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Neighbours Episode 2449 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2449
Australian airdate: 10/08/1995
UK airdate: 03/04/1996
UK Gold: 21/03/2002
Writer: Lois Booton
Director: Geoff Hunt
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Ren's friend Marelle tells Luke to leave Ren alone.
Suan tells Stacey that she's worried about her - the standard of her schoolwork has slipped drastically.
Brett meets Samantha, one of the girls who faxed him, but she has a boyfriend.
Annalise and Jo are getting revenge on Libby by sending her a chain letter.
Coffee Shop
Colin and Mark come in from shopping and Mark makes him a coffee. Colin says he's only too pleased to help Mark out now that Luke has left him in the lurch.
Sam comes in and orders a coffee. Sam isn't very chuffed to see Colin and tells him that Marlene is away. Colin says he's got lots of stories about China to tell him and a slideshow too, so Sam makes a sharp exit. Colin suggests that Mark employs him for a few shifts a week and Mark agrees.
Colin tells Mark he's homeless at the moment - he's had to move out of his rented accommodation. He asks Mark if he knows anywhere he could rent.
The Pub
Brett is telling Lou and Sam about his lack of success with the girls who faxed him. They encourage him to keep trying and have patience.
Susan and Karl are chatting about Billy's girlfriend. Libby comes out to look for her uniform, but it isn't in the washing basket. Susan is surprised but says that Libby will just have to wear her summer uniform today. Libby suddenly says, "The letter!" and runs off to her room.
Stacey asks Libby why she's got her summer uniform on. She sees Brett brooding and tells him that she thinks the curse of the chain letter is kicking in. Brett still doesn't think that the two are related. Libby says she'd better pass the letter on quick before she becomes bald!
Number 24
Annalise and Jo are laughing about Libby's situation. Then they talk about Annalise's PR business - she wishes there was more around that Sam's business. Jo says she's got and idea.
Luke is asleep on the sofa when Phil comes in. He slams the door which doesn't wake him so he shakes Luke awake. He says that Jen is very frightened about the anaesthetic and tells Luke off for being blase. He tells Luke that he should stop coming in late and he's overstayed his welcome at the Maritns now. He tells Luke to find a place of his own by the time Jen gets back from hospital.
The Pub
Luke is telling Sam that he has to find somewhere to live. Ren comes up and greets them. Sam leaves her and Luke to it. Ren says she's just off to see Marelle and Luke tells her that Marelle is leading her around by the nose - she used to make her own decision. Ren says that everyone needs guidance, but Luke says that she shouldn't be ignoring him when she knows how he feels about her - he cares for her a lot.
Phil is delighted that Colin has got a job at the Coffee Shop, but his delight turns to disapointment when Colin tells him that it won't affect his hours at the newsagency! Lou comes in and is shocked to see Colin there. He makes his excuses when Colin starts to talk about the Chinese Car Industry!
When Colin has gone, Phil says that maybe they should leave breeding to the experts - they could get the breeding professionally done for not too much money. Colin comes back and overhears. He tells them that the Chinese are great racing fans, so Lou beats a hasty retreat!
Libby is writing out chain letters as quickly as she can.
When the bell goes, Susan wants to talk to Stacey again - her latest essay is terrible. She says her behaviour has been poor. Susan says that she'll have to talk to her mother.
Coffee Shop
Colin is serving Karl and he says how charming Ramsay Street is. Karl beats a hasty retreat.
At a table, Marelle is trying to persuade Ren to go on a retreat. She isn't sure though.
Garden of Lou and Cheryl's
Brett is going up to the roof to clean out the leaves. Mark insists on going up instead, saying he's helping a neighbour in a time of difficulty.
Mark gets on the roof and says that the Lord is guiding his every step. Just then he slips on the ice and falls. As he falls he has a series of flashbacks - we hear the neighbours' voices telling him to stop preaching, the car crash with Hannah and the knife in the Coffee Shop.
He hits the floor and lays prone.
Number 24
Annalise and Jo tells Sam that they're setting up a business - AnnaJo promotions: market research and advertising. Sam doesn't sound very enthusiastic !
Garden of Lou and Cheryl's
Karl rushes to tend to Mark who is still unconscious. Karl examines him as they wait for the ambulance.
The Pub
Ren comes looking for Luke and finds him at the bar. She sits down for a chat and he buys her a drink. She tells him she owes him an enormous apology - Marelle is a rip-off merchant and she was taken in by her. Luke's just glad they're talking again - he never wanted to fight with Ren. They drink a toast to friendship without misunderstanding.
Colin rushes in and tells Ren he's had a phonecall from Lou - Mark has had an accident. Luke says he'll take her to the hospital.
Annalise and Jo are asking Phil if he needs their services.
Libby comes in to buy writing paper and Annalise and Jo laugh to themselves. She tells them that she's still got 60 letters to go. Annalise and Jo feel guilty and admit that she made it up - and stole her uniform as well. Libby isn't pleased but Annalise says it's payback for the article. They agree that they're even now.
Ren runs across the car park and Luke tries to calm her down. When they get in, Lou and Karl tell Ren that they're waiting for tests to be done. The nurse invites Ren to come through.
Mark's room
Mark is hooked up to several machines and looks in a right state. The doctor tells Ren that Mark is in a coma and she should be prepared for the worst.
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