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Neighbours Episode 2407 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2407
Australian airdate: 13/06/95
UK airdate: 05/02/96
UK Gold: 22/01/02
Writer: Helen McWhirter
Director: Geoff Hunt
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Helen tells Brett that she feels like Reuben is still around, protecting her.
- The psychic tells Ren that all her life she's reacted to things, rather than shaped her own destiny.
- Billy invites Olivia over for a video date. Much to his surprised, he agrees.
- Annalise goes to her father's drag show and gets upset.
The show is over and Tony has changed back into his normal clothes. Mark congratulates him on his show. Tony is shocked to hear that Mark and Annalise were engaged - there's a lot he needs to catch up on.
Marlene tells Tony that he was brilliant tonight and asks him for his autograph(!) He asks her if she's seen Annalise. Marlene says Annalise was probably overcome with emotion(!)
Annalise is ranting to Sam about her father making fun of her poem. Sam tells her to calm down - it was a comedy drag show, after all! Marlene comes in with Tony and Annalise scowls. Sam suggests that Marlene goes to bed, saying if she doesn't get enough sleep, she starts imagining cats(!) He makes himself scarce as well.
When they've gone, Annalise seethes quietly and Tony suggests they have a talk.
Libby and Billy are watching a romantic movie, but Billy is making fun of it. He asks her for advice on "what girls like" so he could hypothetically impress a girl. Libby sees through this and he is forced to confess he has a date with Olivia. Libby gives him advice on romance, saying every girl likes romantic moonlight walks.
Helen is finishing her painting of Reuben when Lucy comes in. It's late, and Helen can't sleep. She can't bear the thought of the funeral and Lucy comforts her.
Tony asks Annalise why she left the show. She tells him straight that he was heartless and insensitive. He says she thought she would enjoy it(!) He wants to get to know her better but Annalise isn't sure she wants to know him after tonight! He thinks it's more about the fact that he's a drag artist.
TONY: Now look, love. I may not be your idea of the perfect dad, but believe me you could have done a lot worse.
He walks towards the door, saying he'll be away for a few days, and Annalise should think about things while he's away.
Garden of No.30
Mark tells Ren that they need to solve the algae problem in the pool. He's going to put copper sulphate in it and advises her not to swim in in for 24 hours.
Lucy comes over and Ren tells her she's reading up on her past life in Africa(!) and wants to do some self- hypnosis. Lucy agrees to join her.
Annalise is ranting to Sam about Tony again. He advises her to think things through and then talk to Tony again when she's calmed down.
Marlene comes in from Reuben's funeral and tells them someone has been moving her gnomes again - she found this one outside the Kennedys. Sam thinks she's going mad.
Reuben's house
A man comes round with some vegetables for Reuben. He doesn't know he's died and Helen is forced to tell him. He's very shocked. Helen invites him in.
Back of the Bric- a- brac Shop
Marlene calls out to Colonel Parker the cat, but he's not around. Phil walks past and stops for a chat - he wants some jewellery for Jen and asks Marlene if she knows any antique dealers. He tells her it's a special occasion and Marlene offers to go along with him to pick something out. He says he can't because he has to go to the bank about a home loan first.
When Phil has gone, Marlene looks down and sees the cat, but we don't see him on screen. She tells the cat that they'll be hearing wedding bells for Phil and Jen soon!
Lucy and Ren have lit candles and are staring into a mirror trying to remember their former lives(!)
Billy Kennedy comes in and looks at them strangely. He asks them if he can go for a swim. They're concentrating on the mirror and Ren just waves him through. Oh dear.
Helen, Brett and Reuben's friend (Sid) are having a beer. Apparently they were school friends. Reuben helped him a lot over the years, and gave him a piece of land to start his produce business on - so he always brought Reuben some vegetables to say thank you. Sid says he'll probably have to move on, perhaps Reuben has left the land to his family. They say they'll help him sort something out.
Coffee Shop
Annalise tells Sam that she might write a poem about everything - it always helps her get her thoughts together. She's decided to make an effort with Tony.
Marlene comes in and tells Sam she's found his gloves - the cat had them! Sam rolls his eyes and they mock Marlene a bit.
At the counter, Marlene sees Jen and congratulates her on her engagement(!) Jen looks shocked.
Billy comes in from his swim and Libby asks him why his hair is green. He looks in the mirror and looks shocked!
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