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Neighbours Episode 2477 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2477
Australian airdate: 19/09/1995
UK airdate: 10/05/1996
UK Gold: 30/04/2002
Writer: Chris Phillips
Director: Gary Conway
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Karl murdering a song on his guitar.
Cheryl, Angie and Judy crash the golf buggy.
Karl is fitting Cheryl, Angie and Judy with neck braces and jokes that they'll have to stay on for six months! Karl wants to know what happened and asks Cheryl if she was under the influence! He says seriously that drink driving is a serious offence and he should report them. He can't keep from grinning though and Cheryl takes her leave rather frostily!
Annalise is tutoring Stonie on English Literature. He is a bit reluctant at first, saying he doesn't understand Shakespeare poetry. Annalise tells him off for being defeatist. Finally he starts to assess the poem and Annalise encourages him. She tells him he's done quite well after all. Stonie says he was just comparing the love poem to his situation with Cody!
Helen has brought some homemade goodies for Mark - jam, biscuits etc. Mark is asleep though so Helen leaves the treats with Cody. Cody tells Helen that she thinks Mark is going to ask Colin to move out - he's a nightmare to live with. Cody says Colin just won't give them any peace. Just then Colin and Marlene come in from the concert all excited. Colin starts raving on about Hadyn.
Hannah's mate is reading a fashion magazine and moans that her hairclips are no longer fashionable. She decides to go to the shop to buy sunglasses instead.
Mal shows Billy a letter that has arrived from the talent quest. Billy tells Mal that he and Melissa have got back together and they're going to take things slowly. Mal tells him that he wishes he hadn't rushed to move in with Danni - they never get any time on their own with Angie and Stonie hanging around. Mal tells Billy that he's taking Danni away to a hotel for a treat.
Coffee Shop
Angie, Judy and Cheryl are drowning their sorrows in coffee. Cheryl is worried about weating the collar to work and Judy tells her to exaggerate what happened! They make up a story about a car accident they were in that wasn't their fault!
Karl arrives home to find a huge welcome from Mal and Billy who want to know what's in the Talent Quest letter. Karl opens it and tells them that the show is in two days.
MAL: It'll be two shows in one, right, Dad? Your first and your last!
Hannah's mate has bought some cool, expensive sunglasses. Hannah wishes she had some, but she can't afford any. Hannah's mate thinks that Lance at school would think she looked hot in the sunglasses. Hannah has another look at the magazing. Hannah's mate suggests doing a makeover!
Marlene is listening rapt as Colin witters on about learning techniques. Mark and Cody are not quite so enthralled(!) Suddenly Mark tells Colin and Marlene that Cheryl has got a two-for-one offer on dinner tonight, so Colin and Marlene decide to head off to the pub.
When Colin and Marlene have gone, Cody and Mark talk about how Colin witters on so much it drives them mad, but they don't want to hurt his feelings by telling him!
Mal and Billy are still teasing Karl about the Talent Quest. Karl says he might not even be able to make the Quest because of pressure of work. Mal says if Karl doesn't go to the Quest, they should never have to listen to Karl's guitar playing again. Karl takes Billy off to the pub for dinner and tells Malcolm he's not invited!
Helen is serving dinner and Hannah's mate gives Helen a lecture on diet and nutrition(!) Helen sees her sunglasses and looks in an old box of hers. She takes out a pair of sunglasses from the box and tells them that fashions repeat themselves over the years. Hannah's mate takes her expensive glasses off dejectedly.
The Pub
Cheryl, Angie and Judy are telling Marlene and Colin a tall story about whey they needed neck braces. Colin starts telling them about when he was motorcycle racing at Philip Island. Just then, Karl comes in and blows their cover, telling everyone about the golf cart. Marlene is shocked and tells Cheryl off for lying to her own mother.
No.30 (later)
Colin and Marlene are playing cards. Colin says that both Cheryl and Danni take after Marlene. Marlene asks if Colin has any photos of his family because he doesn't mention his. Colin goes to get some photos and Marlene peeks at his hand of cards while he's gone(!)
Colin comes back with an album of photos. In the album is a picture of Colin's twin brother, Alf.
Cheryl, Judy and Angie have arrived home from the pub and are having a drink. They drink a toast to golf, having a good time, and their new friend, Judy.
Judy asks Angie and Cheryl if they're coming back to golf next week and they set a time to meet next week.
Mal comes in and they tell him about Karl blowing their cover story at the pub. Malcolm suggests that they get Karl back and the girls look very interested!
Kennedys, the following morning
Karl and Billy are having breakfast. Karl is talking to Susan on the phone. When Billy gets the phone off him, he tells Susan all about the Talent Quest much to Karl's disquiet! Neither Susan or Billy think that Karl will actually go to the Talent Quest. Mal comes by and tells Karl that he's drummed up an audience for him at the Talent Quest - half of Ramsay Street!
Mark and Cody have had a poor night's sleep because Colin has been singing. Mark says he knows he has to talk to him. Just then, Colin comes in singing(!) Mark tries to talk to him, but before he can, Colin calls someome in - it's his twin brother, Alf!
COLIN: Now we can have twice the amount of fun around here!
(Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.)
<<2476 - 2478>>
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