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Neighbours Episode 2475 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2475
Australian airdate: 15/09/1995
UK airdate: 08/05/1996
UK Gold: 26/04/2002
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: Robert Meillon
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Stonie tells Mark that he's taking him clubbing. Mark reluctantly agrees.
Cody tells Jen that she imagined seeing Adrian with another woman.
Melissa gets upset with Billy for "rejecting" her.
Karl, Billy and Libby are having a rather tense dinner. Billy is playing dolefully with his food. Libby decides to go on to the Internet to see Randy. Karl enquires after Melissa and Karl is surprised to hear she's been to the house this afternoon. He asks what they got up to and Billy says nothing. He won't be pressed for further details.
Stonie comes in and pats Mark painfully on the back. Mark says he'll have to go an see Annalise about the Paralympians on the way to the club.
Billy comes round to see Mal to get his advice. He tells him what happened with Melissa that afternoon. Billy insists that he didn't force himself on her - but he got nervous and it all went wrong. Mal says that Billy is too young to be having sex and he should wait a while. He tells Billy that he doesn't have to prove anything to anyone and he should just talk to Melissa about it.
Mark gives Annalise some brochures about the Paralympians. Mark is trying to get Jo to comes clubbing as well. Sam is going out with Gruff and his girlfriend tonight, much to Annalise's disgust. So Sam invites Annalise to come along. Stonie drags Mark out to the club.
Cody is on a date with Adrian. He brings up the subject of his ex-partner Caroline and that Jen saw them together. He assures Cody that there's nothing going on and she believes him. They open a bottle of wine.
The Pub
Jen is telling Phil about the situation with Cody and Adrian. Phil advises her to keep out of it.
Sam and Annalise come in. Annalise is wearing a leather jacket so she can fit in with Sam's friends. But when she meets them, they are dressed in quite smart clothes. Annalise is embarrassed about her clothes.
No.24, the following morning
Annalise is sulking when Sam gets up. She thinks Sam let her make a fool of herself on purpose last night. Apparently Gruff and his girlfriend have invited them for dinner, but Annalise doesn't want to go.
Libby is on the computer again while Billy eats cereal in the living room. Karl staggers through with the laundry and asks Billy why he's moping. Mal comes in and asks Billy if he's talked to Melissa yet. Libby gets in on the act and Mal explains to her. Billy isn't pleased.
Phil is sneaking a look at Helen's portrait - he says it's "very different". Cody comes in and tells Jen that she had a great night with Adrian last night. She invites Phil and Jen out clubbing with her and Adrian tonight. Jen clearly still doesn't trust Adrian though.
Libby and Mal are discussing the Melissa problem. Mal tells Libby off for snapping at Billy and says she should be supporting Billy. She and Mal approach Billy on the sofa and sympathise with him. Billy says it's the worst day of his entire life.
BILLY: I wish I was dead.
Annalise and Stonie are studying compound interest. Sam is off to have dinner with Gruff and his girlfriend. Annalise invites Stonie to go clubbing with her, Jo and Mark. She's still not happy with Sam.
Stonie, Annalise and Jo are sitting at a table. Mark brings them some drinks and Cody, Adrian, Jen and Phil come in. Annalise and Stonie start to dance with the 20 or so extras!
Karl comes in from work and tells Libby off for being on the Internet - he's been trying to ring.
Karl picks up the phone and it's Melissa - Billy grabs the phone and arranges to meet her tomorrow. He tells Libby that Melissa still sounded mad though.
The nightclub with 20 people in it is hopping. Stonie and Annalise are dancing, but he's more interested in watching Cody and Adrian together. Suddenly he grabs Annalise and kisses her, clearly hoping to make Cody jealous.
<<2474 - 2476>>
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