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Neighbours Episode 2467 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2467
Australian airdate: 05/09/1995
UK airdate: Cut and Merged
UK Gold: 16/04/2002
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Note: Episode cut for the BBC broadcast
Susan tells Stonie to consider tutoring to catch him up on his schoolwork.
Libby says she'll persuade Karl that the Internet is a good thing.
Melissa shows Billy a pack of condoms. They both tell each other that they "want to".
Billy look pleased but kind of shellshocked. Melissa takes his shirt off and they have a pash. Just then Angie and Danni come in with some shopping. Billy and Melissa jump a mile and Billy frantically tries to get his shirt back on. Angie and Danni are shocked and tell Billy and Melissa off for sneaking into the house. Billy says he didn't - Mal said he could use the place.
BILLY: Don't panic, we didn't do anything.
ANGIE: (picking up the condoms) Oh yeah? What's this then?
BILLY: Nothing happened, OK?
Danni tells Billy and Melissa that they're too young to be having sex and says she'll give their parents a call. Billy thinks Danni is bluffing, but she says she isn't.
The Pub
Stonie and Mal are playing darts. Stonie wants to ask Cody to tutor him, but Mal doesn't think it's a very good idea.
KARL: I've got something I want to say.
BILLY: I didn't do it!
KARL: Eh? What are you talking about?
BILLY: Nothing.
Karl tells Libby that he and Susan have decided that Libby should have a reward for the newspaper rewards. He has bought her a modem so she can surf the Internet.
MAL:(coming in) OK, love birds, the party's over.
DANNI: The love birds have flown the coop.
Danni tells Stonie to get out so she can have a word with Mal. She tells him he's a bad brother.
DANNI: You've got a dirty mind. Billy's too young for sex.
Mal is shocked to hear about the condoms and Danni tells him off for letting people use her home as a drop-in centre. She wants Angie to leave. She had dreams of what living together with Mal would be like and it's turned into a big disappointment.
Jo tells Cody that Stoniefish rang for her. Jo has tidied up Cody's notes and Cody is not pleased.
CODY: (shouts) Why don't you just get out of my face!
Libby and Karl are trying to install the modem.
Nicky Drent, Melissa's mother, calls round to talk to Karl and Billy. She wants Billy to tell Karl what happened tonight.
KARL: They went out to dinner.
BILLY: No, we didn't, Dad. We went over to Malcolm's. Everyone was out. He said we could use the house.
KARL: Libby. Could you leave us alone please.
Nicky said that Billy wanted to get Melissa alone so he could have his way with her. She wants to know why Billy had condoms. Billy says he didn't take advantage - he and Melissa love each other.
Karl says that Billy would never force himself on Melissa. Mrs Drent says that Billy is forbidden from seeing Melissa and then storms out.
Billy is mortally embarrassed but Karl sits him down calmly and tries to get Billy to tell him his side of the story. Karl says that the talk they had yesterday about contraception, was for the future, not the next day! Billy says that Melissa brought the condoms but he didn't say so to Melissa's mother not to get Melissa into trouble.
Karl tries not to laugh but tells Billy that the time to have sex shouldn't be for some time. He says Billy and Melissa have known each other for a minute and they should get to know each other first.
KARL: If you throw away something so precious so early, then what do you have left when you're really and truly in love?
No.24 the next morning
Stonie is there for breakfast and asks Cody to tutor him. She doesn't think it's a very good idea - she hasn't got enough time.
Cody tells Jen she feels guilty for talking angrily to Stonie this morning. She's still fed up about Jo's presence. Jen suggests she moves in with Mark.
CODY: I don't mean to sound choosy, but I don't think I could live with Colin.
JEN: Could he be any worse than Joanna?
Billy has come to tackle Danni.
BILLY: Why'd you do it?
Billy starts shouting at Danni but she says she didn't say anything to anybody. Billy is confused.
BILLY: If you didn't, then who did?
MELISSA: It was me.
Melissa says that her mother found the condoms in her bag and made Melissa tell her everything. Melissa told her mother the truth, but her mother thought Melissa was trying to protect Billy.
MELISSA: I'm so sorry.
Billy hugs her and says they'll have to figure a way out of the mess. Melissa says there's no answer - her mother is trying to make sure that she and Billy never see each other again.
Coffee Shop
Annalise offers to tutor Stonie. He laughs his head off. Annalise says she's a published poet and a certificate in Business Studies. Stonie says he'll give it a try. Annalise wants a down payment and Stonie looks a bit shocked!
Lassiter's Gazebo
Karl is playing his guitar(!) when Cody and Jen join him. They usually study there, but they tell Karl to give them a recital anyway. Karl is nervous to be playing in front of them and goes all shaky and forgets the lyrics!
CODY: Karl. You've been a friend to me, and a boss, and a mentor. But as a guitarist, I think you make a good doctor!
The Pub
Angie comes in for a squash and Cheryl is still mad with her for taking over Danni's birthday. Angie says she got a bit carried away and apologises to Cheryl. Cheryl suggests they join forces to organise the party. They start discussing ideas. Angie gets carried away again!
Billy tells Melissa that things might not be as bad as it seems - they can see each other at breaks in school. He says that things will blow over.
Just then Melissa's mother comes up and Billy tries to reason with her. Mrs Drent says boys will do anything to get what they want. She says if Billy doesn't keep his distance, she'll send Melissa to another school.
Karl is stressed about his guitar playing and doesn't even want to tackle Malcolm about his involvement in the Billy/Melissa incident.
Libby shows Malcolm a conversation she's having on the Internet.
MALCOLM:(reads) Hi. My name's Randy and I'm a male model. I'm interested in protecting the environment so I've joined an eco-terrorist group.
Mal advises Libby to spice her character up a bit, so Libby starts saying she's a surfer chick.
MALCOLM: Why be yourself when you can be anyone you want to be?!
Annalise is pouring over Maths books to tutor Stonie. Jo feels bad about losing Annalise her job. Annalise says what happen with Reynolds is in the past and they should move on.
Cody comes in and Jo says she's made something yummy for dinner. She says she wants to be friends with Cody. Jo shows her what she's made - some strange meat she found in the fridge. Cody looks in the fridge in panic and says that Jo has cooked her heart! She had a sheep's heart that she was halfway through dissecting for her exam tomorrow.
Cody tells everyone that she's moving out - she's already spoken to Mark and can't put up with Jo anymore. Jo says they can work something out, but Cody says that everything Jo does drives her crazy.
CODY: You're a waste of space.
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