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Neighbours Episode 2471 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2471
Australian airdate: 11/09/1995
UK airdate: 03/05/1996
UK Gold: 22/04/2002
Writer: John Upton
Director: Robert Meillon
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Marlene tells Helen that she's going to play hard-to-get with Colin.
Sam tells Jo she's walking disaster. She agrees and says she's decided to leave Ramsay Street.
Angie is organising Danni's birthday party.
Cheryl comes round to talk about the party with Stonie and Angie - she's organise a special dinner for Danni and Mal at their house and then they can sneak the guests into Marlene's. She's not sure about the fancy dress though. Angie suggests that everyone dresses up as someone else in Ramsay Street!
The Pub
Marlene is telling Sam off for what he said to Jo - she reckons he can be as hard to live with as Jo sometimes. She asks Sam why he's been so touchy and difficult lately.
Outside Lou and Cheryl's
Brett is going to wake Danni up early so she can "enjoy her birthday longer"
(Pause while this summariser gets confused)
Aren't Brett and Danni meant to be twins?? So why isn't Brett celebrating HIS birthday too?
Some invitations to Danni's party have arrived. Everyone has been allocated a person to dress up as. Lou has to go as Marlene! Brett has to go as Colin!
Lou's got a letter from Lauren too. She's set up her own riding place - Alpine Saddle Safaris and is inviting Lou up there for a week.
Outside No.30
Colin is getting his letters and Marlene is getting hers too. Marlene goes over to talk to Lou and Brett, but when she sees Colin coming they both pause and go back into their houses. Brett and Lou shrug.
Helen answers the door to Colin. He's come to ask her about Marlene - he's confused that she's become indifferent towards him. He's been trying to fight cool with cool. Helen suggests that he sweeps Marlene off her feet. She says Marlene wants romance. Colin is shocked - does Marlene want him to be like a latin lover(!)
Danni is up and is opening her presents. Angie has bought her a doll covering for the toilet roll(!) She opens Mal's present and it's a tiny bottle of perfume (albeit in a huge box!)
Stonie comes in and pretends to strip(!) then gives Danni a posy of flowers.
Cheryl comes in and gives Danni an invitation to a dinner at No.22 tonight for her and Malcolm. Malcolm gives Danni a box with a bigger bottle of perfume in it - he was only joking the first time!
Jo is mincing about the house like a wet weekend. Sam and Marlene come in and Sam apologises to Jo for what he said to her yesterday. He and Marlene have bought her some presents - a non-stick frying pan and a pasta cookery book. Also a cookie cutter in the shape of a bike! Sam says that he hopes Jo will stay. Annalise is very pleased. (Although we watching at home are not!)
The Pub
Cheryl is worried that Danni and Malcolm will find out about the party too early. Angie says not to worry - she'll keep Danni and Mal at No.32 until everyone is out of the way. Angie shows Cheryl a stethoscope she's got so she can go to the party as Karl.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Colin wishes Danni a happy birthday. He's given her her coffee to take away and inside he's put a cake with a candle in it as a treat. Danni thanks him but tells him that she can't eat cake. Colin explains that he made it with a recipe he got form the local diabetes support group. (Aww bless!) Danni is really pleased.
Marlene comes up and Colin asks her to have lunch with him. She's still playing hard-to-get so Colin tells her to cut out her childish behaviour - his patience has its limits. He storms off into the Coffee Shop.
Gazebo by the Lake
Danni and Mal are eating the choclate cake. They're looking forward to the dinner tonight.
Mal tells Danni that now they're permanent, they should think about a few things - like alternative contraception to condoms. Danni doesn't really want to talk about it on her birthday.
Marlene has worked out that Helen has told Colin about the playing hard-to-get behaviour. She is very upset that Helen has betrayed her confidence, saying she blabbed to the enemy! Helen tells Marlene that Colin is a nice man and a gentleman. Marlene thinks that Helen wants Colin for herself(!) She starts to cry saying that Helen has stabbed in the back. She leaves Helen bemused!
Angie is delaying Mal and Danni from their dinner by asking Danni to show her her perfume. Malcolm is looking out of the window and wonders why Brett is wearing a shower-cap! Angie drags him away from the window. Danni gives Angie a squirt of perfume. To delay them further, Angie says she wants to make a speech. Just then the phone goes giving her the all-clear. She hustles Danni and Mal out of the door then rushes off to get ready.
Cheryl and Angie are dressed up as Susan and Karl and are practically unrecognisable! Just then Stonie comes in dressed as Cody and Annalise is dressed as Libby! Helen is dressed as Cheryl and Jo as Phil. Colin is dressed as Sam and starts boring them all with bike facts. Sam is dressed as a garden gnome and Marlene as Lou. Marlene sees Helen talking to Colin and despite Sam's protests, vows to sort Helen out!
Cheryl calls them all together and tells them Brett and Lou have gone to get some ice and when they get back they'll head over to Lou and Cheryl's place.
Lou and Cheryl's
Danni and Mal are getting friendly as diner cooks and decide to go out for a skinny-dip!
Everyone is over-excited as they leave to sneak round to Lou and Cheryl's
Lou and Cheryl's
Danni and Mal are naked in the spa having a pash. Just then they hear some people coming. For some reason they get out of the spa and run off naked across Ramsay Street. Why not just stay in the spa???
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