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Neighbours Episode 2476 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2476
Australian airdate: 18/09/1995
UK airdate: 09/05/1996
UK Gold: 29/04/2002
Writer: Judith Colquhoun
Director: Gary Conway
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Lou convinces Cheryl to try golf.
Annalise thinks Stonie is overdoing things.
Melissa rings Billy - she wants to meet him to talk.
Stonie kisses Annalise at a nightclub to make Cody jealous.
Annalise fights Stonie off and storms off home.
Coffee Shop
Colin and Marlene are having a quiet chat after hours in the Coffee Shop. They chat about Mark and Marlene tells Colin that he's a good man - it's what she loves about him.
COLIN: Love, Marlene? Did you just say that longed-for word?
Marlene says she doesn't know what came over her. She awkwardly suggests that they get on home, but Colin says he has an idea. He puts the jukebox on - a 1940s sounding tune (goodness knows how that got on there!) and they proceed to dance.
Ramsay Street
Annalise and Stonie have arrived home by taxi. Annalise is still furious with Stonie for kissing her to make Cody jealous.
Sam is already home when Annalise and Stonie come in. Annalise makes Stonie tell Sam what happened. Sam goes rather quiet and intense as Stonie apologises. He tells Stonie to go home.
When Stonie has gone, Sam starts laughing. Annalise strops off to bed.
Cheryl is putting her golf clubs in the boot of her car when Angie runs up - she wants to join her. Cheryl is not pleased but is forced to agree.
Ramsay Street
Cody, Adrian, Mark and Jo have arrived back. Adrian tells Cody he'll see her after he's got some sleep and gets back in the taxi.
Coffee Shop
Billy comes in looking dejected. Colin starts talking to him about Eros the God of Love. Billy thinks Eros is out to get him! He explains to Colin that he's done something wrong that he can't undo. Colin suggests apologising, but sometimes Eros just can't be appeased!
Mark, Cody and Jo are making breakfast. Suddenly Mark is overcome by dizziness and faints on to the floor.
Coffee Shop
Melissa has arrived and she and Billy sit down together at a table. After an awkward silence, they both apologise to each other - Melissa says she shouldn't have got angry with Billy and she's over it now. This way, they still have something to look forward to.
Mark has come round and is drinking a cup of coffee. Cody and Jo try to get him to go to bed. Just then Jen and Phil come in and join in - Mark has been doing too much. Mark says he didn't know when to say no - he's been trying to make things up to everyone for losing the plot before his accident. He limps off to bed.
Golf Course
Cheryl and Angie are joined by a third woman, Judy, who invites them to make up a golf threesome with her. Angie takes first shot and it isn't bad at all. Angie admits that she once had a ten handicap!
Coffee Shop
Billy and Melissa are talking amicably - Billy admits that he got nervous when he couldn't undo Melissa's buttons(!) Melissa says they don't need to prove anything to anyone and they agree to just wait for a while.
Golf Course
The girls have finished their nine holes and decide to go off for lunch.
Cody wakes Stonie up and proceeds to tell him that she thinks he made an idiot of himself last night. Stonie says he was desperate - he wants Cody back. Cody tells him it's over and he has to accept that.
Golf Course
Judy is telling Cheryl and Angie about her children. Cheryl is exhausted from all the walking in the morning. Just then they pass some golf carts and decide to hire one!
Marlene and Colin are going to a Haydn String Quartet Concert. Annalise is waiting for Stonie to come for his tutoring session. Sam and Jo head off the the pub.
As everyone leaves, Stonie arrives looking a bit sheepish. Annalise says as long as Stonie never attempts anything like that again she's prepared to forget the incident. They sit down to start studying.
Golf Course
Cheryl, Angie and Judy are on the Golf Cart. They career off the path and are out-of-control on a steep hill. All three are screaming.
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