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Neighbours Episode 2453 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2453
Australian airdate: 16/08/95
UK airdate: 09/04/96
UK Gold: 27/03/02
Writer: Michael O'Rourke
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Colin Taylor: Frank Bren
Miranda Starvaggi: Leah De Niese
Melissa Drenth: Aimee Robertson
Quintalena Pagganoni: Abby Meates
Daniel Murray: Heath Campbell-McLean
Gareth Murray: David Himmelfarb
Trent Bickerstaff: Jo Cosentino
Ollie Shanley: Jeremy Dridan
Monty Omodei: James Macaulay
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Lance tells Hannah that the letter wasn't meant for her - he put it in the wrong bag.
- Stonie tells Annalise, Jo and Sam that she and Stonie have broken up.
- Mark is very ill in hospital and Ren is with him. Luke promises to stay with her.
- Susan wants Stacey to stay with them.
Miranda has brought a boy called Daniel and Hannah is glowering at them, then suggests that they leave(!)
When they've gone, Phil asks Hannah what's going on.
Ren is staring at Mark, willing his eyes to open. Luke tells Ren she mustn't make herself sick - she should go home and get some sleep. Luke will call her if anything happens. Ren says there's no point, she won't get any rest as Colin is in the house, and he's a walking nightmare(!) Luke says that Colin has a good heart.
Just then, Colin arrives! He's brought Ren some food and asks how Mark is. He says Mark needs human voice, and suggests they all talk to him. He says he'll get some people in to take shifts. Ren doesn't think anyone will come as Mark was so awful to everyone lately. But Colin says he'll sort it.
Stacey is worried about Blair and doesn't think finding their father will help. Stacey tells Susan how grateful she is to her for helping them.
Cody is having trouble with her computer - somehow her work has got merged with the accounts for Annajo (as if!). Cody is appalled to hear that Jo has been using her computer without asking. Jo can't see the problem(!) Cody rants at Jo about her selfishness.
Marlene arrives home at that moment and tells them she's had two skin cancers removed from her nose. Sam takes this incredibly calmly and breezily says that Marlene does insist on lying on the beach all day with no hat(!)
Cody heads off to her room to "shoot herself". Careful what you wish for, Cody.
Coffee Shop
Ren is talking to Colin who is being surprisingly sensitive. Phil comes in and orders a coffee too, then asks Ren how Mark is. She tells him tetchily that no- one has been in to see him and then storms out.
Colin tells Phil he'll work more shifts for him when he's got the Coffee Shop roster sorted. Phil looks horrified(!)
Hannah can't face Lance over the letter business, but Miranda says everyone will have forgotten about it by now. Hannah goes into the classroom and everyone laughs at her. Someone has written on the board, "Hannah has the hots for Lance".
Susan has been to see Welfare about Stacey and Blair. Karl warns her not to get too involved - he thinks she's being a bit obsessive. Susan tells him that she's got to do what she has to do.
Marlene wants to know what's going on in the house - and is surprised that Jo has moved in permanently. Annalise explains about their business, but Marlene says she won't live in war zone.
Ren is reading to Mark from the newspaper.
REN: Mr Doulan was in the bath when a semi- trailer slammed into his home. Rescue workers had given up hope when they discovered him in the debris, still sitting up in the bath. The first thing he said was, "Has anyone got a towel"(!)
She laughs, and then tells Mark that they might have their own miracle too. Luke comes along with a picnic for her. She thanks him for his kindness. She tells him she's been trying to reach their father - he's on the road, but she's left him messages. Luke promises to be there for her until her father turns up.
Hannah is sitting on a bench, hiding from the rest of the school. She moans to Miranda about not having a boyfriend. Miranda says Daniel is having a party next weekend and Hannah is invited. Lots of Daniel's friends are single - it could be her "lucky night"(!)
Cody and Marlene are having a chat. Marlene wants to know what's been going on between her and Annalise. Cody says that Annalise moved Jo in without asking, started a business, now no- one can get on the phone or get a seat in the living room. Now Jo has used her computer without asking. Marlene says the house is Cody's home as much as Annalise and Jo's.
As Cody is leaving, Annalise and Jo come in. Marlene calls Annalise over and says that they need to have a house meeting tonight. If it doesn't work out, Annajo will need to find new premises(!)
Coffee Shop
Sam comes in and buys a sandwich. Colin badgers him about going to the hospital to see Mark. Sam says that Mark was very rude to him, but Colin says that they owe it to Ren to support her.
Colin is interested to hear that Marlene is back.
COLIN: She's quite a woman, your Nan.
SAM: Is she? Well, I'll see you around Colin.
He beats a hasty retreat.
Susan is explaining to Stacey what her option are - she should be able to struggle by financially with the help of Welfare. Susan suggests they go round to her place and have a spring clean.
Karl is on the phone to Libby in Canberra, explaining that Susan is very busy at the moment.
Cody is explaining to Phil that she's been feeling like a stranger in her own home. Phil invites her to have dinner with them. Hannah is brooding and Cody talks to her about her boy trouble. She suggests that Hannah doesn't try to hard too get a boyfriend - she might seem desperate, and anyway, boyfriends are more trouble than they're worth(!) She advises Hannah to go out and concentrate on having fun - she'll meet a guy when she least expects it.
CODY: Trust me, I'm a doctor! Well...nearly!
Marlene is having a Kennedy- style family meeting (although Cody isn't there(!))
Marlene tells Annalise that she likes Joanna, but Annalise had no right to let her move in without asking Marlene. Secondly, they'll have to get their own telephone line for their business. If they want to use the living room as their office, they'll have to pay more rent. And the most important thing is that they all respect each other's privacy, for example, Jo can't use Cody's computer without asking.
MARLENE: I came home for some peace and quiet, and that's what I'm going to have. Anyone got any objections to that?!
Just then, Colin arrives with a huge bunch of flowers for Marlene.
COLIN: I warn you, Marlene Kratz! When Colin Taylor comes courting, he is not easily discouraged!
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