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Neighbours Episode 2500 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2500
Australian airdate: 20/10/95
UK airdate: 12/06/96
UK Gold: 31/05/02
Writer: John Hanlon
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Angie Rebecchi: Lesley Baker
Sonny Hammond: Tom Hutchings
Colin Taylor: Frank Bren
Dianne Lake: Julie Barkla
Kev Duve: Brad Wade
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Summary/Images by: Graham
- Karl telling Susan that he hasn't been sleeping lately.
- Lou telling Philip that he's going to brave the drum weekend with Patrick and Sam. Philip saying he'd like to go with them. Lou saying he'll be more than welcome.
- Angie happy that Stonie is in love - and telling everyone that his girlfriend is coming to dinner soon.
- Mark discovering that Jo has cut out Annalise's face from his photos and replaced them with photos of her own face.
No. 24
Jo asks Mark happily if she's a clever girl or not. Mark, however, asks her furiously how she could butcher his photographs; she's just mutilated his memories. Jo cries that she did this for *him*: he got so upset when he called her Annalise, so she took her out of the photos so it won't happen again. Mark glares at her and snaps that he's going to leave now before he says something they both regret. He storms out - bumping into Annalise on the way and telling her angrily that her sister has no idea about *anything*.
Holy Roll
Angie is asking Stonie when she's going to be able to meet Kerry, his girlfriend. Stonie sighs that he'll bring her in for a pizza. Angie suggests tonight, and Stonie shrugs that he supposes so. With that, Angie dashes over to Sonny and Libby, at a table, and tells them happily that Stonie's mystery woman is coming in for a pizza tonight! She then asks Sonny and Libby what's happening with *them*. Libby sits there looking awkward. Sonny tells Angie that he's Libby's boyfriend: they're together. Libby smiles at him in slightly embarrassed surprise and delight!
No. 24
Annalise hands a sobbing Jo a tissue and tells her to blow her nose. She then asks her what's wrong, but Jo says she can't tell her, as Annalise is part of the problem. Annalise shrugs that she'll ask Mark anyway. Jo gives in and walks over to Mark's photo album. Annalise looks inside and, seeing what's been done to the photos, exclaims that it's awful; who did it? She looks at Jo, who just turns away. Annalise shouts at her that it's no wonder Mark is so angry with her - and how could she do that to *both* of them? Jo accuses her sister of still loving Mark. She adds that she knows Mark still loves *her*: he said Annalise's name when they were making love. Annalise's face drops and she murmurs, "Oh." She then tells Jo that you can't just erase the past and change someone's memory like that.
Jen is in the newsagency with Philip - she's busy looking at magazine articles about her favourite soap stars! Karl comes in, but says he's forgotten what he wanted! Philip remarks to him that he looks shocking and Karl admits that he hasn't been sleeping well lately. Philip tells him about the Beat the Drum thing and suggests that he come along. Karl comments that he supposes it would blow away the cobwebs. He suddenly realises that he wanted white- out!
Chez Chez
Cody is playing darts with Kev when Mark comes in. He asks Cody if she minds if he joins her. Cody smiles that she's on the run from Adrian: when he got home from uni, his BMW was parked out the front. Kev brings Mark a beer and Mark tells Cody that Joanna has been acting very strangely lately. He explains about the photos. Cody muses that she hates to say she told him so, but she told him so! Mark sighs that he doesn't know what to do. Cody tells him that he has to spell it out to Jo using one- syllable words.
No. 24
A while later, Jo opens the front door to No. 24 and finds Mark standing on the step. As he heads inside, she smiles that she knew he'd come back: he's too nice a person to hold a grudge. Mark starts to say that there's been a misunderstanding. Jo, however, stops him and tells him that she managed to find the missing pieces from the photos and she's sticking them back together again - it's rather like a jigsaw. Mark just says tersely:
MARK: Jo, listen to me, OK? This was never what you thought it was. This was not the big romance... the love of a lifetime... nothing like that. Not for *me*, OK? We're not going to settle down. There's not going to be a wedding. We're not going to have kids and live happily ever after. That's it, Jo: it's over. We don't have a future.
With that, he marches out, leaving Jo in tears.
No. 28
Libby is about to head out and Karl asks where she's going. Libby tells him that she's going to the coffee shop to check out Stonie's new girlfriend, then she and Sonny will probably go for a drive. Karl invites her to sit down with him, and he comments pointedly that they haven't had a chance to discuss this new friend of hers... who drives a van. Libby exclaims that that means he's a sleazy hoon, does it? Karl insists quickly that he and Susan worry: they don't want her to get into a situation that she can't handle. Libby, however, tells him to relax: she's not going to get into anything she's not ready for; Sonny knows that and he respects her wishes; he's a perfect gentleman in every way. She gets up and heads out as Philip comes in. Karl asks him if he wants to swap daughters! Philip tells Karl that he was just tidying up his tapes and he came across a spoken letter Colin sent him from China last year: it's ninety minutes of Colin's uninterrupted voice and it's guaranteed to send Karl to sleep!
No. 24
Annalise emerges from the bathroom and finds Jo looking upset again. She asks what's wrong, and Jo tells her that Mark's been there and he's dumped her. Annalise tells her gently that it's not the end of the world. Jo sighs that it *is*; he *hates* her. Annalise says he's probably still angry about the photos. She suggests that Jo hop in the shower and they go to the coffee shop. Jo, however, says she just wants to be by herself.
Holy Roll
Angie is busy serving several of the Ramsay Street regulars when Stonie comes in with a young woman. Angie dashes over to her and gives her a hug and welcomes her to the family! Colin introduces himself as well. Stonie then introduces Kerry to Cody, Jen, Libby and Sonny. Angie tells them to sit down and she'll bring over their pizza. Stonie and Kerry take a seat, and when has left them alone, Kerry snaps at Stonie that he didn't tell her that all these people were going to be there; she thought it was only going to be his mum; she can't keep this stupid act up all night. Stonie insists that he'll do all the talking. At that moment, Annalise comes in and Stonie groans. She walks over and Stonie introduces her to Kerry, who has suddenly hidden her face behind a menu. Annalise looks at her. Kerry rolls her eyes and says awkwardly:
KERRY: Hi, Annalise.
Annalise looks at Stonie suspiciously.
Outside No. 30
Jo is standing outside No. 30. She goes to walk up the steps to the front door, but then pauses, sits down and thinks. After a few moments, she gets up and goes round to the back of the house, where she takes Mark's orange shirt off the washing line. She snuggles her cheek into it.
No. 28
Karl is listening to Colin's spoken letter. His eyes begin to close and a mug he's holding almost drops out of his hand. He comes- to again and puts the mug down, before laying his head down on a pillow on the couch, murmuring gratefully:
KARL: Good one, Phil!
Holy Roll
Angie and Colin are sitting at the table with Stonie and Kerry, and Angie remarks to Kerry that she's really nothing like she expected. Colin asks her where they first met. Kerry hesitates, but Stonie says quickly that it was the beach. Angie remarks to Stonie that he told her they met at the jazz club. She then smiles at Colin that they had such a romantic first date. Colin comments that it was Luna Park. Angie, however, tells him in surprise that it was Lassiter's lake, with champagne in the moonlight. Stonie tries to explain so the stories tie- up, but Kerry suddenly puts her hand to her forehead and winces. She tells Angie that she has a migraine; she just needs to lie down for a couple of hours. Stonie stands up and says they'd better get her home straight away. The two of them dash out. When they've gone, Cody remarks to Jen and Annalise:
CODY: Headache? The poor kid was just *embarrassed*!
ANNALISE (muses): Embarrassed? I can't imagine *why*...
No. 26
The next morning, Karl is at No. 26 and he kisses the cassette tape and tells Philip and Jen gratefully that he slept like a log! Jen says she can imagine the expression on Colin's face when they tell him he's the new miracle cure for insomnia! Karl smiles at Philip that he'd forgotten what one night's sleep can do for the constitution - and they've got the camping trip to look forward to. Philip grins at him that he won't know himself! Jen, however, chips in suddenly that she's not so sure she approves of this blokes- only male- bonding thing; she's read a little bit about it and can't understand why either of them would be interested; she considers it a bit adolescent! As she's talking, she doesn't notice Holly taking the toast she was making!
Back yard of No. 30
Cody is taking down the washing from the line when Mark joins her. She looks tired and Mark comments:
MARK: You too, eh?
Cody asks what time the last call was, and Mark replies that it was about 4am. Cody apologises, saying she presumes it was Adrian trying to harass her. She adds that something has to be done about that: it's gone on long enough. Mark then asks her if she's seen his orange shirt. Cody says she hasn't and Mark remarks that he must have forgotten to hang it out.
No. 24
Jo is doing some ironing when Annalise emerges from her room and asks her how she's feeling. Jo smiles that she's fine. She apologises for last night, adding that she over- reacted a bit. Annalise tells her that she's just happy to see her looking so chirpy. She heads outside to get the newspaper. When she's gone, Jo takes Mark's shirt out of the basket of ironing, snuggles against it and smiles:
JO: Bye Mark. See you tonight.
Ramsay Street
Stonie is washing Angie's car when Annalise walks over, says a cheery good morning and asks him what he's playing at. Stonie shrugs that he's washing his mum's car. Annalise, however, retorts that he knows what she's talking about: that wasn't Kerry last night, it was Dianne Lake; she went to night school with her, so she knows her very well. Stonie mutters that that would be right. Annalise asks where the *real* Kerry is. Stonie sighs:
STONIE: There *is* no real Kerry. I made her up. Mum got on my back about wanting to meet her, so I found Dianne. She's a friend of mine's sister, owed us. We reckoned no one would know her round here.
ANNALISE (frowns): Yeah, but why did you have to make up a girlfriend in the *first* place?
STONIE: Because of *you*. I've been shuffling around like a lovesick idiot and I can't tell anyone because of you and Sam, and... Anyway, *you're* not interested in me, so I found someone who *is*.
ANNALISE: What, you invented all of that because you really *care* for me?
STONIE (bluntly): Yeah, of course. So what are you going to do about it?
Annalise stares at him.
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Mark Gottlieb in Neighbours Episode 2500
Mark Gottlieb

Joanna Hartman in Neighbours Episode 2500
Joanna Hartman

Stonie Rebecchi, Angie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 2500
Stonie Rebecchi, Angie Rebecchi

Angie Rebecchi, Sonny Hammond, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2500
Angie Rebecchi, Sonny Hammond, Libby Kennedy

Annalise Hartman, Joanna Hartman in Neighbours Episode 2500
Annalise Hartman, Joanna Hartman

Philip Martin, Karl Kennedy, Jen Handley in Neighbours Episode 2500
Philip Martin, Karl Kennedy, Jen Handley

Kev Duve, Mark Gottlieb, Cody Willis in Neighbours Episode 2500
Kev Duve, Mark Gottlieb, Cody Willis

Mark Gottlieb, Joanna Hartman in Neighbours Episode 2500
Mark Gottlieb, Joanna Hartman

Libby Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2500
Libby Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Karl Kennedy, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 2500
Karl Kennedy, Philip Martin

Joanna Hartman, Annalise Hartman in Neighbours Episode 2500
Joanna Hartman, Annalise Hartman

Colin Taylor, Stonie Rebecchi, Dianne Lake, Angie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 2500
Colin Taylor, Stonie Rebecchi, Dianne Lake, Angie Rebecchi

Joanna Hartman in Neighbours Episode 2500
Joanna Hartman

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2500
Karl Kennedy

Dianne Lake, Stonie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 2500
Dianne Lake, Stonie Rebecchi

Annalise Hartman, Jen Handley, Cody Willis in Neighbours Episode 2500
Annalise Hartman, Jen Handley, Cody Willis

Karl Kennedy, Jen Handley, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 2500
Karl Kennedy, Jen Handley, Philip Martin

Holly in Neighbours Episode 2500

Mark Gottlieb, Cody Willis in Neighbours Episode 2500
Mark Gottlieb, Cody Willis

Joanna Hartman in Neighbours Episode 2500
Joanna Hartman

Stonie Rebecchi, Annalise Hartman in Neighbours Episode 2500
Stonie Rebecchi, Annalise Hartman

Annalise Hartman in Neighbours Episode 2500
Annalise Hartman

<<2499 - 2501>>
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