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Neighbours Episode 2723 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2723
Australian airdate: 16/10/96
UK airdate: 22/04/97
UK Gold: 14/04/03
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: T. Grant Fenn
Guests: Ruth Wilkinson: Ailsa Piper
Grumpy Man: Bob Stevens
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Brina
Phil sacking Ruth
Danni warning Debbie not to go near her stock again
Helen getting upset that Ruth has been sacked and having problems speaking
Number 28
A family meeting is in progress and Karl says he realises that him being unemployed is putting a strain on things at the moment but he is trying to find a job. He thinks they'll all need to tighten their belts and just be more aware. Toadie says they do have his rent now but Karl just jokes that all his rent is going on food. There'll be less takeaways and things for a bit and Karl will be walking more often rather than using the car. Just then someone interrupts by knocking on the door - it's Hannah saying there's something wrong with Helen. Karl instantly reverts to doctor mode, grabs his bag and shoots out of the door.
Number 26
Karl rushes next door, running across flowerbeds and everything, asking Hannah details as they go and Hannah worries it's another stroke and that she's now unconscious again. Once inside Karl tries to get Helen to come round and eventually uses something along the lines of smelling salts which does the trick. Karl tells her she's at home and that she just passed out and gets her to try and breathe slowly and easily while he takes her blood pressure. Phil admits that it was probably brought on because she was annoyed at something he'd done so Karl suggests that he tries not to do it again and that he calls the ambulance to tell them everything's now fine.
Number 28
The rest of the family are still sitting round the table and Toadie says he though Karl had given up medicine. Mal says it's second nature to him though and Susan says that this was an emergency. They all know how he's feeling at the moment so he needs the same support that he's given them in the past. She just hopes he's OK. Toadie realises he's going to be late for his shift at the Coffee Shop and Billy says he'll go too. Toadie's worried about what Karl said about him eating too much but he just has the appetite of a growing boy. More like 10 growing boys though Mal reckons. Susan reassures him that it's fine though.
Mal asks how hard Susan reckons things will get but Susan thinks it depends on how long it takes Karl to find another job. Mal offers to take Karl out on a mowing job later in the day which Susan thinks will be good as it might show him he's supposed to be a doctor not a gardener.
Number 26
Karl says he'll get Dr Caldo to pop round later in the day to check up on Helen. When Phil asks why Karl can't do it, Karl reminds him he's no longer practicing but he couldn't let an emergency pass. Helen apologises for getting him over there for nothing but Karl won't hear of it. He'd prefer them to call Dr Caldo though next time. Phil says it's been ressuring having a doctor next door all this time but Karl just shrugs it off and excuses himself. After he's gone, Helen accurately suggests that Karl hasn't just got fed up with being around sick people as Hannah suggests, but that it's got something to do with Cheryl's accident and death.
Phil gets Hannah to go and make Helen a cup of tea before apologising to Helen for the earlier incident regarding Ruth. He doesn't want to upset her again and Helen says he won't if he gets her back. He'll have to beg if necessary.
Number 28
Karl is sitting on the couch sorting out his medical bag and Susan is chatting to him saying she was worried it was another stroke. Karl says she just blacked out and he thinks that Phil and Helen had been arguing and that it'll be a while before it happens again. Susan says she bets they were glad to have a doctor next door but Karl just says he told them about Dr Caldo.
Mal comes in and offers Karl the mowing job but Karl thinks he's just throwing him a bone and refuses. Mal leaves and Susan wonders why he has to be so pig-headed about everything. It's not charity and that if he's got any sense he'll apologise to Mal and accept the offer. Karl realises Susan may be right.
Coffee Shop
Debbie's relieved that Toadie's finally there to relieve her of duty and warns him not to eat or drink anything they could sell. He gets Billy a milkshake but Billy says it'd better be free because he's skint. Toadie says they need to think of something to earn money when a man walks in wanting to put a pet minding advert up in the window. Toadie agrees to put it up and as soon as the man leaves suggests to Billy that they do some pet minding too.
Number 26
Phil is about to go out to a meeting when Hannah comes in with Holly who's been rolling in something smelly. Phil and Helen tell her to take her straight outside and wash her. Debbie's not impressed at having the smelly dog near her either but Hannah thinks she might like to bath her. She threatens to tell everyone about what Debbie did to Danni's stock if she doesn't and reminds her to try the dog off properly as it's still a bit cold out.
Coffee Shop
Toadie has got Billy serving the customers while he alters the old man's advert to read his name. Billy doesn't think stealing the man's business is very nice and he's got nowhere to keep the animals anyway. Toadie suggests Number 28 but that it should mostly be looking after the animals at the owner's houses. Billy needs to go and get the fliers photocopied first though.
Chez Chez
Ruth joins Phil at the pub, an hour late, and didn't come here to socialise. Phil admits they need to talk though and apologises for sacking her. He says they got off on the wrong foot from the start but that Helen really likes her. Ruth likes Helen too but isn't prepared to go back to the situation they had before. Phil promises that as long as Helen's happy he won't say a word and will keep out of their way. Ruth has rules of her own and says that she cares a great deal for Helen but she has her own way of treating stroke patients which has had excellent results in the past. She needs the family's support and so does Helen. Phil promises this will happen and Ruth agrees to come back. They agree to make a fresh start and shake hands.
Coffee Shop
Billy's still not convinced about changing the posters but Toadie doesn't care and wants Billy to put them all up. Billy refuses and says he's out of the business because the man might be relying on these jobs to get his next meal. Toadie wonders why everyone seems to be linking him to food at the moment.
Random property
Mal is working on the mowing job he had to do when Karl pulls up in the car with Phil's old mower. Mal didn't think Karl was interested but Karl says if the job's still going he'd like it. Mal concedes that two mowers would be quicker than one and agrees that Karl can help him.
Outside Number 26
Debbie is drying Holly while Hannah reads a magazine and refuses to help out. Ruth and Phil get back and asks why Debbie's doing it. She admits it seems it was her turn not Hannah's after all. Toadie then arrives with pet minding fliers but they need someone to help them put them onto lampposts. Hannah wants Debbie to drive them and blackmails her again.
Ruth and Phil are telling Helen that they've sorted things out and that she'll be coming back. Hannah wanders in and starts talking about a dress in a magazine wandering if Danni could make her one like it, before deciding that all Danni's things seem to fall apart and she reckons it might be sabotage, maybe even by someone they know. Before she gets much further Debbie decides to take Hannah and Toadie for that drive they wanted after all.
Random street
Debbie is fed up driving round and says it's the last favour she's doing for them and that Hannah's a blackmailing little witch. If she owes anyone anything it's Danni, not Hannah.
Number 26
Ruth has settled Helen down in her room and lets Phil know that she's OK. The two of them start talking about kids and Phil asks if Ruth has a daughter. She does, as well as a son, Lance, but Anne - her daughter - is living with her father at the moment and mum's the enemy. Phil asks Ruth to stay for a cuppa and they continue chatting about Ruth's divorce and kids. As they're chatting she realises that she's the one at the worktop making the tea and Phil's just sitting there chatting. He says he'll be in charge of cutting the cake instead.
Random property
Mal and Karl are busy mowing the lawn in the rain and Karl reckons they should do a spiral method on the next lawn. Mal says there's only one lawn at the next place and he prefers the straight up and down method. Karl suggests that's maybe because he hasn't tried any other method and he should be prepared to learn new ways. Mal says Karl's still being a father but Karl suggests Mal's just rebelling against authority as usual. Mal points out that he's the authority here and Karl says that's fine they'll keep doing it Mal's way.
Naturally Mal's annoyed and says he only gave Karl the job so he'd have something to do, so Karl quits.
MAL: I see, you can dish it out but you can't take it. You know you're going to end up some middle-aged dole bludger exactly the kind of person you're always winging about.
Karl looks hurt and Mal looks like he might regret his words but neither say or do any more.
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