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Neighbours Episode 2460 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2460
Australian airdate: 25/08/1995
UK airdate: 18/04/1996
UK Gold: 05/04/2002
Writer: Judith Colquhoun
Director: Chris Adshead
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Janine has got three weeks' compassionate leave. It's over with Ross.
Jo annoys Cody.
Mark tells Ren his memory is patchy - he feels like he's been in a dream, but can't make out the dreams from reality.
A policeman asks Annalise and Jo if they'll go undercover with him. Jo agrees.
Annalise asks what Reynolds has done. Apparently he sets up bogus magazines and then shoots through with the advertising money. The policeman will pretend he's employed by Annalise and Jo to catch the crook. Annalise is reluctant.
Sam comes in and recognises the policeman.
Phil comes in with a red nose onand gives Jen a bunch of flowers. She's quite touched. Phil asks her again to come to the newspaper awards night, but Jen says she needs to catch up on the lectures she's missed during the bone marrow transplant. Helen says that Phil will have to look elsewhere!
Lou and Cheryl's
Cheryl tells Janine that they're going to the recording studio tonight - Cheryl's going to record her own advertising campaign. Janine says carefully that Stonie's ad did work and maybe Cheryl should just go with them. Cheryl wants revenge on Stonie though for ridiculing her.
Ramsay Street
Cody is having a moan to Sam about Jo. She says Jo is the most infuriating person she's ever met. Sam says he think Cody is being a bit hard on Jo - it's just a personality clash. Sam advises Cody to get over it for Annalise's sake. He reminds her that some of Cody's friends had trouble accepting Stonie. Cody agrees to make an effort with Jo.
Cheryl is nagging Helen to have a look at the mayor's portrait, but she won't let her. Helen and Phil are just off to the hospital to visit Mark. Cheryl tells them that she has a "date with impending stardom" and advises them to stay tuned to their local TV!
The policeman tells Jo and Annalise to act calmly while he's undercover with them.
Mr Reynolds rings at that moment and Jo answers to him. He wants to come round this afternoon at 4pm for a final progress report. Jo agrees.
Annalise, Jo and the policeman sit down to plan their strategy.
Roger Reynolds has arrived. They introduce the policeman as Richard Cross. Reynolds is suspicious at "Richard"'s presence, but Annalise smoothes things over explaining that "Richard" is new staff.
Helen and Phil have come to visit Mark. He's quite pleased to see them but explains he can't remember much. Phil tells Mark that they had a bit of a falling out recently and Mark is surprised to hear he's been disagreeing with the Neighbours. He gets a bit upset and confused. Ren quickly shows Helen and Phil out as Mark gets more agitated.
Mark wants Ren to fill in the gaps in his memory.
Reynolds has accepted "Richard" now is talking freely about his PR for robots in the house. "Richard" puts forward prospective clients - in computers, marketing, software design etc. "Richard" says that some companies are so big that you can just invoice them for advertising and they'll pay it without realising. Everyone laughs.
Cody comes in at that moment and Annalise drags her off before she can give the game away.
The Pub
Cody is moaning to Sam about the number of people at home while she's trying to study. Sam explains about the undercover work. Cody is not impressed.
Reynolds is just leaving, saying they've made excellent progress today. Annalise shows Reynolds out. He tells Annalise to talk to "Richard" about his suit!
When he's gone, Annalise tells the policeman that she doesn't really want to do this anymore - it might go on for ages. However, she agrees to see it through.
Ren is trying to tell Mark gently that he's alienated people by telling them off for "living in sin". Also that he's hassled the kids as well. Mark can't believe he's turned into a raving lunatic. Ren says that Mark has been having a breakdown, it's not his faults. Mark starts to cry and says he can't remember - it wasn't him. Ren says that noone will hold it against him, but Mark cries that he has a black hole in his mind. He's worried that he won't be able to fill it. Ren tries to reassure him that he's already getting better.
Phil is cooking a new pasta sauce when Jen comes up for a chat. She says she's done a bad thing - she peeked at Helen's painting. She says that Lou is going to freak when he sees it.
The Pub
Cody is still in a bad mood, having a drink with Sam. Annalise and Jo join them at their table. Cody starts having a go at them for monopolising the house - noone asked her or Marlene about the undercover work - it could be dangerous. Sam thinks that Cody does have a point.
Lou and Cheryl's
A bloke called Ross comes to the door and tells Cheryl he's Janine's partner. Janine tells him angrily to get out.
<<2459 - 2461>>
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