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Neighbours Episode 2450 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2450
Australian airdate: 11/08/1995
UK airdate: 04/04/1996
UK Gold: 22/03/2002
Writer: Helen MacWhirter
Director: Geoff Hunt
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Mark falling off Lou's roof.
Stonie telling Cody he wants to go into TV. She warns him he's a one-hit wonder.
Susan tells Stacey that she's going to contact her mother.
The doctor telling Ren that Mark is in a coma and he may die.
Number 32
Mal thinks Stonie has been avoiding Danni. He's fed up with Danni's behaviour. Stonie thinks Mal and Danni argue because they spend too much time together - they should have quality time not quantity time.
Hospital Room
Ren and Luke are watching over Mark. She talks to him and tells him everything will be OK. She is so upset that they've been arguing recently and now he might die. Luke reassures her and says that all they can give Mark now is time. He'll stick around and help her.
Susan is shocked to hear from Karl that Mark is in a coma. She says he'll need a lot of friends when he wakes up.
Susan explains what happened with Libby's school uniform.
KARL: Well, that's a relief. I starting to worry if Billy might be cross-dressing in secret!
Karl is still mystified by the missing food - but Susan says that Billy has already confessed. He isn't convinced by this explanation though.
Number 32
Karl has come to see if Mal is the food thief(!) Karl inspects Mal's dinner to see if there's any of the missing food in it. Stonie protests and says he made the dinner himself with his own ingredients. Mal invites Karl to check their cupboards!
Coffee Shop, the following morning
Luke and Ren are having coffee. Colin comes over and reassures Ren that Mark will recover. Colin says he'll bring some stuff over for Mark, since he's living at Number 30 now. This is news to Ren and Luke!
Stacey and Blair's house
Stacey opens the door to Susna who's come to see her mother. Susan sees the mess, but Stacey quickly shuts the door saying that her mother's already in work. Stacey says she'll try to ask her mother to ring Susan, but no guarantees.
Number 24
Stonie is wearing sunglasses and dreaming about his TV future! Lou comes in and says he's got radio scripts ready. Apparently Stonie is a big hit at the TV station. Lou has also arranged a photographer to do posters for Chez Chez.
Coffee Shop
Ren tells Colin that it's not a good time for him to move in - she wants him to wait. Colin refuses though, saying that Ren needs all the support she can get and it's what Mark would have wanted. Ren gets upset and says that Colin is talking about Mark as if he's dead already. Luke tells Colin to give Ren some space and they'll sort the accommodation out later.
The Pub
Cody tells Lou that he's creating a monster in Stonie - he's taking the TV gig seriously and is thinking of dropping out of school! Lou though Stonie was just joking.
Susan is supervising a class. At the end of the lesson, she asks Mal for a word. She asks him how well he knows the Griffiths kids. As she's talking, Stacey listens at the door. Mal says he doesn't know anything. They talk about Mal's driving lessons and Susan is shocked to hear that Stonie is teaching Mal to drive!
The Pub
STONIE: Yo people! The King has entered the building!
Lou asks Stonie for a little chat - he says the ads have turned out well, but they're nothing to go overboard about. Stonie won't hear this though and says he's got quite a fanclub. He says he's found his destiny!
Stacey sees Mal and says she heard him and Susan talking about her after class. Mal says that Susan is worried about her. Stacey asks if Susan is going to "contact anyone" and Mal thinks Stacey is in trouble.
Susan rings a workplace to speak to Felicity Griffiths (Stacey and Blair's mother) She's told something by the person on the other end and looks worried.
Coffee Shop
Colin is talking to Karl about many varieties of coffee(!) Colin tells Karl that he's looking forward to getting to know Mark and Ren better when he moves into Number 30. Karl is shocked.
The Pub
Stonie is dressed up in the wig and dress and is posing on the bar for the photographer for the advertising campaign. Cody tells him off for having a big head. Lou can't believe how pretentious Stonie has become! Cody says he's not the guy she fell in love with anymore.
Ren apologises to Luke for losing it in the Coffee Shop before. She tells Luke with agitation that he doesn't have to wait around but he tells her it's fine. He's sorry that he fell out with Mark over the religious strangeness, but they did use to be really good mates. Luke thinks when Mark comes out of the coma he'll be back to his normal self. Until then, he won't leave Ren on her own - what happened between them is in the past. Right now he's here and he'll stay with her. They hug.
Karl has replaced the missing jar of roll-mops! Susan tells him that she rang up about Stacey and Blair's mother - apparently she died six months ago. Also, their father took off months ago. Susan doesn't know who's looking after the kids.
<<2449 - 2451>>
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