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Neighbours Episode 2759 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2759
Australian airdate: 05/12/96
UK airdate: 11/06/97
UK Gold: 04/06/03
Writer: David Allen
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Ned Goodman: Brett Tucker
Madge Bishop: Anne Charleston
Harold Bishop: Ian Smith
Dahl, Casserole & Bonnie: Trained by Jason Hura
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Summary/Images by: Emily
Billy and Anne chat in the Coffee Shop, and learn one another is single.
Madge is frustrated that Harold is still keeping his distance.
Lance is offered the cut of the profits from the dodgy deal at work.
Ramsay Street
Anne comes by as Billy is busy trying to untangle Cassie from the tree. She tells Billy of her baking disaster, so he offers for her to use their oven; that way they can plan Toadie's party at the same time. Susan comes out, so Anne takes the opportunity to talk to her about the bill for the car.
Number 28
Inside, Susan is shocked to discover that Lance was under the impression that he'd have to pay the full $1,800 on the car. Susan explains to Anne how the insurance company will pay for most of it, so Lance only has to pay the $300 excess. Anne is relieved.
Garden Centre
Ned is explaining the system to Lance. They provide smaller businesses with a cut of the stock from the main store, and earn a little money on the side. Lance tries to point out that it's wrong, but Ned hands him his first 'pay' and ensures him it'll be a regular tip on the side, so he ought to stay quiet.
Chez Chez
A tired Madge arrives from shopping, so Lou gets straight to pouring her a stiff drink. Madge is impressed.
MADGE: He's observant.
LOU: Hawkeye Carpenter they used to call me.
Lou admits he's doing well but could do with another hand behind the bar. Madge on the other hand is still keen to get back with Harold, but admits it will need time. Lou offers her her old job back behind the bar. She agrees and they seal the deal with a toast.
Number 28
Marlene helps Helen to mix her paints, as Madge arrives home revealing her great news. Helen thinks it's great, though Marlene reckons it could be 'quite cosy for them both'. Helen starts to defend Madge but gets cut off...
MARLENE: Oh Helen, you always see the best in everyone.
MADGE: Lou needs the staff, and I need the job, that's all there is to it.
Madge tells Marlene to keep her opinions to herself.
Number 28
Billy is impressed by Anne's music collection and wants to play her one of his CD's, but she decides it's time to head home. She agrees to meet him tomorrow to bake the cake for Toadie, which causes Susan to get nosey.
SUSAN: Cake? What cake?
BILLY: Making a cake for Toadie's birthday.
SUSAN: Really. You've never offered to help ME make a cake!
Susan starts to tease Billy about Anne with the CD's and the cake. He isn't in the mood and claims he's only just got over Melissa, but Susan isn't about to stop. He sends her off, but not before she's offered him her cookbooks to borrow.
Number 32
Anne is laying the table as Lance arrives home. She tells him that all he has to pay is the $300 for the excess. Lance becomes quiet and thoughtful, but admits it's good news. Ruth returns to find out what the kids want for dinner. Anne is quick to respond, but Lance is a million miles away. He announces he has to head back out to the nursery to 'grab his jacket'. Ruth tries to get him to wait till after supper, but eventually relents and warns him to be quick.
Garden Centre
Lance returns the money to Ned; he doesn't need it anymore. Ned tells him they made a deal so it's his to keep. Lance wants to end the deal, but Ned won't hear of it.
NED: Use your brains. You know about my little side line and that money makes you part of it whether you like it or not. You can't give it back.
Ned warns him not to get any ideas about whistle blowing, because if he does, he'll bring him down with him.
Salvation Army Store
Marlene comes to visit Harold. She brings up the subject of Madge. Harold doesn't want to hear that she's agreed to work at Chez Chez, but Marlene continues..
MARLENE: I think we've both jumped to the wrong conclusions
HAROLD: Do you?
MARLENE: Madge made it quite plain that all she feels for Lou is friendship, and the person she really loves is you.
HAROLD: She told you this?
Marlene confirms, and Harold thanks her for coming to tell her.
Number 32
Anne is getting the ingredients together for her cake, and mentions Billy about twenty times in the one sentence, which does not bypass Ruth.
RUTH: I bet there's nothing Billy can't do!
Ruth teases Anne as she sits down for breakfast, and tries to get Lance to join in, but he ends up walking off in a huff.
Chez Chez
Back behind the bar, Madge serves her first drink to a customer, though I do wonder if it's rather early in the day for beer, given the Wilkinsons are only just sitting down for breakfast! Lou comments on her natural flair for the job and Madge jokes how it's like riding a bike; 'once learnt, never forgotten'.
Marlene arrives to speak to Lou. In the office, she admits that she was wrong to accuse Lou, but continues to press that maybe having Madge working behind the bar isn't a good move, especially as Lou shouldn't be in the way of Madge and Harold getting back together.
LOU: If you've got nothing better to do with your time than interfere in other people's lives and start rumours, then you're in a very bad way.
He leaves.
Number 32
Anne heads off to start baking with Billy, but not before another quip from her mother.
Lance sulks back into the kitchen, asking his mum if she can call work for him, as he's ill. Twigging that he's not ill, Ruth reminds him that they all have to go to work, even when they don't feel like it. She heads out, leaving him to continue sulking.
Chez Chez
Madge is back in the swing of things making cocktails behind the bar. She's trying to come up with a new non-alcholic cocktail for them to add to their summer selection. Lou has a taste, and suggests a touch more passionfruit. Adding the final ingredient, Lou declares she's got it! However, Harold happens to appear, and seeing the two friends laughing behind the bar, turns straight back out again. Lou sends Madge off after him.
Outside Chez Chez
Harold admits to Madge that he felt like an outsider seeing her and Lou laughing inside. He knows there is nothing going on between them and that she works there now, but he just felt uncomfortable.
MADGE: Now you listen to me, whether you like it or not we are husband and wife, and I think we still have strong feelings for each other. True?
HAROLD: I suppose so.
MADGE: ...and we are never going to find out if we have a future together unless we stop avoiding each other. Agreed?
HAROLD (grumpy): If you say so.
She feels that unless they start to make an effort with one another now, they may as well call it quits. Harold knows she is right, but still looks rather awkward.
Number 28
Bily and Anne are baking, but Billy isn't being all that helpful. Accidentally knocking the box of eggs onto the floor, Anne is quick to apologise, but Susan is chilled about it, explaining that Billy will clean it up. Anne reckons they should head down to the supermarket, but Billy snipes it'd be quicker if she went while he tidied up, so Anne heads off.
Leaving just mother and son alone, Susan lays into Billy about being so rude. Billy claims he wasn't the one who broke the eggs, leaving Susan shocked by his attitude.
Garden Centre
Ned comes by with Lance's new roster; he's on the early and late shifts so he can help with the deals. Lance isn't keen, but has no choice. Returning to shifting flowers, Anne pops by on her way back from the supermarket. Lance isn't in the mood for visitors though, and Anne receives yet another grumpy response for her efforts. Leaving him to his foul mood, Anne heads off.
Number 28
Anne returns to finish the baking. Billy appears, though isn't in the best mood either. Anne mentions going to see Lance and his bad mood, but Billy reckons it's because he's given up his school holidays for a job. Wondering why he is in a bad mood too, Anne asks him if he really wants to do the baking. Billy explains how Susan has been teasing him about their friendship, and he was trying to prove her wrong. Anne jokes that her mum is the same. They agree that they are just friends and return to the baking, though Billy clearly can't take his eyes off Anne, as he watches her continue mixing.
Number 26
Lou drops over a casket of wine for Phil, Helen thanks him and asks how things are going at the pub. Lou explains the situation earlier with Harold, but explains he hasn't seen him or Madge since. Continuing, Lou thinks that unless something happens soon, Harold and Madge may never reunite.
LOU: All I'm saying, is Madge is a terrific woman and deserves someone who cares about her.
HELEN: Harold cares about her.
LOU: Oh, that's fine, but if things don't work out, she always has a shoulder to cry on.
And on that note, Lou heads off, leaving Helen amused.
Coffee Shop
Madge reminds Harold that he needs to trust her, and that that it is him whom she loves, not Lou. She also doesn't like being judged on morals, which Harold at first tries to deny, but does admit his error.
HAROLD: Oh, this is all becoming very complicated.
Madge agrees, but reckons the best way to handle it is to sit and talk about it as they are now, rather than walking out of the pub.
HAROLD: I'm always doing that; running away; usually for the wrong reasons.
Madge doesn't deny it. She admits she'll be disappointed if they can't reconcile, but she'll also understand. She wants to be able to give it a go, to see for sure if it can happen.
HAROLD: We're still legally married, right?
MADGE: Yes of course.
HAROLD: And you still love me?
HAROLD: I think we should find a house and move in together.
Madge is surprised. Harold feels it would help him regain his memory, and they can work things through together. Madge isn't sure what to say.
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