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Neighbours Episode 2481 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2481
Australian airdate: 25/09/1995
UK airdate: 16/05/1996
UK Gold: 06/05/2002
Writer: Elizabeth Packett
Director: Sally-Anne Kerr
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Melissa tells Billy that her parents are taking her away for the school break.
Libby's Internet friend Randy says he'll pay the Internet bill - Karl is not impressed.
Jen is sleepwalking and goes to get into the car.
Outside the Martins
Jen opens the car and gets in on the driver's side.
Meanwhile, Helen and Hannah have woken up and see the car departing. They hear a loud beeping noise.
Out in the street, Kevin Rebecchi has arrived home in his truck, and luckily has woken Jen up by beeping his horn loudly. Half of Ramsay Street are out on the street by now - the Kennedys, Angie, Stonie and the Martins too. Jen cries in Phil's arms that she doesn't know where she is.
When Jen is taken off back to bed, Stonie and Angie greet Kevin properly. He's brought Toadie with him too. Billy and Libby exchange glances.
As Billy and Libby head back to their house, Toadie follows them. Billy tells Toadie off for hassling Lucy Robinson. Toadie says he's changed since then - that sort of thing isn't his style anymore. Billy isn't convinced, but agrees to hang out with Toadie over the school break.
Karl comes in and isn't pleased to see Toadie there. He tells him to get out - they've had enough dramas for one night! Toadie invites Billy back to his place for a welcome home party.
Angie and Kevin are in each others' arms, much to Danni's disdain. Billy, Toadie and Stonie come in and generally make a lot of noise. Kevin tells Angie that he's selling the truck and she gets a bit upset.
ANGIE: But...it's part of the family. Where we made the family!
STONIE: Some details we can do without!
Kevin says that he's got a good opportunity to buy into a barge in Port Keats and wants to sell the truck to cover it.
Everyone decides to make a night of it and turns up country music loud!
Karl is moaning that Toadie is back, saying that he'll lead Billy astray. Libby is on the computer again talking to Randy. Karl says his name is dodgy!
Danni is not pleased at her living room being turned into a dance hall, but Kevin tells them they have no stamina!
Martins, the following morning
Jen is retracing her steps from the sleepwalking, but she can't remember anything. She's very scared about what happened. Libby comes over to say hello and to see Hannah.
Hannah and Zoe are doing exercises when Libby comes in. She tells them that she's doing a column doing "in the life of". Hannah says she shouldn't do one on Phil because it'd be really boring! Libby says she's going to do the editor of Teen Girl magazine and wants the inside scoop! Libby suggests that they both go with her to meet the editor. But Zoe can't - she's got a dentist appointment this afternoon.
Office of "Teen Girl" Magazine
Hannah and Libby have arrived to meet the editor. Libby asks the editor how she got into the work, but Hannah is more interested by the pictures of a very skinny girl on the wall. The editor tells them that the girl is only 11 years old. The editor says they have to use petite models because the clothes are only sent to them in small sizes. Hannah gets indignant and says that the magazine is encouraging its reader to starve themselves. She tells the editor that her sister had bulimia and she thinks the whole "skinny thing" sucks.
Karl is trying to get Toadie and Billy to admit where they're going. Toadie insists he's a reformed man and asks Karl to call him Jarrod! Karl says he's not convinced Toadie has mended his wicked ways, but he'll give him one chance. If he blows it, he'll throttle the living daylights out of Toadie!
Office of "Teen Girl" Magazine
Hannah is now taking the editor to task for featuring very expensive clothes, rather than something affordable.
Just then, a girl comes in and tells the editor that the makeover girl has pulled out for this month. THe editor suggests that Hannah steps in. Hannah isn't sure, but the editor says it's Hannah's big chance to get a normal-looking girl in "Teen Girl".
Photo Shoot
Hannah is being made up, her hair styled, and changing into fashionable clothes. They shoot dozens of pictures of her in a variety of outfits.
Coffee Shop
Danni is telling Mal that she's fed up of being invaded by Rebecchis - they don't have a chance to talk together or eat together quietly.
Abandoned Shed
Billy and Toadie are hanging out at an abandoned youth club. Toadie comes across some spray paints and tells Billy he's going to flog them. Billy looks rather unsure.
Outside the door, Danni has got a plan, but says she's worried people will think they've failed. Mal reassures her that they haven't failed - they're still as strong as ever.
Inside, Angie and Kevin are having a serious pash on the couch. Danni and Mal interrupt them saying they've decided to move out. Angie says she feels bad, but Danni and Mal say it's not her fault, it's time for them to go home.
Office of "Teen Girl" Magazine
Hannah and Libby thank the editor for a great day.
Just then, Libby sees a guy walk past and recognises him as Randy! But the guy's name is Ethan - he's a model, but he's not from New York. Libby looks puzzled.
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