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Neighbours Episode 2458 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2458
Australian airdate: 23/08/1995
UK airdate: 16/04/1996
UK Gold: 03/04/2002
Writer: Jeff Truman
Director: Chris Adshead
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Cheryl sees Stonie's ad for Chez Chez on TV and her face turns to stone.
Melissa tells Billy she's sorry she listened to Quinn. They agree to set her up.
Hannah wants a boyfriend.
Cheryl storms into the radio station to tackle Lou about the ad.
Radio Station
Cheryl rants at Lou and they're still on the air, and of course all of Ramsay Street are listening. Colin is listening while Marlene is shaving his beard. Danni and Mal cringe.
Cheryl tells Lou that he can sleep outside tonight.
Lou realises everything has gone out on the air and puts his head in his hands.
Colin's face is now completely shaved.
Hannah asks Phil if she can stay over at Miranda's tonight, but he won't let her because he wants them to have a nice quiet dinner with Jen. Hannah nags though and Phil eventually relents. He's about to go and pick Jen up from the airport.
Lou's balcony
Brett has arrived home to find Lou sleeping in a deckchair on the balcony. Lou is very stiff as he asks Brett how his trip was. He then tells him that Cheryl has seen the advert and she's on the warpath.
Lou and Cheryl's (inside)
Cheryl calls Brett and Lou in. She refuses to greet Brett and tells him off for his part in the advert. She is very upset about the advert's content.
Just then the radio ad comes on and Cheryl looks even less pleased!
Libby is back from Canberra and is moaning that Brett only wanted to talk to Samantha and not her. Billy is playing on the computer and Karl is strumming his guitar.
Hannah sits down with Miranda and some of her mates. They talk about the party tonight and Hannah explains she's told Phil she's sleeping over at Miranda's house. One of the boys is called Olly and Miranda tells Hannah quietly that she thinks Olly likes her!
No 32
Danni is still moaning at Angie about her ripped jeans. Danni sees Cheryl coming across the street and tries to make a getaway through the back door(!) but Angie won't let her!
Cheryl comes in and shouts at her about her part in the advert. Danni says she's sorry, but just then Stonie comes out wearing a T-shirt of the advert! Cheryl calls Stonie a moron. Angie says she should be thanking Stonie for all the business he's brought into the pub.
Phil is fussing over Jen - she's still a bit tender where they harvested the bone marrow. They start to have a pash.
The Pub
Cheryl comes in and a customer greets her as "the real Chez". He shouts to the pub and everyone claps. Cheryl says that the world is full of morons, but they take this in good spirit. She reluctantly signs the bloke's T-shirt but seems a bit mollified.
Lou tells Cheryl that she's a celebrity. She's not pleased, but she's clearly starting to thaw. Lou shows her the books and that takings are up 20%. Lou says he's managed to cancel the TV station but Cheryl says from now on she'll be in charge of the advertising campaign.
Lassiter's Lake
Hannah and Miranda are chatting about the party and Hannah says she's really nervous! She's not sure about wearing makeup either.
Billy sees Hannah pass and looks at her suspiciously, but just then Melissa runs up. They agree to pretend to Quinn that they're still broken up.
Karl has come to check on Jen. Karl says that Bill has gone to a teenage bash tonight and he always worries about him being led astray! Phil says he's glad he doesn't have that problem(!)
Hannah and Miranda arrive at the party and dance with the two boys from earlier who are apparently fanciable(!) Hannah is left alone with Olly.
Melissa is also at the party with Quinn and when Bill comes in, she pretends not to be pleased to see him.
Coffee Shop
Brett is insisting to Mal, Danni, Libby and Karl over pizza that he and Samantha are just friends. Danni tells them that Angie is impossible to live with, but Brett says Cheryl is worse at the moment!
The boys are discussing the girls in the kitchen and asking if they've "got anywhere yet". Miranda tells Hannah not to be an ice maiden! Just then Olly comes back and asks Hannah to dance.
Billy goes over to Quinn and tells her that he's always liked her. He strokes her hair and she goes in for a kiss. But Melissa comes up and tells her that her cover is blown - she only wanted to split Melissa and Billy up so she could have Billy for herself. The music inexplicably stops for this revelation and Quinn stomps out.
No 32
Angie and Stonie are having tea and Stonie advises her to be as normal as possible around Danni.
There's a knock at the door and it's Lou looking for Stonie. He tells him that he's had to pull the commercial off the air because Cheryl has put her foot down. He thanks him for his help.
STONIE: But what about my fans?!
Outside the party
Olly and Hannah are looking at the stars while Ollie points out some (rather dodgy) constellations. He tries to kiss Hannah regardless of her protests.
HANNAH: Let me go!
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