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Neighbours Episode 2406 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2406
Australian airdate: 12/06/95
UK airdate: 02/02/96
UK Gold: 21/01/02
Writer: Lois Booton
Director: Geoff Hunt
Guests: Tarquin Harman: Michael Carmen
Kev Duve: Brad Wade
Olivia Rezzara: Renai Caruso
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Annalise is nervous about meeting her father. Jo says that there's nothing to worry about.
Annalise, Sam, Marlene, Luke and Jo go to a club to meet Annalise's dad. It turns out he's a drag artist! Annalise's smile fades.
Annalise looks at Sam in horror as her father's act continues and Marlene puts her glasses on, as if to confirm what she's seeing(!) He is all dressed in leather.
JO: Annalise, what do you think? Isn't Dad fantastic?!
She and Luke are enjoying the show, and Sam is starting to get into it too, but Annalise is quite appalled.
The Pub (Chez Chez)
Everyone has brought Annalise's dad (Tony Hartman) back to the pub for a drink after the show. Marlene tells him that it was a great show. Cheryl comes over and admires Annalise's outfit and she is introduced to Tarquin. He suggests an encore of his show in the pub tomorrow night. Cheryl is interested to hear that it's a drag act and thinks it'll be great fun.
Tarquin goes over to Annalise and says he hopes she doesn't mind - they've got the rest of their lives to get to know each other. He suggests a barbecue tomorrow afternoon. Annalise doesn't look very impressed.
Malcolm and Danni are pashing on the sofa, much to Billy's dismay - he is trying to watch television. Malcolm asks him about Nicole, but Billy says she's going out with someone else. Danni advises him to get a guitar and get some groupies, but Billy reckons he's already got a woman! He won't tell them who though.
Front of No.24
Mark asks Marlene for his sponsorship money, but she has other things on his mind. Sam comes over and Marlene asks him if he's moved her gnomes. He assures her he hasn't touched the gnome (Albie).
Cheryl tells Mark about the drag act "Tarquin Sequin" and that it's Annalise's father doing it! Mark is surprised and says he'll come along to see him. Danni gives Mark his sponsorship money.
When Mark has gone, Danni tells Cheryl that he back is hurting - her bed is worn out. Cheryl says they can't afford to buy a new one just now though.
Coffee Shop
Luke tells Annalise and Jo that he's allset - there's a BYO licence for late night in the Coffee Shop now, so he can open for pizzas. Tony comes in and Annalise is quite awkward with him, but he tells them that he's got the barbecue all organised. To Annalise's horror, Jo decides to make a sharp exit, leaving her alone with her Dad.
Billy is working up the courage to ask a girl (Olivia) out. Malcolm and Danni mock him. Malcolm decides to take matters into his own hands and goes over to Olivia to ask her out for Billy! She looks more interested in Malcolm, but she does write her phone number now for him to give to Billy.
Sam comes in and tells Marlene that someone has pinched one of his gloves out of his motorbike helmet - he was parked behind the shop. Marlene doesn't think anyone would steal one glove!
Er...Lassiter's Lake (!)
Tony is cooking up a barbecue (as you do in a public area) and Annalise sits on a bench with her father. He asks her what she thought of his act and she says she thought it was good, but she was a bit surprised to see him dressed in women's clothes. The ice breaks between them a bit and they have a joke about Annalise's mother and her hair.
Annalise asks how he met her mother, and he says that he was working in building back in the 1970s - he was a bricklayer back then. Fiona (Annalise's mother) was a regular at his local pub. She was after money, so latched on to him. Tony says all he wanted was a family and a house, but Fiona wanted diamonds and sports cars. She took off, and took Annalise with her.
ANNALISE: It must have been hard for you.
TONY: Yes. Broke my heart.
ANNALISE: So you really did love her.
TONY: Like you wouldn't believe. I was a basket case when she left. Wanted to hate her, but I just couldn't, you know?
ANNALISE: Yeah, I can understand that.
TONY: Enough serious talk.
He goes back to cooking the meet.
ANNALISE: You know, I'm really glad that you're here.
TONY: So am I, love. So am I.
They smile at each other.
The Pub
Cheryl tells her worker that she's going to lift the ban on staff drinking after their shift. He is pleased.
Annalise and Tony come in, having finished their barbecue. Cheryl tells him she's looking forward to tonight. Jo comes over and informs Tony that Annalise is a published poet. Tony says he could incorporate one into his act - put it to music!
Mal staggers in with a futon for Danni. She suggests that they try it out, so they unroll it and flop down on it. They start kissing, but Cheryl comes in and catches them in what look like a compromising position.
Cheryl tells Danni that she's a bit worried about her relationship with Mal.
CHERYL: I take it from what I saw this afternoon that you and Malcolm are sexually active.
DANNI: So? I can do what I want! I am 18.
CHERYL: No you can't, not in my house, you can't.
DANNI: Where do you expect us to go? Out to Lovers' Lane with all the perves hanging around, or maybe a sleazy motel.
Cheryl realises she hasn't thought this through. She tells Danni that she feels uncomfortable - Danni is her baby girl. Danni insists that she knows all about safe sex and she's old enough to have a stable relationship.
CHERYL: I guess so.
The Pub
Sam and Annalise are sitting at a table. Sam is still wondering where his one glove has gone. Marlene says her gnome has been shifted too.
Annalise is nervous about her father doing her poem - it was a very personal one.
Cheryl has very reluctantly come around to the idea of Danni and Mal sleeping together at her house.
CHERYL: What's one more for breakfast?!
Danni is very pleased and hugs her. Cheryl invites her to the pub, but Danni has a "few things she has to do".
When Cheryl has gone, Danni rings Malcolm to give him the good news!
Splitscreen No.22/No.28
Malcolm is surprised that Cheryl will let them "use" the bed at No.22! He says he'll have a shower and be over in 10 minutes(!)
Billy rings Olivia in another splitscreen! He is very nervous, but invites her over for a video one night. Olivia says unenthusiastically that it would be OK. Malcolm is messing around in the background!
The Pub
Cheryl apologises to Mark and Luke for getting stroppy about the BYO permit. She suggests they could work out a deal between them with the bottle shop.
At a table, Marlene and Jo are waiting for the act to start. Cheryl steps up to the microphone to remind them about the 40 hour famine, then introduces "Tarquin Sequin". He's going to start off with Annalise's poem, "Imagining Dad".
"Tarquin" comes out, dressed in drag. He takes the poem out of his bra and sings it to quite a jovial tune. He plays it for laughs and Annalise rushes out, upset.
Outside the Pub
Sam follows Annalise out and says it was just a bit of fun. She says that the poem was special and personal to her.
ANNALISE: I wish I'd never even met him.
SAM: Fair go, Annalise - he's your Dad.
ANNALISE: I don't care. I hate him.
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