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Neighbours Episode 2452 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2452
Australian airdate: 15/08/1995
UK airdate: 08/04/1996
UK Gold: 26/03/2002
Writer: John Upton
Director: Robert Meillon
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Annalise and Jo decide to start up a PR business.
Danni and Mal try to make up, but she's still mad about Mal spending time with Stonie.
Stacey comes round to see Susan crying that Blair has gone.
Cody dumps Stonie.
Outside the Kennedys
Karl drives up having been to get bus and train timetables. The only thing Stacey can think of is a place her father used to go fishing but she can't remember the name of it. They don't have any relatives and her father is an electrician, and there's thousands of those.
KARL: So basically, Blair could be on any bus or any train going anywhere.
They decide to try the bus and train stations anyway.
The Pub
Annalise and Jo are talking about marketing. Sam isn't too impressed at being left alone with his magazine!
At the bar, Sam gets some drinks and chats to Danni about how the football tips he gave here went. Danni says she only wanted Mal to make a fuss of her instead of Stonie. She says that Sam toes the line with Annalise. He corrects her and says they have an equal relationship - he says they'll have a talk about it later.
Number 24
Cody tells Angie that she can't put her life on hold for Stonie, but Angie says Stonie hasn't changed really, he still loves her. Angie has brought her a cake - to thank Cody for showing Stonie what a good relationship is all about.
Karl says they need more people looking and says they have to call the police. Stacey is upset saying that they'll take Blair away.
Youth Centre
Mal is telling Danni that one person can't control a relationship, there has to be trust. He thinks she has to learn to compromise with Mal.
Number 32
Stonie and Mal are eating pizza and chatting about their girls. Angie comes in through the back door to give Stonie a cake. Angie tells Stonie that he was crying over Cody earlier, much to Mal's surprise as Stonie has been putting on a front.
Stacey is telling the police that she didn't tell them about the death of their mother because Blair might be put into care. The policeman says that's not likely to happen - since they have a house and Stacey is only a few months off 18, they'd work hard to keep them together at home. So all they have to do now is find Blair. Stacey says she should have checked the situation and now Blair could be hurt or dead!
Brett, Samantha and Libby are hanging out in the hotel. Brett and Samantha go off to prepare for their 10am group. Libby rolls her eyes - she was meant to be interviewing them! She decides to go for a walk.
Number 24
Cody gets up and Sam, Annalise and Jo make conversation. Much to their surprise, she tells them that she's broken up with Stonie. Cody explains about Stonie's big head and she's fed up of it. Jo thinks they'll make up sooner or later.
Number 32
Angie has made Stonie some breakfast. Danni is surprised to see Angie still there and explains that she and Stonie stayed up late chatting so she stayed over. Angie starts making breakfast for Mal and Danni too.
Susan is ringing around the hospitals but there's no sign of Blair. She tells Stacey not to imagine the worst. Stacey asks Susan why she's doing this - most people wouldn't bother. Stacey says she never knew it would be so hard to be a parent - Blair has been quite a handful. He has nightmares so doesn't want to go to be at night. Susan listens gravely to how things have been at home. Stacey and Susan decide to look into the government allowances available to them from when Blair comes home.
Number 32
Stonie and Angie are washing up. Angie says the house is too big for her now that all the kids are out (Toadie is with Aunty Coral). She says she might get a smaller place. She's got her eye on the spare bedroom at Number 32 in fact!
Stacey, Karl and Susan are waiting for news about Blair. Susan tells Karl quietly that she wants Stacey to stay with them until Blair turns up and Karl agrees.
Libby is telling Brett that Samantha is interested in him - she thinks Samantha is trying to impress him. Brett says it's impossible - Samantha has a boyfriend, but Libby tells him not to say he wasn't warned.
Number 24
Annalise and Jo are bickering about the business decisions. Sam tells them he's off to work so can't make them coffee. He tells Annalise about what Danni said about Sam being under Annalise's thumb. They laugh about it.
The Pub
Annalise is talking to Danni saying that it's not a case of "handling" Sam - they just know each other's limits and then respect them. She tells Danni that you can't change someone, you just have to take them as they are.
Number 32
Stonie is talking to Danni and Mal about how terrific Angie is - great cook, mad about housework. He asks them if Angie can move in. Danni says that they moved out to get away from parents. Stonie says Angie isn't bossy - Danni and Mal will still be in charge and it would just be for a week or two while she finds somewhere else to live.
ANGIE:(running in) Oh, you're both bonza the pair of ya! Oh I can hardly wait, we're going to have a ball!
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