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Neighbours Episode 2469 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2469
Australian airdate: 07/09/1995
UK airdate: Cut and merged
UK Gold: 18/04/2002
Writer: Lois Booton
Director: Geoff Hunt
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Cody wants to move out. Jen says that Colin might be a better option than Jo!
Phil comes homes to find Hannah and her friends drunk after eating a spiked watermelon.
Phil is on the phone apologising to the girls' parents. Hannah is being sick in a bowl while Helen looks after her sympathetically. Miranda comes feeling awful - her parents are away so she has to stay with the Martins until she feels better.
Phil blames himself - he's surprised at the damage the watermelon has done. Helen says she has a confession - she topped up the watermelon with vodka. She didn't know Phil had already put some in. Then Jen says she put some in too! Hannah isn't impressed. The adults look very guilty.
Mark has had a great birthday and is very pleased - he's glad he's got a few friends left in Ramsay Street.
Colin comes out dressed in leathers - he's off for a ride. Colin tells them he used to ride at Philip Island, much to Luke's surprise. Mark says that Colin has done everything!
Mark tells Ren that he'll manage OK while LUke and Ren are away. Ren is pleased that Cody is moving in, but Mark admits that he's not looking forward to Ren and Luke leaving.
Martins, the following morning
Miranda and Hannah are drinking orange juice. They're worried what the other girls will say at school today - they'll be total outcasts! Hannah asks Phil if they can stay home, but he refuses - he can't tell the school that they're hungover.
Helen comes in and tells them that Susan already knows and will keep an eye on them at school today.
Cody calls round to see Mark. She tells Mark that Marlene is cross with Colin for not paying attention to her last night!
Cody gives Mark and Ren a present - politically correct bedtime stories for Mark and a translator for Ren. Cody asks Mark if she can move in straightaway and he agrees. Cody hugs Ren and Luke goodbye.
A taxi toots outside and Mark struggles out of his chair to wave Ren off.
Ramsay Street
Ren and Mark are struggling up the drive and everyone claps Mark for his efforts. Jen tells Luke to keep out of trouble while Phil and Helen wish them well. Just then, Colin races up on his bike. He flicks back his visor and exclaims that he nearly missed Ren and Luke. He gives them a letter of introduction to the Australian Ambassador in Tokyo, just in case they need it(!) Apparently the ambassador is an old schoolfriend!
Ren hugs Mark goodbye and they ride off in a traditional yellow taxi.
Coffee Shop
Colin is trying to persuade Cody to have milk, but she wants coffee. She gives up and starts sipping her milk.
Jen comes in and tells Cody that she's taken another anatomy tute. Apparently the tutor is hot!
The Pub
Phil is asking Helen over a glass of orange juice if he should make the house a grog-free zone. He feels very guilty and the girls' parents have been lecturing him all day. He wishes he'd said no to the slumber party, but Helen tells him to stop beating himself up - it won't make any difference. She says it's an early lesson to Hannah - Helen doesn't think she'll try alcohol again soon, so there's a bright side!
Coffee Shop
Colin brings Cody and Jen some omelettes. Cody excuses herself as she's off to meet Hamish. Colin starts telling her that he's glad Cody is moving in so he'll have someone to talk to.
Mark staggers in on a crutch and Colin turns his attentions to Mark. He goes off to whip him something up in the kitchen!
Cody tells Mark that there are worse people to live with - Jo for one.
Hannah and Miranda still feel awful. Some girls comes up and tell them they heard about their "cool party". Susan comes up and tells them that Zoe went home after dinner feeling sick.
Hannah tells the girls off for thinking drinking is cool - she feels awful.
Zoe's mother (Faye Tan) calls round. She immediately starts ranting at Phil about Zoe's drunkenness. Phil tries to defend himself but Faye is on a rant calling Phil irresponsible. She says that Hannah is a neglected child and Zoe will not be allowed to associate with Hannah anymore. Then she storms out.
Hannah rings Zoe but Zoe's mother is horrible to Hannah, calling her a bad influence. Hannah is upset. Phil suggests that he writes to Mrs Tan but Hannah just tells Phil that he's spoilt everything and she hates him.
University Library
Cody, Hanish and Jen are studying. But then they start chatting about the Anatomy teacher. Hamish suddenly feels breathless. The girls are doubtful and laugh it off.
Hannah comes back out and chat to Helen. Helen says that she's hurt Phil's feelings. She says what happened was an accident and she shouldn't be unpleasant to Phil.
Phil comes in and Hannah tells him she's sorry for what she said before. They have a hug.
Outside University Lecture Theatre
Jen is still going on about the Anatomy teacher - she thinks he'd be perfect for Cody! Just then, Hamish comes up havingbeen playing basketball. He's out of breath and suddenly clutches his heart and falls to the ground. The girls think he's joking at first but then realise he's not breathing. Cody and Jen start doing CPR.
<<2468 - 2470>>
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