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Neighbours Episode 2408 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2408
Australian airdate: 14/06/95
UK airdate: 06/02/96
UK Gold: 23/01/02
Writer: Karyn Noble
Director: Geoff Hunt
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Helen tells Sid that Reuben might have left the land for his vegetable patch to him.
- Marlene tells Jen that Phil is planning to propose(!)
- Billy goes for a swim in the No.30 pool and his hair turns green.
Billy hears Susan and Karl coming and quickly puts on a hat. Susan asks Billy to go and get Mal and asks him why he's got a hat on. He tells them he's going out with a girl tonight and Karl and Susan tease him. Karl gives him $20 then make Billy take his hat off. They fall about laughing at the colour of his hair.
Hannah and Zoe are dancing to a Dayle record and Phil turns it off, saying he and Helen need a break(!)
Helen tells Phil about Sid and his plight. Phil is wrapping Jen's present.
Stonie, Cody and Jen are hanging out. Cody tells Jen that she's chucking a sickie from work to go to the event at Lassiter's Lake.
Jen tells Cody that she thinks Phil is going to propose. Cody is shocked and thinks Marlene must have her wires crossed.
Billy is about to ring Olivia to cancel, but then says he'll just wear his hat.
Hannah and Zoe are talking incessantly about Dayle and arguing over who has more in common with Dayle(!) Hannah suggests they set up their own Erinsborough fan club for Dayle.
Lou pops round to condole with Helen. Also that Garnet is going to donate Reuben's land to the council in reuben's memory - including Sid's patch. Helen is shocked.
Coffee Shop
Billy and Olivia are having a rather awkward date. Olivia keeps asking after Malcolm and saying how cool he is(!) Also, she likes Dayle! Billy tells her that his beanie belongs to Mal. She snatches it off and tells him his hair is really cool, suddenly looking more interested in him!
Helen and Sid are having a quiet drink and talking about Reuben. She tells him she has some bad news about his garden and explains it's being given to the council. Sid may have to start another garden elsewhere. He is quite upset, saying he lives on the land, too, in a bus. Reuben tried to get him to move into one of his empty houses, but Sid liked it in the bus. He says he can't fight the council - he's too old tomake a fuss. He invites Helen round to the bus for morning tea tomorrow though.
Coffee Shop
Olivia is amazed that Billy's parents have let him dye his hair so he tells her he does what he wants! She thinks he's very cool, and different to what they thought.
Stonie comes in and Olivia is even more impressed that Billy knows him!
School, the following day
Hannah and Zoe are getting some girls involved in their Dayle fan club. Even one of the boys, Robert, wants to join! Stonie and Billy come over and pretend to scream over the Dayle poster(!)
No.22 (back garden)
Casserole is being chased by Suede Tess. Lou tries to round them up but fails miserably.
Sid's bus
Helen has arrived at the double decker bus, and apparently it's very cosy inside. They walk around the garden and chat. Helen says maybe Lou, as the mayor, might be able to help him.
Karl is moaning to Phil about his receptionist temp. He decides to go down to the lake before his shift starts. Lou comes in and tells them that Casserole has got out again. However, he thinks Casserole is Suede Tess's racing mentor and wants to borrow her for the afternoon(!)
KARL: Now I've heard everything. A sheep as a cheer squad?!
He tells Lou to forget it.
Lassiter's Lake
A barbecue is in full swing. Cody and Stonie are there with some mates. Stonie's mates admire Cody, saying she is a "top chick". They kick a ball and it lands on Karl. He isn't happy to see Cody taking a sickie and storms off.
Jen tells Phil she doesn't want a birthday celebration and he's quite disappointed. He asks her what's wrong.
JEN: Phil...you're happy with us, the way things are?
PHIL: Couldn't be happier, why?!
JEN: I don't want to change anything...I like being independent.
Phil thinks Jen is just worried that he'll find out how old she is(!) and then they are interrupted by Susan. Phil tells Susan that they want to borrow Cassie, but Karl won't let them.
Robert is still trying to join the Dayle Fan Club, but Hannah and Zoe nastily tell him it's for girls only. Billy has turned up too, to see Olivia! He is not let in either!
Lou tells Helen there's nothing he can do about the land, but agrees they might be able to look into tenancy rates. Perhaps the council can find a compromise, but he can't promise anything.
The inaugural meeting of the Erinsborough Dayle Fan Club is in progress. Eight girls are there, all dancing to Dayle's records. As they dance, they knock over Helen's painting of Reuben and it is smudged.
<<2407 - 2409>>
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