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Neighbours Episode 2454 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2454
Australian airdate: 16/08/1995
UK airdate: 09/04/1996
UK Gold 27/03/2002
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: Robert Meillon
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Quintalena tells Melissa that she's heard Billy is a sleaze.
Mal and Danni agree Angie can move in for a week or two.
Colin presents Marlene with flowers. He tells her he's come courting and won't be easily discouraged!
Number 32
Angie has washed up and Stonie tells her off - it was Mal and Danni's turn. She goes off to hang the clothes on the line! Angie says she like doing it.
The Pub
Colin is chatting up Marlene saying that he was all on his own when he was in China. He says he's come to see Marlene as much more than a friend. Marlene says she'll need time to think. Lou comes over and joins them asking when Cheryl is coming back. Marlene is impressed how full the pub is but doesn't understand how Cheryl could be in the TV ad when she wasn't around. Lou doesn't enlighten Marlene and tries to put her off seeing the ad. Colin says he'll set up a four-hour video tape and so he'll be sure to get the ad on it!
Lou comes to see "Erinsborough Council's New Official Artist In Residence". Helen is surprised and delighted to hear she's won the competition. He tells her her first commission will be a portrait of the mayor - in other words, of Lou!
Miranda comes to call on Hannah to go to school - they're having a lift with Miranda's boyfriend. Phil comes out and tells Hannah that he needs to talk to her so she can't go in the car. The car screeches off. Phil tells Hannah that he doesn't think Miranda is a good judge of character and she's too young to be in the back seats of cars with boys.
Stonie comes over and tells Hannah that he agrees with Phil - Stonie knows the boys in the car and they're dodgy.
Coffee Shop
Colin cook sbreakfast for Marlene as a treat and offers to take her out to dinner as well. He suggests a home-cooked meal.
Helen comes in and Colin invites himself and Marlene over to her house for dinner(!) saying Phil said it was OK.
Billy is still trying to find out what's wrong with Melissa - she doesn't even want to sit by him. Some boys come over and tell Billy that Melissa is "sick of waiting" and wants a bit of action. Billy is shocked.
School - outside
Stonie tells Danni and Mal that his mother is cooking up a storm for tonight. They aren't too keen about spending less time together, but Danni says that they should help Stonie because he's just broken up with Cody. If she and Mal broke up, they'd need their friends too. Mal gets all paranoid and asks Danni if she's thinking of breaking up with him.
Coffee Shop
Quintalena tells Melissa that she's heard more stuff about Billy. Melissa doesn't think Billy could be that bad, but Quin says she'll prove it.
She calls Hannah over and asks if Billy has any dirty magazines. Hannah says he did before but doesn't now. Melissa is shocked and says she'll talk to Billy about it tonight.
Billy and the two boys from school are having lunch. Billy says he didn't think Melissa wanted him to go any further but the guys say that all girls want it!
Colin is sitting at Mark's bed telling him that he'll keep coming to see him two or three times a day! He tells Mark that he's optimistic that Marlene likes him in return and thinks they might get married before too long(!)
Phil is surprised to hear about Colin and Marlene. Helen thinks that Marlene only sees Colin as a friend. Just then, Marlene comes in all dressed up and asks Helen for her opinion on her dress. They tell her that it's fine. Marlene goes home for a bit because she doesn't want to give the impression that she's too keen!
Later at the Martins
Colin, Marlene, Phil, Helen and Hannah are eating dinner while Colin regales them about recipes he picked up in China. Lou comes round and is amazed to see Colin and Marlene there. They insist that Lou joins them and Marlene says she wants a word about the TV ad she's seen anyway!
Number 32
Angie is making pancakes saying it's best to keep busy. She starts to cry and tells Danni that she's not coping very well with Big Kev being away. They've been married for 25 years next year and she misses him when she's away. Danni asks her how they managed 25 years and Angie says it takes tolerance and patience.
Stonie and Mal come in and steal a pancake each. Angie goes down the shop to get a video.
Colin is showing a slideshow about his time in China. Marlene is enthusiastic but the rest are catatonic.
COLIN: I've saved the best till last. Videos! With commentary!
PHIL: Oh, god, no. Er...I mean, oh god, no, the VCR's broken, what a terrible shame!
Colin says he'll go and get his machine!
Number 32 - Kitchen
Mal says it was nice that Danni was so nice to Angie before. Angie and Stonie are enjoying watching videos in the living room. Danni apologises for fighting with Mal - she's going to try to be more tolerant in future. Mal admits he can be a bit pig-headed sometimes. They have a pash.
Marlene is telling Helen that Colin is very charming but doesn't know if she can fall in love at her age. Helen says that age has nothing to do with it.
Melissa comes round and Billy tells her they have the whole place to themselves. Billy sits her on the sofa and says he knows Melissa wants him. Melissa starts shouting that every word people said about him was true. She runs out telling him never to come near her again.
<<2453 - 2455>>
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