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Neighbours Episode 2501 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2501
Australian airdate: 23/10/95
UK airdate: 13/06/96
UK Gold: 03/06/02
Writer: Dianne Dempsey
Director: Sally-Anne Kerr
Guests: Colin Taylor: Frank Bren
Zoe Tan: Jeuliette Hanafie
Phoebe Boyd: Jacquelie Hanafie
Tammy Blyton: Charmaine McGrath
Sonny Hammond: Tom Hutchings
Brendan Walsh: Christopher Rickerby
Lance Hails: Andrew Bibby
Alan McKenna: Ian Swan
Troy Blocker: Jarrod Glasunow
Summary/Images by: Graham
- Marlene telling Helen that Colin asked her to marry him - but she told him 'maybe'.
- Susan catching Hannah and Lance pashing in a school storeroom.
- Stonie telling Annalise that he made up a girlfriend because he couldn't have *her*.
Ramsay Street
Annalise tells Stonie that *he's* the one with the problem here; she cares for him, and she thinks that what they have is bigger than an ordinary friendship, but it's not love. Stonie starts to say that that doesn't mean—. Before he can go on, though, Mal and Danni emerge from No. 22 and walk across, and Mal asks Stonie how his new girlfriend is! Annalise leaves them to it. Before he can be interrogated further, Stonie looks at his watch and says he's got to get out of there.
Holy Roll
Colin serves Zoe and Hannah with milkshakes and doughnuts and starts lecturing them about needing fruit and fibre for breakfast. He leaves them to it as Phoebe and Tammy come in. Tammy grabs Zoe's milkshake. Phoebe asks Hannah to tell them exactly what went on in the supplies cupboard. Hannah insists that it was nothing. Phoebe mutters that *some* people might believe that. She then suggests that maybe they could hang around together at lunchtime - if Hannah's not too busy in the supplies cupboard. She grabs Zoe's doughnut and walks out.
No. 26
Helen is telling Marlene that she's sure the reason Colin asked her to marry him is because he loves her. Marlene comments that even if that's so, Sam's lived with her for a long time, and she can't just ignore his feelings; he may not *want* her to get married, or he may not want to live in a house with Colin - and he may not want to come to the wedding. Helen, however, tells her that this is absurd: she's creating obstacles where none exist. She goes on that if Sam doesn't approve of her plans, that's just too bad.
Street outside Erinsborough High
Danni and Mal are walking slowly to school when they spot Sonny's van parked across the street and Libby climbing out of the passenger side and running round to the driver's side to kiss Sonny through the driver's window. Danni sighs at Mal that she wishes she was still in Year 11: all that freedom and no one telling you what to do. She adds that she's got to see old Rusty today for a careers chat, but she already knows what she wants to do. Susan suddenly appears at the school gates and watches as Libby kisses Sonny and he drives off. She calls over sternly:
SUSAN: Elizabeth.
Libby crosses the road and joins her mother, who comments curtly that she doesn't remember Libby getting her permission to go to the beach before school. She adds that Libby will fall asleep in class - and her hair is soaking. The bell suddenly sounds and Libby dashes off, leaving Susan looking annoyed.
Erinsborough High - corridor
Brett, Stonie, Danni and Mal are standing in a corridor, talking about muck- up day. On the other side of the lockers, Lance is standing with Brendon and Troy, who are laughing at some pictures they saw. Hannah joins them and Brendon and Troy grin and laugh at her. She asks what the joke is. The two boys just walk off and Lance tells Hannah that it's nothing to worry about.
Erinsborough High - classroom
Susan walks into a Year 12 class with Alan McKenna, and she tells the students that he's there to talk to them about a certain occasion that she knows they're all looking forward to and the staff are dreading! Mr. McKenna asks the students to pass around some sheets of paper. He then tells everyone that this year he's decided to let them have a muck- up day - but there are a few items and activities that appear on the list that are completely forbidden. He starts running through the list, which includes a ban on foam, paint, alcohol, banners, graffiti...
No. 24
Marlene has made a list of pros and cons about Colin. She reads to herself:
MARLENE: Pros: reliable, gentleman, practical, hard- working, sufficient means, similar interests. Now... cons: um, non- Catholic, itchy feet, Sam might object, Cheryl might object...
Annalise comes in suddenly and Marlene asks her what she's doing back, as she thought she and Jo were checking out the new office. Annalise explains that Jo forgot the keys. She starts looking around for them. As she does so, Marlene asks her if she has a minute. Annalise finds the keys and sits down at the kitchen table. Marlene asks her awkwardly if she and Sam are thinking about getting their own place. She adds that if she and Colin get married and Colin moves in, how would they feel about that? Looking surprised, Annalise tells her that she should put herself *first* for once. Marlene comments that Sam is more like a son to her than a grandson and she can't ignore his feelings. Annalise insists that they both want her to be happy. Marlene asks if they'll look for a place of their own. Annalise hesitates before saying they'll have to give it some thought - but anything could happen. With that, she adds quickly that she'd better go, and she heads out.
Erinsborough High
Danni, Brett, Mal and Stonie are walking along a corridor, Mal complaining that McKenna has banned muck- up day in all but name. Brett, however, points out that the list isn't comprehensive - he'll come up with something that's funny and original and doesn't get a mention on the list. He adds that he's going to treat this as a challenge!
Grounds of Erinsborough High
Hannah and Zoe walk up to where Phoebe, Tammy and another girl are sitting. Hannah says a cheerful Hi to them, but the girls just ignore her. Hannah reminds them that they were meant to be meeting for lunch. Phoebe retorts that she's changed her mind: she just wanted to find out what she and Lance got up to in the supplies cupboard, but Troy's filled them in and, frankly, she wouldn't be seen *dead* with Hannah. Hannah asks in astonishment what she's supposed to have done, but Phoebe just tells her get lost. Hannah and Zoe walk away, Hannah looking puzzled.
Chez Chez
Susan is having a drink with Alan McKenna, Susan commenting that the last official day of school makes it pretty difficult to control the students. Mr. McKenna just shrugs that any nonsense and he'll do what he threatened: kick the culprits out. Sonny suddenly walks up to the bar - and Libby joins him. Susan looks at her aghast and walks over to them. She asks Libby angrily what she thinks she's doing in there at lunchtime in her school uniform. She points out Mr. McKenna sitting at the table, and warns Libby that if he decides to suspend her, there's not a whole lot *she* can do about it.
Holy Roll
Marlene walks into the coffee shop, where Colin greets her and then asks her if she's by any chance considered his recent proposal. Marlene nods that she's given the matter a great deal of thought - and she'd like to order: one Colin Taylor, two bridesmaids and a church in the country! Colin leaps over the counter and hugs her, smiling:
COLIN: Do you know how happy you've made me?!
Erinsborough High - classroom
Susan walks into the classroom with Libby and asks her angrily what came over her, going into a pub in school uniform. Libby asks warily if they'll suspend her. Susan says she doubts it, but *she'll* probably get a lecture on parental responsibility. Libby sighs that Sonny will probably never talk to her again. Susan tells her daughter that she *likes* Sonny, but he's older than Libby; he's finished school and maybe he's not a good influence. Libby, however, insists that Sonny would never hurt her or get her in trouble; he cares about her. Susan warns her to just be careful.
Erinsborough High - corridor
Out in the corridor, Billy runs up to Hannah and tells her that he's been looking for her all over the place. Hannah asks what for and Billy tells her that there's some graffiti in the school toilets: it's pretty nasty stuff and he thought he should tell her. Hannah asks why and he tells her that it's about her and Lance. Hannah asks what it says. Billy tells her that it's about what she and Lance are supposed to have done in the cupboard. Hannah insists that they didn't do *anything*. She asks warily how bad it is. Billy says:
BILLY: It's, um, it's... it's very bad.
No. 26
Colin is opening a bottle of champagne as Helen kisses him and Marlene and offers her congratulations. Marlene smiles that she'll have to get used to being called Marlene Taylor! She then asks Helen if she'd be her Matron of Honour. Helen smiles that she'd be honoured. Colin pops open the champagne, saying as he does so that it will, of course, have to be a civil ceremony. Marlene's face drops and she tells him tersely that he *knows* she's a practising catholic. Colin remarks that she can't expect him to make his vows to a God he doesn't believe in. Marlene asks:
MARLENE: What about *me*? It's very important to me that I get married in my church.
COLIN: So you want me to be a hypocrite for the day?
They both turn to Helen and ask what *she* says, but Helen just raises a glass and proposes an awkward toast to the happy couple!
No. 24
Annalise opens the door to Stonie and lets him in. He tells her that his morning was the most frustrating conversation of his entire life. He goes on that they got to how it wasn't love - but she cares a bit, is that right? Annalise nods that she guesses so. At that moment, Marlene and Colin come in, still arguing. Colin suggests they get married at home with a celebrant. Marlene retorts that it'll be out in the back yard with the garbage bins. Stonie just looks at Annalise and walks out as Marlene tells Colin tersely that she wants her church.
Erinsborough High - classroom
Alan McKenna is handing out maps to Hannah's class. Brendan and Troy are sitting together and one of them has drawn a picture of Hannah. They pass it to Phoebe and Tammy, who are sitting at the desks in front of them. Phoebe looks at it and then grins at Tammy, saying she heard Hannah Martin's really popular with the boys. She tells Tammy to write down *why* she thinks Hannah is so popular. Hannah turns to grab the sheet of paper. As she does so, Mr. McKenna leaps up and takes it. He looks at it and then asks Phoebe and Tammy angrily if that's their writing. Phoebe insists that she didn't do anything. Mr. McKenna just ignores her and tells the two of them to stay back after class. He tells Hannah that she'll stay back too. Hannah, however, cries:
HANNAH: That's not fair. I didn't *do* anything. *I* didn't write that note, *they* did. You read what they're saying about me: they're disgusting pigs.
She runs out of the classroom.
Erinsborough High - corridor
Danni joins Brett and Mal and sighs that she's so stupid. She goes on that according to Rust, over 500 people apply for that design course each year and only 20 get in. She asks what she's going to do if she *doesn't* get in. Mal tells her she can apply for other stuff. Danni, however, says:
DANNI: As Rust kindly pointed out, I haven't been doing much work lately - except on my folio.
BRETT: You must have done *some* study.
DANNI: No. Not really. I mean, Rust says I'll be lucky to get into *anything*.
Brett suggests that she go home and start cramming. Danni sighs that she'll probably end up working for Chez Chez for the rest of her life.
Erinsborough High - boys' toilets
Hannah is in the boys' toilets, walking past the cubicles. She suddenly comes across Lance standing in one of them, holding a pen. She stares at him in shock. He says:
LANCE: I'm trying to—
HANNAH (angrily): How could you? How could you *do* this?
LANCE: Hannah, please listen to me.
HANNAH (cries): I hope you *die*.
LANCE: *Listen* to me.
HANNAH: Why aren't they saying horrible things about *you*? It's not fair.
LANCE: No, it isn't, and I'm sorry.
HANNAH (disbelieving): Oh, 'sorry'.
LANCE: Look, Hannah, I'm trying to clean it off, all right? I didn't do it.
HANNAH (snaps): Good one, Lance. You ruin my reputation and then you lie about it. The boyfriend from hell, that's what you turned out to be.
With that, she runs out, leaving Lance staring after her.
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Annalise Hartman, Danni Stark in Neighbours Episode 2501
Annalise Hartman, Danni Stark

Malcolm Kennedy, Stonie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 2501
Malcolm Kennedy, Stonie Rebecchi

Zoe Tan, Tammy Blyton, Phoebe Boyd, Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 2501
Zoe Tan, Tammy Blyton, Phoebe Boyd, Hannah Martin

Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 2501
Helen Daniels

Marlene Kratz in Neighbours Episode 2501
Marlene Kratz

Malcolm Kennedy, Danni Stark in Neighbours Episode 2501
Malcolm Kennedy, Danni Stark

Lance Hails, Brendan Walsh, Troy Blocker in Neighbours Episode 2501
Lance Hails, Brendan Walsh, Troy Blocker

Danni Stark, Susan Kennedy, Malcolm Kennedy, Alan McKenna in Neighbours Episode 2501
Danni Stark, Susan Kennedy, Malcolm Kennedy, Alan McKenna

Annalise Hartman, Marlene Kratz in Neighbours Episode 2501
Annalise Hartman, Marlene Kratz

Danni Stark, Brett Stark, Stonie Rebecchi, Malcolm Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2501
Danni Stark, Brett Stark, Stonie Rebecchi, Malcolm Kennedy

Tammy Blyton, Phoebe Boyd in Neighbours Episode 2501
Tammy Blyton, Phoebe Boyd

Zoe Tan, Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 2501
Zoe Tan, Hannah Martin

Susan Kennedy, Sonny Hammond, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2501
Susan Kennedy, Sonny Hammond, Libby Kennedy

Colin Taylor, Marlene Kratz in Neighbours Episode 2501
Colin Taylor, Marlene Kratz

Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2501
Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Hannah Martin, Billy Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2501
Hannah Martin, Billy Kennedy

Colin Taylor, Helen Daniels, Marlene Kratz in Neighbours Episode 2501
Colin Taylor, Helen Daniels, Marlene Kratz

Annalise Hartman, Stonie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 2501
Annalise Hartman, Stonie Rebecchi

Marlene Kratz, Colin Taylor in Neighbours Episode 2501
Marlene Kratz, Colin Taylor

Troy Blocker, Brendan Walsh in Neighbours Episode 2501
Troy Blocker, Brendan Walsh

Hannah Martin, Zoe Tan, Phoebe Boyd, Tammy Blyton in Neighbours Episode 2501
Hannah Martin, Zoe Tan, Phoebe Boyd, Tammy Blyton

Alan McKenna in Neighbours Episode 2501
Alan McKenna

Brett Stark, Danni Stark, Malcolm Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2501
Brett Stark, Danni Stark, Malcolm Kennedy

Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 2501
Hannah Martin

Lance Hails in Neighbours Episode 2501
Lance Hails

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