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Neighbours Episode 2722 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2722
Australian airdate: 15/10/96
UK airdate: 21/04/97
UK Gold: 11/04/03
Writer: John Hanlon
Director: T. Grant Fenn
Guests: Ruth Wilkinson: Ailsa Piper
Catherine O'Brien: Radha Mitchell
Sarah Beaumont: Nicola Charles
Lou Carpenter: Tom Oliver
Brett Stark: Brett Blewitt
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Summary/Images by: Brina
Ruth walking in on Phil wearing nothing
Lou reminding Darren that he can't own the pub with a criminal record
Jo recognising Sarah from magazines in London
Cath opening the envelope for Sarah from Tony
Number 30
Cath is asking Sarah about the contents of the envelope and Sarah insists it's just a business proposal. Quickly changing the subject Sarah asks if Cath still wants to go and watch the film but Cath replies that she doesn't feel like it anymore. When she leaves the room Sarah starts reading the article that Tony has written.
Ramsay Street
Libby and Brett are discussing Darren and Brett reminds Libby that Marlene has chosen him to be the one to try and keep and eye on him. He's happy to swap with Lib if she would rather do the job but she declines. He reckons that things must be pretty bad with Mal too and they both agree that whatever happens there must be something better for him to do than moping around being angry at everyone. Brett suddenly has the bright idea that he could help Darren and Mal out at Handy Sam's but Libby again suggests maybe not.
Number 30
Sarah is on the phone to Tony saying that he went a bit far with things in the article but at least she won't have the tabloids hassling her. Cath walks in and asks how she can be on the phone to Tony if he was supposed to be at the airport to which Sarah replies that journalists do carry mobile phones. Now that Cath knows the truth about who Tony is Sarah also admits that the contents of the envelope was an article about her. Cath admits she read the article and asks about Stephen and if Sarah's in trouble but Sarah just gets mad at the invasion of privacy and storms off.
Number 26
Ruth is back for the second time that day doing some exercises with Helen on the couch and Helen gets her to talk about her bushwalking with her son. Ruth mentions she's interested in photography and her fantasy of writing a coffee table book on river walks. Helen thinks it sounds like a wonderful idea.
Number 24
Darren is lying on his bed and Brett knocks on the door before coming into the room. Darren's not interested in talking to him if he's come to stick up for Lou but Brett says he's just here to talk his business plans. Darren mocks him so Brett gives him a piece of his mind. Some of the real reasons why Darren is so angry come to the fore when he asks Brett if he's feeling guilty about walking out on Cheryl because he does. He says they have to make up for everything they did that was wrong in the past and starts to show some emotion other than anger. Brett decides a coffee and a chat might be a good idea.
Chez Chez
Lou is pleased to see Jo back and asks about Rob. Jo is still convinced that Sarah (who is sitting at another table) is the same girl she saw in the magazines in London and explains that she was a model and jilted her peer fiancée at the altar so a big fuss was made. Luke decides to go and ask Sarah about it but she just gets angry and walks out of the pub telling Luke that Cath should keep her mouth shut next time. Luke tells Lou and Jo he'll explain later and rushes off after Sarah.
Number 24
Brett comes back into Darren's room with drinks for the two of them and Darren assures him that he won't get that angry at him again. Brett tells him he's not the only one missing Cheryl and that if he wants to talk about it Brett will listen. He offers to help Darren out with the workload whether it be the paperwork side or the labour and Darren says he'll think about it. Marlene then pops her head round the door asking if everything's alright because she heard shouting and then it all went quiet. They tell her they're fine and she leaves them to it.
Number 30
Luke comes in and tells Sarah that it was Jo who told him not Cath but it was bound to come out anyway. Sarah tells Cath the story's out and wants them to hear the full story from her first before the rumours start.
Number 26
Ruth sets up some fruit on the table for Helen to try and draw but tells her not to worry if she's all over the place at first. She heads into the kitchen to make a cup of tea for Helen and Phil appears saying that Helen seems to be doing well. He comments that they did some strength exercises the other night and Ruth gets annoyed with him. She says they're working on control and flexibility at the moment not strength and that she doesn't need an amateur trying to help. Phil tells her that he knows Helen very well and what she's capable off but Ruth's not having any of it. Phil questions what she's doing in the kitchen anyway and asks that as a qualified physiotherapist shouldn't she be with her patient? The tension between the two is palpable.
Number 30
Sarah is explaining the name change to Beaumont (the surname of her biological father) and how she got into modelling. Cath asks what was wrong with being an O'Brien from Tassie and why she barely kept in touch but Sarah just says that everything was so exciting in London that she got caught up with it all and guessed she thought she was terribly important. Luke asks why they hadn't heard of her and Sarah says she wasn't exactly Linda Evangelista (famous model). She goes on to explain about her engagement to Stephen Harrow and how his grandfather was a duke. He thought she was gorgeous at the time and he was loaded. He was everything she'd dreamt of and they made the social pages of the magazines. However, she realised she was marrying him for the wrong reasons though which is why she jilted him and got the first plane back to Australia although she's not proud of it. Cath is annoyed that Sarah didn't tell her this from the start and why she had to tell a journalist first. She walks off calling her selfish and spineless.
Outside Number 24
Darren and Brett are loading up the ute for the day's work when Marlene comes out with some fruit cake for them. Darren jokes that she should have brought some plasters too as everyone knows that Brett's useless with anything sharper than a butter knife. Once Marlene's gone back inside though Darren gets a bit more serious (and patronising) telling Brett not to go too hard on the work because he could hurt himself given he's not used to it.
Random grass verge
Darren's having a break from the work and suggests Brett does the same as they're doing well. He asks how Brett's coping and Brett reminds him that he's sailed the oceans with broken masts in 30ft waves, been stranded in third world countries and even locked up in South American jails so he's not likely to fall apart from carrying a few rocks. They both agree things have changed a lot since they were kids and Brett tells Darren that he gave him an inferiority complex as a kid because he was faster and stronger, but Darren reminds him that Brett was the one with the brains. Brett says Cheryl always thought he'd become a lawyer but now he'd rather just spent his days travelling and sailing. Darren remarks that Brett was always supposed to be the responsible one in the family. Brett counters him by saying that Darren was supposed to be the tearaway but now he's a carpenter with his own business and a girlfriend. D&M over Darren throws Brett his piece of the fruit cake but he misses it and falls flat on his backside.
Number 30
Cath is upset at the loss of trust between her and Sarah even though she understands Sarah went through a rough time. They both feel like they've lost something special. Sarah asks if they can start again and Cath says they have to, they're sisters.
Number 26
Ruth is the lounge before her session with Helen when Phil comes in wanting to speak to her. He asks if the treatment is working out and even though she thinks it is he doesn't agree and has a problem with her general approach. He says it's better if they let her go so she can finish up after today's session. She made her attitude clear the night before and that the disagreement was more than a tiff. Phil uses Ruth's difference of opinion to accuse her of not being open to other suggestions of treatment methods and that she's pushing Helen too hard and that she's pushy and aggressive. Ruth just lets Phil say his piece but warns him that any physio they hire is likely to have similar methods to her own. Phil accepts this but says hopefully they'll be easier to get along with. Ruth accepts she's sacked and Phil tells her he'll give her a decent reference and an agreed financial package but doesn't want Helen knowing.
Coffee Shop
Darren, Libby and Brett are drinking milkshakes and Darren and Brett are bantering about being stiff and getting old after the morning's work. Darren then pipes up that Brett's managed to do himself out of half a day's work (and pay) thanks to his enthusiasm but that there is plenty of work out there that needs doing. As if to prove the point, Darren's work mobile rings so he goes outside to take the call, running into Lou on his way through the door. Libby realises Brett is pretending not to have feelings for her and he says he thought it would help Darren. Lou asks how Darren is and says he might just stay out of his way until he's calmed down. Darren comes back in finishing up the call and says he's got a week's job but needs an extra pair of hands so wants Brett to give him a hand.
Number 26
Helen can tell something's up with Ruth so she admits that she won't be treating Helen anymore because Phil has sacked her. Helen is shocked by this especially when Ruth says she wasn't supposed to let on. Ruth thinks she has a right to know what's happening though and Helen is grateful. Ruth wishes all her patients had Helen's courage but Helen assures her they'll be seeing each other again soon and Ruth says she'll keep in touch by phone. Once Ruth is out of the door Helen calls Phil over to have words.
HELEN: Who the hell do you think you are?
PHIL: She told you?
HELEN: I loved Ruth being here. How dare you sack her, it had nothing to do with you.
PHIL: Just let me explain.
HELEN: You didn't even ask my opinion. I, I enjoy the exercises and the challenges she sets me and the stimulation.
PHIL: Just calm down.
HELEN: She's the most, most...
As Helen tries to speak she starts to seize up and Phil suddenly gets worried that something is seriously wrong.
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