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Neighbours Episode 2480 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2480
Australian airdate: 22/09/1995
UK airdate: 15/05/1996
UK Gold: 03/05/2002
Writer: Piers Hobson
Director: Gary Conway
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Stonie is confident about his English, thanks to Annalise.
Karl tells Libby the Internet bill is outrageously high - he says Libby must write snail mail to Randy from now on.
Jen is confused but Helen says she may have been sleepwalking.
Karl falters in the middle of his song at the Talent Quest.
The Pub
Karl is overcome by nerves, but Billy saves the day by getting up and singing with Karl. It seems he has learnt the words by listening to Karl's practising. They do quite a good turn in two-part harmony(!) and everyone in the pub is clapping along with them. They get a huge round of applause at the end!
Coffee Shop
Stonie is treating Annalise to breakfast in return for helping him with his English. Annalise tells Stonie that she never got to finish high school, so it's like Stonie is doing it for her - she's really pleased with his progress.
Cheryl and the Kennedys are having a conciliatory drink. Karl says he was glad the song turned out OK - thanks to Billy.
Jen comes in wearing her pyjamas. She looks rather wild-eyed.
Libby, Billy and Karl are having breakfast. Karl wants to know why Libby is being nice to him and tells her that she's not having the Internet connection back. Billy tells Karl that Libby is "in lurve". Libby protests that the Internet broadens her horizons, but Karl maintains that it's too expensive.
When Karl has gone, Libby sits down at the computer, much to Billy's horror.
Hannah is looking forward to the last day of term today. She's looking forward to going away on holiday with Phil and Jen.
Phil comes off the phone and tells everyone that Michael has bought a house - he wants to go up and see him. Hannah protests that Phil promised to take her to the snow, but Phil has forgotten and has now promised Michael. Apparently Hannah can't go along with Phil either because Michael's house isn't ready (it sounds like a wreck!) Hannah is very disappointed.
Coffee Shop
Billy is looking forward to the school break - apparently it's Melissa's birthday next week. Melissa tells him that her mother has booked the family into a holiday camp for the whole two weeks - they won't see each other at all.
Stonie and Mal are chatting about Annalise, but Stonie insists they're just friends. Mal shows Stonie his last essay which he didn't do very well on. Stonie starts critiqueing the essay intelligently.
MAL: Stonie, is that you?!
Billy is despondent that Melissa is going away and Libby is despondent about the Internet. Billy suggests that Libby earns the money for the Internet herself. Libby says she needs a miracle.
A teacher comes up at that moment and introduces a girl called Manuela, asking Libby to show her around.
Coffee Shop
Jen has been sleepwalking again and Phil urges her to go to see Karl. Jen thinks she'll stop after her exams, but that's not for ages. Jen doesn't want to take pills, but Phil says she only has to talk to Karl.
Libby and Manuela are having a milkshake - Manuela is from East Timor but is really Portuguese. She says it's much nicer in Australia than East Timor. She tells Libby that all her friends are still in East Timor though.
Karl and Jen are having a chat about the sleepwalking. Jen says she doesn't want to take sedatives, but Karl suggests relaxation techniques for stress.
Karl is trying to learn how to use the computer. Suddenly he sees a window saying "Message waiting". It's from Randy saying that he'll put money into Libby's bank account to cover the Internet costs! Karl is not pleased.
Annalise and Stonie are hanging out. Stonie asks if he can have some lessons over the break - his marks aren't quite as high as he expected. Although he did get 69% which is much beter than he normally gets. He wants to go for a B+ now. Annalise suggests that Stonie stays for some cheese on toast - Sam is out tonight.
Libby comes in and Karl immediately jumps on her. Libby is very pleased with the contents of the email, saying that it is a very sweet thing to do. Karl thinks Randy is grooming Libby - these things are seedy. However Libby sits down and starts typing excitedly.
Phil is massaging Jen's neck which Hannah reads from the relaxation exercises book. Hannah still thinks tying Jen's toe to the door is the best idea though(!)
Annalise and Stonie are enjoying each other's company. Stonie admits that he still likes Cody, but he wasn't good enough for her. Annalise tells him off - he's got a lot going for him. A moment nearly comes between them, but Stonie gets up and heads off.
Jen is sleepwalking again. She picks up her keys, turns, and says to no-one that she's taking the car out.
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