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Neighbours Episode 2479 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2479
Australian airdate: 21/09/1995
UK airdate: 14/05/1996
UK Gold: 02/05/2002
Writer: Jeff Truman
Director: Gary Conway
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Billy tells Susan on the phone that Karl is nervous about the Talent Quest.
Danni tells Mal that they shouldn't have had sex without a condom.
Jen is walking about the house in the dark and knocks a table over. Helen comes out and puts the light on, but Jen is unresponsive. Jen tells Helen she's going to go for a walk - Helen protests that it's 1 o'clock in the morning. Confusingly, Jen says "Goodnight" and goes back to bed.
Libby and Billy are reading a chatroom window where text is appearing from Randy, Libby's chatroom friend. Billy suggests she asks him what the weather is like where he is. She tells him off saying it's a boring question, but just then Randy asks what the weather's like in Australia!
Randy tells her he's off to do some modelling in the Caribbean soon. Billy thinks he might be a short, fat nerd! Libby says he "sounds" like a model but Billy thinks Randy is a fake.
Karl comes out and tells Libby and Billy to go to bed. Billy reckons Karl can't sleep because of the Talent Quest.
When Libby and Billy have gone to bed. Karl looks at his guitar and despairs!
Large hotel, the following morning
Danni doesn't want to eat breakfast and has locked herself in the bathroom. She comes out dressed in her school uniform and says she's going to get the morning-after pill. Mal says he'll come with her - it's his fault. Danni says they both should have known better and not been spontaneous. Mal asks her about alternative contraception again, but Danni wants to fix this problem first.
Helen is telling Phil that Jen was up in the night and about to look at Helen's painting.
Jen comes in. Helen teases her about her midnight activities but it's clear she doesn't know anything about it - she and Phil looked at the picture days ago! Jen insists she didn't get up in the night. Helen realises that Jen must have been sleepwalking - it happened to Scott for a while.
Libby and Billy are off to school before Karl starts practising his guitar! Before they can leave though, Karl comes in angrily with the Internet bill - it's outrageously high. Karl tells Libby she'll just have to write to Randy through the mail - the net is being cut off!
Ramsay Street
Hannah and her mate are walking to school talking about fashion. Billy joins them but Libby stalks ahead on her own. Billy tells Hannah that he likes her sunglasses.
The locum has given Danni a morning-after pill and a lecture. They talk to the doctor about alternative contraceptive methods and she gives them some pamphlets.
Karl is practising his guitar while looking in the mirror(!) Phil calls round and Karl tells him he doesn't know what to wear tonight!
Phil asks Karl about Jen's sleepwalking. Karl says it's unusual in adults. He tells Phil not to worry, but it's probably stress-related so he'd like a chat with Jen. Not today though, he's busy picking out clothes and practising his guitar!
Cheryl calls round and is surprised to find that Danni is at home. Danni tells her that she isn't very well today. Cheryl presses Danni to go to the doctor. Eventually Danni admits that she's taken the morning-after pill. Cheryl is horrified and says the risks are enormous and basically that she doesn't know where Mal has been!
Danni starts to cry and Cheryl relents a bit, but tells her it's very disappointing. Danni sobs hard.
Karl is on the phone to Susan - his nerves are at fraying point before the Talent Quest! Libby and Billy suggests seriously that Karl drops out - they won't tease him this time. But Mal comes in and says he can't wait for the show. Karl reminds him that it's a local talent quest, not Sydney Opera House.
Talent Quest - at the pub (where else?!)
A very good opera singer is singing and Karl looks very worried!
Danni is watching TV when she hears a noise. She goes to the door with a cricket bat and shines a torch round the garden. She doesn't see anything though, so goes back in. However, Jen is sleepwalking and pruning the hedge (what?!!)
The Pub
The opera singer (Pavorotti sound-alike) is reaching the end of his piece. Even Billy is transfixed! The crowd erupts into huge applause and the compere congratulates "Our very own singing greengrocer"!
Karl is next up! He looks very disquietened as he steps up to the stage. He launches into his song. It doesn't go too badly and Mal looks a bit put out! Unfortunately Karl falters in the middle of the song.
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