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Neighbours Episode 2724 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2724
Australian airdate: 17/10/96
UK airdate: 23/04/97
UK Gold: 15/04/03
Writer: Christopher Gist
Director: T. Grant Fenn
Guests: Melissa Drenth: Aimee Robertson
Mildred Pearson: Judy Johnson
Anthony Davies: Justin Braine
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Dahl & Claude: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Brina
Billy telly Melissa that she'll have to go on holiday with her parents as Karl and Susan won't let her stay there
Toadie telling Billy he would come up with a way of raising money
Karl quitting the job with Mal and Mal having a go at him
Number 28
Susan is playing secretary for Toadie's pet minding service but when he walks in she tells him to ring the people back and cancel his services. Just then Karl storms in, throws his car keys on the table and walks straight out the back to take his wet coat off. It's clear he's angry and when Susan asks what's happened, Karl says he was just giving Mal some gentle advice on lawn mowing. Mal's still packing up in the dark and on his own much to Susan's disgust but Karl's not interested and storms straight back through the house and off to the shower, slamming a door in Susan's face on his way.
Toadie gets off the phone to an old lady who wanted her cat minding saying that she sounded really desperate so Susan gives in - providing he organises it all and gets there himself. She knows she's going to regret this already.
Coffee Shop
Mal is talking to Libby about the fact things took twice as long at the job because of Karl, and that the way he was talking it was as if it was Karl's business not Mal's. They agree he seems to have lost the plot a bit since giving up medicine and that even having Toadie making a mess of everywhere is easier to deal with than Karl. Libby suggests that they have a talk to him but Mal says maybe they should have done that before he called his father a 'middle-aged dole bludger'. He says he's not going to try doing any more favours for him after today.
Billy and Melissa come in discussing the fact she has to go away with her parents and other possible alternatives but they're not coming up with anything. Billy says he'll try asking his parents again because things seem to be going his way at the moment.
Number 26
Toadie walks in wanting Hannah to find someone to drive him to the cat minding job the following day. They ask Debbie but she refuses and questions his motives but Hannah once again blackmails her into doing it and says she'll even do the dishes. It turns out it was her turn to do them anyway but Hannah gleefully says she was going to make Debbie do them. Once again Debbie swears this will be the last favour she does for Hannah. Do we see a pattern occurring here?
Number 28
The Kennedy's are all sitting down eating dinner when Billy decides to broach the subject of Melissa staying with them again. Susan's still not sure and would be happy to give her extra work so she doesn't miss out at school, but then says he should ask Karl what he thinks. Karl reckons Billy won't speak to him again if he says no but lets the rest of the kids voice their opinion too. Karl agrees to it anyway, so Billy dashes off to the Coffee Shop to tell Melissa the good news. The rest of the family quickly disperses too and Susan starts telling Karl he should have made more of an effort with Mal over dinner. Karl's still annoyed that Mal was so rude to which Susan says maybe he was just trying to be like his father. Her way of telling him to apologise.
Garage of Number 28
Mal is sorting out the rubbish for the bin when Karl comes along and tells him he's tying the bags up in the wrong way. Mal thinks that's just taking the biscuit but Karl's just joking with him. He admits their argument earlier was silly and he wants to apologise. Mal's not happy though because Karl always seems to think his job is the most important but by being a handyman he's fixing things and making things and the results of his work are there for people to see. Karl admits he thought medicine was the most important thing in the world but that doesn't mean he thought any less of what Mal did and he was just used to being his own boss. Learning to take instructions from others is part of this change he's making though and he's genuinely sorry. If Mal needs more help he's willing to try again but Mal just gets on with taking the bins out without saying anything.
Coffee Shop
Billy comes in and tells Melissa his parents have agreed to her staying and wants to celebrate but Melissa makes excuses that she has to finish an essay. When Billy says it's not due in until the following week she says her parents will never agree to her staying if she's not right on top of her work.
Number 28
The next morning and Susan reckons Mal seemed brighter this morning and Karl agrees but says that he's a very moody boy. Susan's just glad the two of them sorted things out, to which Karl replies 'Yeah, you thanked me last night'. This being Karl and Susan we all know exactly what that comment means. Karl leans in to kiss Susan but she moves away at the last second to finish putting away the breakfast things. She's sure Mal values Karl's opinion though but Karl just thinks his comments end up being like water off a duck's back.
KARL: Do you ever worry about what the kids say to you?
SUSAN: Yeah.
KARL: Doesn't it ever surprise you?
SUSAN: Mmm. Sometimes it's very painful. I guess they figure it's all water off a duck's back too.
KARL: (looking deep in thought) It isn't.
SUSAN: I know.
She moves over to where he's leaning on the kitchen top and puts her arms around his shoulders.
SUSAN: Now, are we planning on fighting with the boss again today?
KARL: Oh no Mrs Kennedy.
SUSAN: Good boy, because if something comes up during the day...
KARL: Oh I know it's his business.
SUSAN:...it's his business.
Karl promises he won't say a word, not even about the fact they might be late now if Mal doesn't get a move on. So he yells out for him to hurry up. Mal just comes out pulling his jumper on telling Karl to hurry up and that he's a slacker. Normal Kennedy banter is resumed so Karl kisses Susan on the cheek and heads off to work with Mal.
Number 26
Hannah is telling Toadie about her friend Zoe's kitten while they're waiting for Debbie to drive them to Toadie's job but he's annoyed they're going to be late. Debbie's not impressed especially as she's doing them a favour so Toadie tells her just how grateful he is.
Number 28
Billy is talking to Susan about money saving ideas and if she was serious about putting a meter on the shower and also that he really doesn't want to have to take a packed lunch to school every day. There are plenty of healthy things in the canteen but Susan says it'll be character building! When there's a knock on the door she jokes that that'll be the Salvos with food parcels, but in fact it's just Melissa with her stuff. Billy takes her bags and suggests some things to do with the rest of the day but Melissa makes another excuse and says she's got to make a phonecall first before she decides anything else.
A Random Street in the Suburbs
Mal is getting restless and frustrated when things are going wrong because they're behind on their work but Karl tells him to try and calm down. Just then a lady walks up to them and hopes they're not going to make too much noise. No, because of course it's possible to use a lawn mower and a strimmer quietly?! Mal says of course they'll be quiet - until they start the machines up, but the lady insists that she can't abide noise and doesn't want to have to come out of her house and tell them again to keep the noise down.
Karl struggles lifting the lawn mower out of the back of the ute but Mal says they'd better hurry up before they get caught by the noise police.
Number 28
Melissa is finishing up on the phone and tells Billy she has to go to an extra netball practice because they lost their last game. Billy doesn't mind going along to watch but Melissa tells him the coach is being funny about non-players being there and doesn't want any distractions. She leaves and it's clear Billy is annoyed at having another afternoon with nothing to do.
A Random Street in the Suburbs
Karl and Mal are busy working away on a lawn when the same lady appears from her own garden. She has to shout a few times to be heard but when they eventually turn the machines off she barks at them about having to tell them again to be quiet. Mal tells her politely that they do have a job to do but she's not interested because she's trying to listen to the wireless and they should show more consideration. Fifty or sixty year old lady with a posh English accent...you get the idea. Mal mutters that they're not actually breaking any laws but the lady decides that Mal is now very irritating.
Showing that he does love his kids, Karl jumps in and starts to defend his son. And stops Mal doing something he'll regret in the process. He tells the lady that he's aware they're making some noise but they're just trying to do the best possible job for her neighbour and they shouldn't be much longer. This still doesn't placate the woman so he offers to mow her front lawn when they've finished. For free. Mal's not impressed but the lady accepts the offer and goes back inside. Mal's still unsure of his dad's offer but Karl says it'll be fine.
Another Random Street
Debbie, Hannah and Toadie come careering round a bend in the road in Debbie's car before coming to an abrupt halt. They all jump out of the car and it seems that the cat Toadie is minding didn't like being taken away from its owner and has sprayed all over the inside of the car. It seems the car journey was rather chaotic and Debbie decides that Hannah can clean the car and Toadie and the cat can walk back to Ramsay Street.
The Posh Lady's garage
Karl and Mal are just putting their things back in the ute after doing the lady's lawn and Mal's desperate to get going, when she comes out with a cold drink for them both. Karl accepts so Mal reluctantly takes the drink too. They start talking and it turns out there are some other things the lady wants doing - she finds it difficult to look after the garden now her husband's died - like getting a fish pond installed and Mal agrees that Handy Sam's could do the job. She's pleased with that and says they seem to take pride in their work.
A Main Road
This really is the episode for random locations isn't it?! Anyway, Toadie is talking to the cat as he carries it home but happens to turn round and see two people pashing in a white sports car parked in a lay-by. It takes him a couple of seconds to realise that he recognises the girl and when she happens to look up in the middle of the pash, she realises she's been spotted. Toadie looks suitably annoyed at what he's just seen and Melissa realises she could be in trouble if Toadie tells Billy what he's just seen.
Number 26
Debbie is taking off her cat urine-smelling clothes while Hannah is searching under the kitchen sink for suitable products to clean the car with. There doesn't seem to be a great deal of useful things there for her to use but Debbie really couldn't care less and goes off to have a shower, chucking a few smelly clothes in Hannah's direction and telling her she wants them hand-washed. These two really do win the prize for the most whinging and warring siblings.
Coffee Shop
Karl and Mal are toasting a good day's work with fruit juices and Mal admits he was surprised the lady did actually have a heart. Karl tells him a bit of garden-side manner doesn't go astray especially with the elderly clients.
KARL: (in a half posh English-half elderly voice) Us oldies appreciate a bit of politeness from you young people.
Mal admits Karl was right and Karl just says the trick is to treat everyone as a potential customer especially when they have big gardens like that lady did. Mal just needs the money especially if Darren's going to keep being angry and not co-operate. Karl seems worried and thinks he should try and get things sorted as soon as possible.
Number 28
Billy is getting a drink when he hears a knock at the door. Toadie arrives back with the cat and promptly dumps it in Billy's arms. He already knows the story but takes the cat out the back of the house anyway. No sooner is he out of the room than Melissa walks in and asks Toadie if he's told Billy about her pashing another guy yet. He says he hasn't but he will. Melissa tells him she can explain but Toadie just warns her it had better be good.
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