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Neighbours Episode 2451 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2451
Australian airdate: 14/08/1995
UK airdate: 05/04/1996
UK Gold: 25/03/2002
Writer: Elizabeth Packett
Director: Robert Meillon
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Danni tells Mal that she thinks they should sleep in different rooms, saying she won't be treated like an outsider in her own home.
Lou can't believe Stonie has become so starstruck. Cody says he's not the guy she fell in love with.
Susan tells Karl that the Griffiths children's mother died six months ago.
Number 32
Mal and Danni are cooking different meals. Stonie comes in and shows them his Chez Chez Stark Raving Mad T-shirt. He thinks he could be in Hollywood in a few months in a Batman film!
Number 24
Stonie is excited about the future and Cody tells him again that it's a small taste of local fame and he should go back to school. There's a knock at the door and it's Lou and Brett with the radio scripts. Lou gives Stonie the scripts and says he'll pick him up tomorrow.
Melissa and Billy have been feeding Cassie. Libby asks Karl for her tape recorder back - she lent it to him to record his guitar-playing. Billy says it's on his desk - Blair and he used it for their project.
Susan asks Billy about Blair but he fends off her questions and quickly drags Melissa off.
Outside Lou's
Lou is waiting for Stonie to turn up. Brett is off to Canberra today. Lou tells Brett that the decision for the artists in residency will be made this week - but Lou isn't on the panel, so he doesn't know what the result will be.
Stonie rides up on a motorbike and tells Lou he's been to the printers to get a T-shirt for Brett to take to Canberra!
Brett comes round to to see Helen. She's been talking to Jen - she's well but nervous - her bone marrow was a match for Sarah's and they'll do the operation this week! Brett tells Helen that he's off to Canberra today. He tells her that the artists in residency is being decided this week. Helen admits that she hasn't been so excited about her work for a long time. She looks sadly at the painting of Reuben on the wall.
Coffee Shop
Mal and Danni are getting on quite well. Melissa is siting at a table when Quintalena joins her. But Billy turns up before she can talk to Melissa and he and Melissa head off.
Susan has called Stacey in to see her. She tells Stacey that there's no need to pretend anymore - she knows her mother is dead. Stacey is angry and says that Billy must have told her. Susan says Billy had no involvement - she simply rang her mother's old workplace. Susan offers her condolences but Stacey says that life goes on. Susan says they can't be left on their own - she'll have to sort something out for them. Stacey insists that she and Blair are fine and Susan shouldn't hassle them. She storms off.
Coffee Shop
Stonie tells Brett that the radio ad recording went well. He says he's had a call from an agent called Janet Russell - he's going to go and see her this afternoon. He thinks it's his big break! He sacks Brett as his manager saying he's too much of an amateur, but he'll mention him in his autobiography.
Danni and Mal sit together to eat lunch. Mal says he's missed laughing with her and wants them to stop fighting and laugh some more. He says they should have a quiet dinner tonight and talk. Danni agrees.
The Pub
Cody can't believe that Stonie has stood her up for the second time. She wants Lou to sack Stonie, but Lou says he's too good for business - people are flocking to Chez Chez from miles along. Brett comes in and tells them he's been sacked as Stonie's manager because he's seeing an agent this afternoon. Cody says she has her own plans for Stonie.
Billy and Brett are working on their assignment, but Billy goes off to lunch. Stacey comes in and tells Blair that Susan has found out about ther mother and is talking about social workers. Blair says they'll have to find their dad. Stacey says their dad doesn't care or he'd be with them now.
Karl is hugging Libby goodbye. Brett comes up with Samantha. She tells him she's going overseas at the end of the year. Brett says he's like to see the world by ship!
Brett hugs Helen goodbye and she tells him to go to the gallery. Lou shakes Lou's hand. Lou says he should let his hair down in Canberra but Brett says Samantha has a boyfriend! They drive off.
Number 32
Stonie is getting on his motorbike when Cody runs over. He tells her he's going to run a few errands and drives off. She doesn't look impressed.
Coffee Shop
Quintalena tells Melissa that she's heard a rumour about Billy. That he's a sleaze and a pervert. Melissa doesn't believe it. Just then Billy comes in and Quin leaves. Melissa looks uncomfortable and tells Billy she has to go.
Susan is setting Libby's place at the table as usual when Karl reminds her she's in Canberra!
Susan tackles Billy for not telling her about the Griffiths kids mother. He says he was sworn to secrecy - Blair was scared he and Stacey would be separated. Karl congratulates Billy on being a loyal friend. Susan says she'll have to ring Community Services - she doesn't think they have a choice - have they?
NUmber 32
Mal and Danni have finished their dinner. Danni gives Mal a present - a red beanie with a white bobble. She tells him that she loves him heaps even if he does go off with Stonie all the time. Mal says he's had an idea - he'll give her a detailed report of everything he does with Stonie. Danni isn't impressed! They start arguing again.
The Kennedys are having dinner when Stacey comes to the door in tears. She tells Susan tearfully that Blair has gone - she came home from school and all his things have gone. She thinks he's gone to find their father - he was worried that Susan would call Welfare. Stacey says there's no way to contact her father. She cries that Susan has to help her - there's noone else she can turn to.
Number 24
Stonie comes in and tells Cody that he's impressed the agent. She is unimpressed and doesn't look up from her magazine. Stonie thinks that Cody is jealous of him but Cody points out the error of his ways - especially walking over his friends. She tells him that she'll probably just drag him down in his new life of stardom - it's over between them.
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