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Neighbours Episode 2459 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2459
Australian airdate: 24/08/1995
UK airdate: 17/04/1996
UK Gold: 04/04/2002
Writer: Sally Webb
Director: Chris Adshead
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Cody tells Jo that she's selfish and mean.
Melissa and Billy set Quintalena up.
Annalise gets an appointment for AnnaJo.
Olly tries to kiss Hannah but she fights him off.
Outside the party
Billy sends Olly packing, much to Hannah's relief.
Susan welcomes Libby and Brett back. She isn't chuffed to see Karl is playing his guitar again. Susan tells them that Stacy and Blair are doing well.
The phone rings and it's Billy asking Susan to come and pick Hannah up.
Jen and Cody are studying in the kitchen while Phil and Helen relax in the lounge. Cody bemoans the lack of fun in their lives.
There's a knock at the door and Phil answers it to Susan who has brough Hannah home. She runs to her room. Billy tells Phil there was a bit of hassle at the party. Phil is angry to hear that Hannah's even been to a party!
Annalise and Jo are celebrating have their first client. They celebrate with champagne.
Phil is ranting about the boy who tried to force himself on Hannah. Susan advises him to leave it to Helen and Jen. Phil doesn't know what to do now. Susan says Hannah's probably learned her lesson about parties.
Jo is trying to get Cody to stop studying and have a drink with them but she doesn't want to. Annalise tells Jo to leave Cody alone and reminds Jo that Cody is a very private person. Jo thinks both Cody and Jen need a good night out on the town and suggests a girls' night out. Annalise doesn't think it's a good idea, but Jo won't listen.
Hannah has surfaced and says sorry to Phil for lying to him about the party. She says she knew Phil wouldn't have let her go and she thought it would be OK. Phil is fairly sympathetic although warns Hannah that she doesn't have to grow up all at once. Hannah says she thought it would be cool to have a boyfriend, but she's over that now.
Martins, the following morning
Miranda has come round to see Hannah to ask her what happened at the party. Hannah says that Miranda set her up with Olly who was a creep and she's not her best friend anymore. Miranda says that Hannah is a child - she shouldn't lead a guy on and then stop. Hannah shows her the door.
Jo is trying to persuade Cody to come on a Girls' Night Out. Cody keep saying no, but Jo won't hear her. Cody tells Jo irritably to leave her alone.
Billy and Melissa are telling Libby what they did to Quintalena. Susan comes in with the washing and asks if he's seen Hannah this morning. Melissa explains that Hannah was just trying to be as cool as Miranda. Susan says it all makes sense now - Miranda's schoolwork has suffered recently.
LIBBY: You start caring about what guys think and you might as well flush your whole life down the toilet!
Coffee Shop
Jen and Cody meet up in the Coffee Shop to study. Cody tells Jen that living with Jo is like living with a demented kindergartener! Jen suggests that they could study at the library. Cody says if the timing wasn't so bad she'd be thinking of moving out.
Billy is looking through some CDs and Melissa says how nice it is to have the place to themselves. Billy gets a bit nervous and goes to put on a CD. Melissa asks if he's avoiding her, but Billy says he's wary after last time. He doesn't want to get things wrong again. Melissa says that she trusts Billy and knows he respects her. They have a bit of a pash.
MELISSA: I love you, Billy Kennedy.
Phil comes in to find Jen and Cody studying. Phil asks Jen to come to the Suburban Newspaper of the Year awards with him - it's a black tie do and he's got two tickets. Jen says she can't make it - she can't do anything until after her exams.
Lou and Cheryl's
Helen and Brett are chatting about the Mayor's painting. Helen says it's not easy because Lou just can't keep still. They start chatting about Canberra and Brett tells her that he got on well with Samantha. He thinks they've got a lot in common, but Helen reminds Brett that she has a boyfriend. Brett says he's too honourable to poach another guy's girlfriend, but Helen says maybe Samantha wants to be poached!
Cody comes in and Jo starts talking inanely about robots. Cody suggests that they go and do some market research and tells them to keep the noise down.
Hannah has come to see Billy but he's not there. Libby invites her in anyway and they chat about Olly. Libby tells Hannah that a woman has the right to say no at any stage, and there's nothing wrong with flirting. Libby says Hannah just needs to choose her target a bit more carefully. Hannah looks a bit cheered up.
A detective calls round to see Annalise and Jo. He tells them that Roger Reynolds is a crook - a confidence trickster. The police have been after him for two years. He wants Annalise and Jo to help them catch Reynolds. He wants to go undercover with Annalise and Jo. Jo accepts but Annalise looks a bit annoyed!
<<2458 - 2460>>
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