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Neighbours Episode 2472 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2472
Australian airdate: 12/09/1995
UK airdate: 06/05/1996
UK Gold: 23/04/2002
Writer: Clare Mendes
Director: Robert Meillon
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Jen is amused that Cody likes their anatomy lecturer.
Marlene thinks Helen wants Colin for herself(!)
Danni and Mal are caught in the spa by people arriving for a surprise party, so they run across Ramsay Street naked. (Why?!)
Danni (now dressed) is ranting and Cheryl and Marlene that she didn't even want a party - she told them so. They didn't even get to eat their dinner. She snaps at Cheryl and Angie that they've wrecked everything.
Lou and Cheryl's
The party is still going without Danni and Mal. Cody has been out with Adrian and she and Jen go off to gossip about it.
Cody has had a lovely meal with Adrian and has had a good time. She says it's nice to spend time with someone who's a bit older, but they're just friends. She admits she's a bit attracted to him, but isn't going to do anything about it. She doesn't think a staff/student relationship is a good idea. Jen tells her just to be discreet. They go back to the party.
Lou and Cheryl's
Marlene brings Helen a cup of tea. She apologises for what she said to Helen about Colin earlier that day.
Brett comes up dressed as Colin(!) and Lou is dressed as Marlene.
Danni is ranting at Mal that she's having a horrible birthday.
Hannah is reading a magazine and tells Jen she's bored out of her brain and misses Zoe. Jen tells her she'll just have to give Mrs Tan time to get over the drinking incident. Hannah is unconvinced, so Jen tells her she'll help her sort it out.
University, the following morning
Jen is asking Cody how she can help Hannah out. Cody suggests that Jen cooks Mrs Tan a nice dinner. Adrian walks by.
Phil is laughing about the Marlene-Phil-Helen supposed love triangle! Helen is not having a good time with her painting. She thinks maybe she should take up another hobby like cake decorating! She goes off to say goodbye to Brett.
When Helen has gone, Phil gets up and peeks at the portrait of Lou. He looks a bit shocked!
Ramsay Street
Helen, Marlene, Cheryl and Lou are waving Brett off as he goes to study camp. When he's gone, Cheryl starts gossiping about Susan - thought Susan said she'd only be gone for a few days, Cheryl's theory is that she isn't coming back!
Coffee Shop
Malcolm has brought up the contraception issue again and Danni can't see why she should have to take all the responsibility. Malcolm doesn't like using condoms and anyway, neither of them are infected with anything. Danni doesn't want to be a teenage mother. She agrees to look into alternatives though. (Not surprised this was cut on the BBC when people are having their tea!!)
Adrian calls Cody over for a word and tells her rather sleazily that he enjoyed their dinner last night. Cody goes all girly and embarrassed. Adrian says he really likes her and he'd like them to go out again. Cody plays it cool (Not!) and invites him to her place for coffee at 7 o'clock.
When Adrian has gone, Jen says someone has told her that Adrian has a reputation as a playboy. Cody laughs and says they're only friends - Adrian is a really nice guy (famous last words I feel!)
Outside the Pub
Cheryl is missing Brett and Danni is still mad with her. Also, Lou is going away to see Lauren so Cheryl is feeling a bit deserted! Lou suggests that she takes up a hobby - like golf. He tells her she was quite good when they went for a game. Cheryl says she'll think about it.
Coffee Shop
Cody has found out that Adrian has a girlfriend. She tells Jen she'll ask him about it.
Malcolm and Danni are studying Macbeth. But study ends when Angie starts putting the hoover round, much to their disgust. Angie apologises. She tells them that she knows they need privacy. Also, she feels very bad for wrecking Danni's party. She wants to make it up to Danni and gives her a voucher for a night at a hotel. Malcolm and Danni are very pleased.
ANGIE: I hear there's a spa right there in the room!
Jen tells Phil that Cody is besotted with Adrian and thinks she deserves better. Just then Hannah runs in and hugs Jen - apparently she's spoken to Zoe's mum and sorted things out. Phil and Helen are impressed and Phil says that he should hire Jen out to the Middle-East peace talks!
Adrian has arrived and makes himself at home on the sofa. Cody reluctantly asks him about his girlfriend. Adrian denies it point-blank and says whoever told Cody got their facts wrong. He was going out with Caroline Sinclair for three years, but they've split up now. He just wants to move forward now. Apparently with Cody. He tells Cody that they have a lot in common and they could have something special together (Bleurggghhh!!) He urges Cody to believe him over the gossip-mongers. She leans in for a pash (double bleurrrghhhh!!!)
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