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Neighbours Episode 2478 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2478
Australian airdate: 20/09/95
UK airdate: 13/05/96
UK Gold: 01/05/02
Writer: John Hanlon
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Adrian Ewart: Jeremy Kewley
Receptionist: Liza Oates
Alf Taylor: Frank Bren
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Cody, Adrian, Mark and Jo go out to a nightclub.
Annalise asks Mark to help her make a plan for fundraising.
Angie gives Danni a gift voucher for a night at the Radisson Hotel.
Colin's brother Alf turns up.
Alf introduces himself to Cody who is looking at him trying to disguise her horror(!) Apparently Alf has come to the City to get some physiotherapy on his hand. He says he'll be staying for a couple of weeks and he'll just pitch his tent in the back yard(!)
Annalise has got an appointment with the bank - apparently Annajo's loan application is impressive and the bank wants to discuss it further. They also have Paralympian meeting at lunchtime with Louise Sauvage and Greg Smith - they are wheelchair athletes. Marlene thinks Chez Chez is not very impressive for lunch, so Jo suggests a picnic lunch at the track instead(!)
Ramsay Street
Stonie, Danni and Mal are heading off to school. Mal and Danni are looking forward to their night at the hotel. Alf comes up and they all assume that he's Colin. He asks them if there are any doctors in the area and sends him off to see Karl. Alf tells them he's not Colin, but they think he's just putting on an act and head off to school laughing.
Coffee Shop
Sam is fed up that Annalise has cancelled on their trip to the coast. He's also fed up of Annalise's every minute being taken up by tutoring Stonie. Adrian arrives late to meet Cody - she's rushing off to Uni, so he offers her a lift.
Cody tells Adrian that they don't see each other much - she misses him when they don't see each other. He says he misses her too, but is working on a surprise for her.
Marlene comes in to see Karl. She sits down in the waiting room and says hello to Alf, thinking that he's Colin. Alf is offended when Marlene tells him he looks like Crocodile Dundee. Marlene is surprised to hear that Colin has a twin brother!
Coffee Shop
Annalise and Jo have got the bank loan. Mark and Sam congratualate them. Sam suggests that they celebrate, but they're off to the Paralympian meeting.
Sam tells Annalise and Jo that Alf Taylor has turned up - Annalise met him in the Northern Territory Variety Club bash. Annalise winces and sympathises with Mark having him in the house. Jo says that Colin is very interesting and witty, so having Alf around too will be great(!) They look at her in disgust - Jo doesn't seem to dislike anyone!
Alf and Marlene are having a drink - she can't get over how alike they look. Alf asks Marlene how close she is to Colin - she replied that they are sort of "an item".
Just then, Colin comes in and is not pleased to hear that Marlene mistook Alf for Colin.
COLIN:(coldly, to Alf) You don't change, do you.
Stonie tells Mal and Danni that Annalise has helped him to understand English. Danni wants to skive off this afternoon and go to the hotel early. Mal says he can't - he's got Phys.Ed that he doesn't want to miss. Danni says she'll go early on her own and meet Mal later.
Stonie bemoans the fact that Cody is going out with Adrian. Mal starts stabbing the desk, "Adrian, you swine, you dirty swine!"(!)
Adrian comes in to tell Cody that he has good news and bad news - he can't see her for a few days as he's too busy at work. But the good news is that he's taking her away next weekend to an exclusive guest house up in the hills.
The Paralympians are training when Annalise and Jo arrive with a picnic. They comes over and tell Annalise and Jo that they'll do anything to get the team to the Atlanta Olympics in 1996. They've brought a present - a Paralympic T- shirt. They chat about the wheelchair and how Louise won 3 gold medals at the Barcelona Paralympics. Here endeth the lesson, and they all go off to lunch.
Radisson Hotel
Mal has arrived at the hotel suite. It's huge, and even has an upstairs. He calls out to Danni and she calls him into the bathroom - she's sitting in a huge spa. Mal decides to join her and jumps in fully- clothed(!)
Annalise introduces Marlene, Sam and Stonie to the Paralympians. They are pleased with the fundraising suggestions for Annajo - for example, a sponsored "Spend a day in a wheelchair" for schoolkids.
Stonie thanks Annalise for the tutoring - his English class went amazingly well today.
MARLENE: I don't know when she finds the time!
ANNALISE: Oh, it's easy to find the time for things you love doing.
Sam looks a bit sad.
Hotel Suite
Mal and Danni are kissing on the bed wearing only bath-robes. They are about to do the deed (yuk) when Mal remembers that he hasn't bought any condoms. But Danni doesn't want him to leave her.
MAL: Just this once?
DANNI: It'll be alright.
They keep kissing.
Colin is going out with Marlene. Alf says he's coming too(!) Colin tells him he's not invited, and anyway, Alf needs to stay home and get his tent pitched. Alf looks downcast.
Hotel Suite
Mal wakes up to find Danni sitting on the edge of the bed. She couldn't sleep because she's worried about them having sex without a condom - she's worried about getting pregnant. Mal points out that they both agreed.
MAL: People do it all the time.
DANNI: And people get pregnant all the time! Sorry, *women* get pregnant all the time, men don't. You're alright. (pause) I'm sorry, I'm so scared, how could we have been so stupid?!
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