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Neighbours Episode 2721 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2721
Australian airdate: 14/10/96
UK airdate: 18/04/97
UK Gold: 10/04/03
Writer: Xenia Michael
Director: T. Grant Fenn
Guests: Sarah Beaumont: Nicola Charles
Ruth Wilkinson: Ailsa Piper
Brett Stark: Brett Blewitt
Catherine O'Brien: Radha Mitchell
Tony Farmer: Anthony Morton
Summary/Images by: Brina
Phil telling Karl and Susan that he seems to be having a personality clash with Ruth
Lou finding out he's the sole beneficiary of Cheryl's estate
Tony jumping out of Number 30's bushes to take Sarah's photo
Number 30
Tony and Sarah have come back inside with but although Sarah tries to tell Tony she's not prepared to give him a story, he keeps pushing the issue - he already has the photos so she may as well just talk to him. Eventually, Tony tries the 'I'll even let you read it before I print it' tactic.
Number 26
Ruth is helping Helen do her daily exercises on the couch and says that the following day she wants to come round a bit earlier to see Helen's progress in terms of getting out of bed. Helen points Ruth in the direction of a spare set of keys and tells her to let herself in in the morning. The two of them joke about Phil calling Ruth 'Ruthless' and Ruth says he gets a D for originality before Ruth heads off.
Number 30
Sarah is now giving Tony his story and telling him that she's no longer modelling but running a fashion boutique with Danni. Tony reckons people won't believe that so threatens to 'fill in the blanks'. Luke walks in and Tony tells him he's on a 'research trip'. Luke offers to get them all a coffee but Sarah decides to take Tony to Chez Chez to finish their conversation in private. When Tony picks up a dictaphone and tells Luke he never leaves home without it, Luke looks a little puzzled by it all.
Outside Number 22
Brett is sitting on the doorstep thinking when Danni comes out. The two of them wander away a few steps chatting about who's coming to dinner and the fact Darren is acting like a 'pork chop' to quote Brett. They both agree that they're all missing Cheryl so Darren's behaviour really isn't helping matters. Danni says that he's still their brother though so they can't just turn their backs on him.
Number 30
Cath comes back from her shift and asks Luke where Sarah is as they're supposed to be going to the movies together. Luke tells her Sarah's at Chez Chez with Tony saying it's a bit suspicious given he had a camera and dictaphone with him. Cath doesn't seem to be too concerned and asks Luke if he fancies a drink so they can go and spy on Sarah and Tony. Luke isn't interested and reckons spying won't solve anything and manages to talk Cath out of it too. Cath is determined to find out the truth as soon as Sarah gets home though.
Number 30
It's now evening, Cath and Luke are playing Scrabble and Sarah and Tony are still nowhere to be seen. Cath decides to go and see what's happened when Sarah walks back in. Sarah's not giving much away though saying he's just a business associate.
Number 22
Danni has cooked dinner for Lou and Brett and the three of them have a bit of a joke and toast to being together. Brett asks Lou if he and Cheryl would have ever got back together, to which Lou replies that that was one of the reasons for him coming back - to find out. Lou reassures the two of them that he's not out to rip them off in regards to Cheryl's estate but they already know that he wouldn't do that. Danni asks Lou if he'll move in there with her and he happily accepts.
Number 26
Phil comes home in a good mood having won his games of badminton. He sees that Helen is tired due to Ruth pushing her in the sessions but Helen says that she's pushing herself just as much as Ruth's pushing her. Phil suggests the problem would be solved if they got a different physio but Helen is very quick to warn him against firing Ruth.
Number 30
The next morning and Sarah is off to meetings with manafacturers refusing Cath's offer of cereal and slamming doors. Luke comes along and shows Cath a letter from Sarah that was in the bin. It was Sarah's goodbye note from the day before which she never ended up needing.
Number 26
The phone is ringing and no-one else seems to be around so Phil has to get it. He comes out from the bathroom still wet from the shower and holding a towel round his waist. He manages to stub his toe on the kitchen chair on his way through to get the phone and promptly drops the towel on the floor. It's Marlene on the phone asking if Helen's there but Phil says he'll get her to ring back. As he says this he's suddenly very aware that someone else is in the room. It's Ruth, who's let herself in the back door with the keys Helen gave her. She didn't think anyone would have still been here to which Phil protests that ten minutes later and he wouldn't have been.
RUTH: Slept in did you?
PHIL: No, I'm an early riser. No, I get up early. Would you pass me my towel please?
RUTH: Sure.
Ruth prolonges Phil's agony by taking as long as possible to reach down and get the towel so he snatches it off her very quickly once she puts it within his reach. As Phil is finally able to leave his hiding place behind the kitchen worktop Ruth delivers the final blow.
RUTH: I'd love to chat, but...you're obviously feeling the cold.
Not surprisingly Phil leaves the room as quickly as possible.
Number 22
Brett and Danni are helping Lou move his stuff in when Darren appears and wants to talk to Brett and Danni about what they think to Lou trying to take over the pub. Lou comes down from upstairs and Darren then immediately wants to know what's going on accusing him of pinching Marlene's grand-daughter and waltzing in on everything. When Lou calmly tells him that Cheryl left him the house and the pub in the will Darren just gets mad and tells Lou he's going to take him to the cleaners before storming out. Brett volunteers to go after him.
Ramsay Street
Brett runs after Darren who's striding off down the street and reckons Brett can't see what Lou's trying to do. He doesn't seem interested that Lou might actually just want to spend some quality time with Lolly but thinks he just wants to tear the family apart. He and Cheryl weren't even married but Lou still thinks he has a right to everything. When Darren came out of jail he didn't think he had anything but Cheryl came to his rescue and now he thinks Lou's trying to take it all away from him. He storms off away from the street before Brett can get two words in to try and calm him down.
Number 22
Brett returns to the house telling Lou and Danni that Darren's not interested in listening to what anyone says. He wants to move in to Number 22 as well but Lou asks if he can stay on with Marlene and Darren just a little longer in a bid to try and stop Darren ruining everything. Reluctantly he agrees.
Number 26
Ruth has surprised Helen with some special pencils and good quality artist's paper to see if she's able to maintain any sort of grip on them and get back into slowly using her right hand again. Helen shows Phil who just comments to Ruth that it seems to be her day for surprises and that knocking wouldn't have gone astray earlier on.
RUTH: And miss out on your surprise?!
Phil tactfully heads off to his meeting with Ros and when he's gone Helen asks Ruth what was going on with the talk of surprises. Ruth tells Helen that she caught Phil straight from the shower minus a towel and Helen just laughs.
Coffee Shop
Cath and Danni are talking about Sarah's letter and wondering why she would want to leave when Jo comes back from Europe minus Rob. She doesn't seem all that excited about all the shopping and tourist things she could have been doing and tells them she'll catch up with them later. Tony walks in looking for Cath and gives her a large envelope for Sarah before he dashes off to the airport. He says she really came through for him. Danni tries to get Cath to open the envelope and find out what it is but Cath refuses.
Chez Chez
Lou is telling Brett that he can't wait to get back behind the bar and wonders if he would mind if he did a few renovations. Brett is happy with that but then Darren appears and says he's told Kev to go home from the shift. Darren insists he's going to keep working and is annoyed to think that Lou wants to make changes already. Darren comes within inches of Lou telling him it's not his pub yet but Lou remains calm and reminds him that he can't hold a pub licence with a criminal record so it'll never be his. He asks if Daren's thinking of taking a swing at him but when Brett tries to interject, Darren just tells Lou his time is coming and walks away.
Coffee Shop
Jo has been catching up with Cath and says that the length of her stay depends on Rob's movements and that she's still in the big house on her own. Sarah walks in and Jo instantly recognises her from magazines in London but Sarah just walks straight back out. Cath insists that her surname is O'Brien and not Beaumont so Jo must have the wrong person. When Jo leaves to apologise to Sarah Cath decides that she's going to open the envelope from Tony after all.
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