the petrol tank or tacks under the wheels may be difficult to implement without getting caught themselves.
Number 30
Cath and Mal are messing about with the washing up when Jo returns to collect her things. Cath asks if they can talk, and apologises for the situation becoming complicated. Cath asks Jo to move back in, but Jo realises Cath still believes she is at fault and decides to stick to her decision. Mal apologises to Jo for hurting her.
Number 28
Mal and Cath pop by to pick up the spare cafetière. As Mal searches the kitchen, Karl tells Cath how Mal is still just a big kid at heart and wonders what kind of relationship she is after. Susan tells Cath to ignore him, as he is just teasing her. Mal finds the cafetière and so Cath heads home. Mal thanks his father for being a moron as it's helped Cath realise what Mal has to put up with.
Garden Centre
Toadie, Billy and Anne have come down to the garden centre, whilst Lance is on a shift. He is annoyed to see them there, but Anne points out that he's got to let them help him, or he'll be out of his job. He finally gives in, but we have to wait until tomorrow to see what the teens have planned.
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