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Neighbours Episode 2448 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2448
Australian airdate: 09/08/1995
UK airdate: 02/04/1996
UK Gold: 20/03/2002
Writer: Lyn Ogilvy
Director: Geoff Hunt
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Stonie tells Mal he's thinking of getting an agent!
Libby suggests Brett goes on another blind date. He reluctantly agrees.
Hannah finds a note from a secret admirer.
Hannah is on the phone to Miranda telling her about the note. Helen tells Brett to see another girl and he nags her about writing out her application for the artist's job.
Number 24
Stonie is watching his advert on video again, much to Annalise's displeasure. Sam says he loves the advert - he thinks it's hilarious.
Annalise is still sick and isn't impressed by Sam serving her up burnt, dry toast! She asks him to stay home and look after her anyway.
Libby shows Brett a chain letter. Typical stuff, "Ignore this at your peril" etc. Libby tosses it in the bin.
Hannah asks Robert if he knows who the writing is. He narrows it down to two people.
Number 24
Sam answers the phone to Luke but tells him he can't help out because Annalise needs him at home. Sam thinks Annalise is faking it - she hasn't got much of a temperature. He thinks it's a ploy to keep him home! but he's prepared to humour her because he loves her!
Sam answers the door to Annalise's sister Jo. Annalise gets straight up and hugs Jo, much to Sam's amusement. Apparently she's come to stay for a while (why does noone call in advance?!) Annalise sends Sam off to help Luke!
Cody tells Jen just to take things slowly - try a local anaesthetic first. Stonie runs up and says he's becoming a megastar and tells them how lucky they are to know him(!) Just then some girls come up and ask for his autograph!
Libby is still thinking about the chain letter - she might send it to all the teachers. She's thinking of writing an article about how people get sucked in. Brett is going on another date tonight with a girl called Samantha.
Stonie comes in and asks Brett to be his manager. Brett says he doesn't think it's necessary, but Stonie says it's compulsory! He also wants Libby to do an article on him!
School (outside)
Hannah is still wondering who wrote her the letter. She thinks it's Lance Hails now. Miranda says she should just ask him out, but Hannah is too shy.
Number 24
Annalise invites Jo to stay. Jo asks her if she found out who wrote the awful article about Annalise and their dad and Annalise explains about Libby. She admits that she's done something a little bit silly in revenge, but she says she's too embarrassed to tell Jo!
Jen has been to make the appointment for the bone marrow test. She asks Cody to take lecture notes for the time she misses - she'll be away a few days, and a week if she's compatible. Cody says even if she dies, she'll die a hero(!)
Miranda is pressuring Hannah to talk to Lance. She reluctantly goes up to talk to him and thanks him for her letter. He says that the letter wasn't meant for her - it was for another girl and he got the bags mixed up. The girl is there and demands the letter off her.
Coffee Shop
Brett is waiting for his blind date and chatting to Cody and Stonie. Stonie tells him just to be himself.
Just then, Samantha arrives. BRett is amazed to see she's a drop-dead gorgeous blonde.
Number 24
Stonie is watching the Chez Chez advert again, much to Cody's displeasure. She tells him not to get wound up about the ad, his fame is only a one-off. But Stonie won't listen, he thinks he can get into the business!
Coffee Shop
Samantha and Brett are having a deep conversation about politics. She says she's going to Canberra for the youth summit too.
BRETT'S MIND: The world is a wonderful place.
She says that's the reason she faxed him - to get together with him before they go. Brett is amazed that she is both intelligent and beautiful. Brett says they can hang out together in Canberra. Samantha is glad - she didn't want to go on her own with a bunch of strangers.
Libby comes to tell Helen that she's been spying on Brett and he seems to be getting on well with Samantha. Annalise and Jo are also in the shop and look knowingly as Libby tells Helen about the chain letter.
Garden of the Kennedys
Annalise and Jo steal some washing off the line as Cassie tries to head them off!
Number 24
Annalise and Jo come in with an Erinsborough High uniform and tell Sam and Cody that it's part of her plan for revenge on Libby. She explains that she's sent Libby a chain letter that says she has to write it out again 100 times and pass it on, or her appearance will change. Annalise is going to frighten Libby into doing it by changing her appearance - first step is to change her clothes.
Coffee Shop
A bloke comes in to meet Sam - it's Sam's boyfriend Spencer. He's a bit dumbstruck. Sam only got together with him as a friend so she could have company in Canberra.
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