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Neighbours Episode 2474 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2474
Australian airdate: 14/09/1995
UK airdate: Cut and merged
UK Gold: 25/04/2002
Writer: Michael O'Rourke
Director: Robert Meillon
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Mal tells Libby that she should lie about herself on the internet.
Billy and Melissa make peace with their parents over the condom incident.
Mal wants Danni to find alternative contraception - he hates using condoms.
Danni has invited Cheryl over - she's calmed down over what happened on her birthday. Danni tells her that she wants some motherly advice, much to Cheryl's surprise. She asks Cheryl if she thinks she should go on the Pill. Danni says that she's still anti- the Pill, but that Mal wants her to use it.
DANNI: He wants to use something other than a condom.
CHERYL: Oh, does he(!) Well, he could always have a vasectomy(!)
Cheryl says that Malcolm should think about Danni's diabetes and put her needs first. Cheryl offers to give Danni the number of a local women's health centre so she doesn't have to ask Karl(!)
Billy and Melissa are watching a video. Karl tells Billy and Melissa that he's impressed with the way they handled the meeting tonight. Karl goes out. Libby comes in but Billy tells her to rack off so he can be alone with Melissa!
Billy invites Melissa over tomorrow - he'll have the house to himself.
Mark, Stonie and Mal are back from the football match. Mark is looking totally worn out. Cheryl asks Malcolm how things are at home, probing for details why Susan is away. Mark has fallen asleep.
Golf course, the following morning
Lou and Cheryl are pulling their golf caddies along. Lou picks a club at random and strikes the ball. It rebounds off a tree! Cheryl tells Lou that she'll really miss him when he's away seeing Lauren. Lou suggests that Cheryl takes some golf lessons.
Mark tells Annalise that he's had a call from the Australian Paralympic Federation about helping with fundraising. Mark says that AnnaJo could help to raise some money, but Annalise says the business is too skint. Mark says she could ask the bank for a loan to get the business back up and running again.
Malcolm is arguing with Libby that he should have time on the computer even though he doesn't live there anymore!
Billy comes out dressed in a nice shirt and Malcolm mocks him. Malcolm tells Karl that the neighbourhood gossip says that Susan has shot through and left Karl! Karl isn't impressed.
Libby gasps - her internet penpal has sent her a photo of himself and he is "a babe". Libby is in love!
Outside the Coffee Shop
AnnaJo has been accepted as an official fundraiser for the Paralympians. Mark is going to help her out with it.
Lou comes by and tells Mark and Annalise that he's going up to see Lauren and could do with practising horseriding. Mark offers to go with him, despite the fact that his back is very painful.
The Pub
Cheryl is practising her golf when Karl comes in. He is totally fed up. Karl pretends that Susan has walked out on him and Cheryl says she had no idea!
CHERYL: Is there anything I can do?
KARL: A free lunch might help.
He tells Cheryl dryly that Susan has gone off to help Stacey and Blair reunite with their father. Cheryl apologises and says that sometimes imaginations get out of control. Karl says that sometimes imaginations are dangerous! Cheryl looks suitably contrite.
Libby is impressed with the enviromental conscience of her internet penpal. Billy wants Libby to go out and she becomes suspicious that Melissa is coming round. She agrees to go down to the Internet cafe so she can scan a photo of herself to send to Randy(!) and give Billy and Melissa some space.
Danni and Mal are hanging out on the sofa - the house is quiet for once. Mal starts to get friendly but Danni says she keeps expecting to get interrupted! Danni says they had more privacy when they lived at home!
Billy is waiting nervously for Melissa to arrive. When she arrives they have a pash. Billy asks her if she wants to come to his room and she says she does. (Hang on a minute!! Where has all the maturity gone?!)
Mark's back is very painful and Stonie seems to think going clubbing will help him! He moans that there's no-one else he can ask to go with him. Mark reluctantly agrees. Stonie says he'll pick him up at 10pm!
Libby is telling Danni about Randy, the internet penpal when Karl comes in. He says he would never trust anyone with a name like Randy! They chat about Billy and Karl says that he trusts Billy to do the right thing where Melissa is concerned.
Billy's bedroom
Billy and Melissa are having a long pash. Billy tells her that whatever she wants is OK with him - he won't push her. Melissa is up for going all the way though it seems! They start kissing again.
Annalise is helping Stonie to study English. She tells him they'll do Maths tomorrow and English again on weekend. Then they'll do Science. Stonie says he doesn't understand a word of it, but Annalise says that's what she's there for! Stonie tells her that he's taking Mark clubbing and Annalise is surprised - she thought they were talking about fundraising tonight. Annalise says that Mark has taken on too much recently.
Billys bedroom
Billy and Melissa are still kissing as Billy takes his shirt off. Slowly he starts to unbutton Melissa's shirt. (Is this Neighbours or have I switched over to late night Channel 4??) Billy fumbles nervously with her shirt buttons. He stops and says maybe it isn't such a good idea. Melissa gets upset and says that Billy doesn't really love her. She storms out.
<<2473 - 2475>>
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