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Neighbours Episode 2468 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2468
Australian airdate: 06/09/1995
UK airdate: Cut and merged
UK Gold: 17/04/2002
Writer: Helen MacWhirter
Director: Geoff Hunt
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Annalise is stood up by Sam.
Mark is worried that noone will come to his party because they hate him.
Hannah cries that noone at school likes her anymore. Karl comforts her.
Cody shouts at Jo calling her a waste of space.
Annalise isn't pleased when Sam brings home bike parts and a friend.
Jo tells Sam that Cody is moving out to Number 30 and it's all because of her. She moans that she just wants to be Cody's friend.
Hannah has brought Zoe round to meet Phil. She's pleased that Hannah will talk to her - everyone else is so cliquey. Phil goes out to put some vegetables in the wormery, but Colin comes in through the back door and insists that they all come to Mark's party. Colin tries to invite himself for dinner, but Phil hastily says that they're meeting up. He sits down and starts talking to Zoe about Hong Kong. Phil despairs!
Luke and Ren are writing an application form for their visas while Mark moans that noone will come to his party. Luke says that Colin is already out confirming invites and Mark is horrified - he says Colin will scare everyone off!
Hannah tells Phil off for lying to Colin and wants Zoe to stay over tonight. Phil is talked into calling Zoe's mother. Zoe suggests inviting the rest of Hannah's "group". Hannah looks a bit shifty and goes quiet. Zoe starts making out a list.
Marlene is cooking while Sam and his mate work on bike parts in the sitting room!
Colin comes in through the back door and invites Marlene out, but she's too busy. She invites him to stay for dinner, but Sam quickly says that his friend is staying for dinner so Colin can't(!) Sam and Annalise explain quietly that Colin is a nightmare, so Sam's mate engages Colin in conversation and drops Annalise and Sam in it by starting Colin off on accountancy and offering him his place for dinner!
Hannah tells Zoe that they'll have more fun on their own, but zoe won't hear of it. Miranda comes round at that moment saying that Daniel has dumped her. Hannah says that they are friends again and introduces her to Zoe. They start talking about kissing(!) and Hannah invites Miranda to the slumber party. Miranda says she'll ask loads of people. Phil overhears and urges them to keep the numbers down, but his pleas fall on deaf ears!
No.30, the following morning
Ren and Luke sing happy birthday to Mark as they bring him a nice cooked breakfast. Colin comes in with a load of cards for Mark that have arrived. Ren and Luke have bought Mark a T-shirt with Japanese writing on it. Colin goes off to make a start on making his cheese ball!
Hannah, Zoe and Miranda are giving out flyers inviting people to Hannah's place tonight(!)
Coffee Shop
Annalise is telling Sam that his motorbike mates are a bunch of dropkicks. Sam says that Gruff his mate was just having a bit of fun. Annalise complains that they don't spend time together anymore, and makes Sam promise to spend time with her tonight. But Colin comes over and tells them to make sure that they're at Mark's party.
Martins, that night
Hannah and Phil are getting snacks out for the slumber party. Hannah tells Phil that she forgot to tell him that Helen needs picking up. Phil makes Hannah promise that everything will be OK while he's gone. She says that everything will be fine (famous last words I'm sure!)
Colin, Ren and Luke are hanging up balloons, but noone has arrived yet. Colin suggests that they "get the party thumping" and starts singing "I'm a little teapot" in Cantonese(!) Then he starts singing Incy Wincy Spider, also in Cantonese. Thank God, there is a knock at the door and Ren and Luke both rush to answer it(!) It's Marlene with some beers. She says she saw a load of people getting out of a car, but they are going to Hannah's slumber party. Mark is depressed.
Just then, Phil comes in and Mark picks up a bit. He tells them the others are on their way and Mark looks pleased.
Annalise, Sam and Jo are about to leave for the party. Just then, Sam's mate Gruff comes round. Annalise tells him to get lost. Gruff invites himself to the party as Jo's date!
Hannah's mates are dancing in the living room. They tuck into watermelon which they say tastes "different". They decide to make some prank phonecalls.
Colin has had a prank phonecall and hangs up on them! Gruff calls Colin over and says he has a question for him. "Two trains arrive at a station two hours apart. Both trains start from the same depot at the same time. One goes at 50km/h and one at 40km/h. What's the distance from the depot to the train?" Colin goes off to work out the problem! (Mission accomplished!)
Phil tells Ren that he meant to bring a watermelon - a special one that he's laced with vodka.
Colin comes in and says he's worked it out - 400 kilometres!
Phil comes in to find the watermelon eaten and Holly dressed in a tutu. The girls are completely out of control and obviously totally drunk. Hannah hugs Phil as he surveys the devastation.
<<2467 - 2469>>
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