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Neighbours Episode 2470 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2470
Australian airdate: 08/09/1995
UK airdate: Cut and merged
UK Gold: 19/04/2002
Writer: Lyn Ogilvy
Director: Geoff Hunt
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Karl tells Mal that Susan has been busy lately and he wants to spend some quality time together - he's pulling out of the Talent Quest.
Cody tells Mark that Marlene is upset with Colin for ignoring her.
Cody tells Jo that she's a waste of space.
Hanish collapses and Cody and Jen perform CPR.
Cody and Jen continue CPR and Hamish comes round. The anatomy lecturer comes running up to help them. He congratulates them on doing a good job.
The Pub
Cody, Jen and the anatomy lecturer are relieved that Hamish is OK and are discussing the possible causes. Cody and the anatomy teacher are getting on well.
Marlene is in a bad mood. Annalise says she should just call him, but Marlene insists she doesn't know what she's talking about. She goes through to the kitchen and complains about the clutter around the place from the AnnaJo business.
JO: Don't blame Annalise. It's not her fault that the business is stuffed.
Mark tells Cody that Colin has cancelled his date with Marlene to help her settle in(!) Colin hands round some fortune cookies. Cody tells them what happened with Hamish today and Colin starts telling them how he drove a nail into someone with a headache as a form of acupuncture(!)
Annalise wants to go out with Sam later, but he's too tired from working on his bike. She is not impressed.
Marlene is unimpressed with Colin too - for standing her up. Everyone sits down to eat the mean Jo has cooked and gags. Apparently she's put mock cream in instead of whipped cream. Sam gets up to order pizza!
Lou and Cheryl's
Cheryl, Lou and Lolly are holding a leaving party for Janine with a cake shaped like a steam ship. Janine tells Cheryl that she's glad they've been able to sort out their differences. Cheryl says it's been great to get to know Janine properly.
Lou is sitting for Helen's portrait again, but he won't keep still! Marlene calls round for a cup of tea and puts the kettle on herself! She wants Helen's advice about Colin - she thinks he's been avoiding her and is worried he's gone off her. Helen suggests simply asking Colin - he might just be busy or thinking he was rushing things. Marlene decides to play hard-to-get - there's more dignity in it(!)
Outside the Kennedys
Karl is moaning that Susan might be moving Interstate. She says they'll talk about it later, but she won't go unless she absolutely has to.
Outside Lou and Cheryl's
Lou, Cheryl, Danni, Brett and Lolly are saying goodbye to Cheryl.
Coffee Shop
Colin is talking to Jen and Cody again, much to their dismay. Cody says they'd better hurry or they'll miss their tute. Jen laughs - she says that COdy does fancy the anatomy teacher (Adrian) after all.
Adrian actually comes in at that moment but Jen doesn't think he overheard!
The Pub
Susan tells Karl that it looks like she'll have to take the kids to Port Augusta. Karl isn't pleased and tells her to put them on the train. They argue with Karl saying Susan is going over the top, but she doesn't care. She tells him that he often goes out of his way for his patients, and she's doing the same as a teacher. Susan tells Karl she thinks he's a hypocrite who doesn't care about her or the kids.
Cheryl brings their meals out but Karl gets up and leaves, saying he's not hungry.
Coffee Shop
Marlene comes in but tells Colin she doesn't have time to talk to him. Colin invites her to a lecture at the University tonight, but Marlene doesn't want to go with him. She tells him she's busy both tonight and tomorrow. Colin looks bemused.
Sam tells Jo off for fiddling with his bike parts but Annalise says they should be in the garage anyway. Jo says she's like the kiss of death at the moment. Annalise tells her that they can't afford to rent office space, but she knows Jo didn't sabotage the business on purpose. Jo says she'll make biscuits while Annalise is out (so that's alright then!)
The Pub
Cheryl has told Lou about the argument between Susan and Karl, so Lou goes over to sit with Karl who is eating on his own. Karl is immediately on the defensive and tells Lou he's got a lot on his mind. He tells Lou that Susan is thinking of "running off" to South Australia. Lou reports back to Cheryl that Susan has left Karl!
Colin is reading Cody and Mark Chinese proverbs from a book. Mark explains quietly to Cody that Colin is upset about Marlene. Colin tells them that he's been coming on too strong with Marlene - he'll slow down a bit. He says he's going to play hard-to-get(!) and Cody says she does it all the time!
The phone rings and it's Adrian the anatomy lecturer. He invites Cody out tomorrow and she immediately says she'd love to.
MARK: That's playing hard-to-get?
Annalise comes in and only Marlene is in (Jo's biscuits seem to have gone well as they are piled up on the counter).
Jo comes in saying she's been out to have a think. Annalise tells her that she couldn't get office space anywhere, so they'll have to end the AnnaJo business.
Sam munches on a biscuit and suddenly asks Jo what she cut them out with. He looks in the sink and finds she has used one of his bike parts! Sam is angry and tells Jo she's a walking disaster and anyone would think she did it on purpose. Jo agrees with Sam - she is a disaster. She's made up her mind to leave Ramsay Street.
<<2469 - 2471>>
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