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Neighbours Episode 2387 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2387
Australian airdate: 16/05/95
UK airdate: 08/01/96
UK Gold: 25/12/01
Writer: Jenny Lewis
Director: Geoff Hunt
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Rhonda takes stolen goods into the bric-a-brac shop.
Jen tells Helen that she doesn't think her scultpure will be finished in time for her wedding.
Lucy and Mark go away for the weekend. Lucy tries to seduce him.
Reuben's son accuses Helen of being a gold digger.
The Pub
Helen is shocked and offended by the accusations. Reuben's son says that Helen does seem different from the other women who have tried to take his father for a ride, but that he can't be too careful.
Helen tells him firmly that she's no gold-digger and then storms out.
Bric-a-brac shop
Marlene shows Rhonda a gnome that she is saving for Sam.
Rhonda takes a phonecall and gets very shifty. She encourages Marlene to leave the shop so she can talk to the person on the phone privately.
When Marlene has gone, Rhonda hisses into the phone that Ben is not supposed to call her at the shop. But he has more stuff to deliver, so she agrees to meet him.
Karl approaches the door and hears screams and moans.
SUSAN: Yes! Yees! Ohhhhhh! Yeeeeeeees!
When Karl goes into the house in some alarm he finds Susan engrossed in a computer game.
SUSAN: Oh no no no, not the bees again! Die! Die!! Damn!!
Karl is amazed that Susan is playing computer games and tells her they are a waste of time. Susan protests that they are quite good at improving reflexes and coordination.
She rushes out to talk to Marlene about Helen's wedding present, leaving Karl to cook his own dinner!
When Susan has gone, Karl approaches the computer and is drawn into the computer game!
Helen is washing up very angrily. She tells Phil about Garnet's accusations. She won't tell Reuben though, because he's a sick man and shouldn't be upset. Phil says Reuben is very lucky to have Helen. Helen stops Phil from speaking to Garnet, saying she'll sort it out herself.
Later and the Martins
Helen and Reuben are relaxing on the sofa listening to music. Helen tells Reuben that she loves him. She asks him tentatively if he thinks people will see her as a gold digger. Reuben says that anyone who knows them knows they're getting married for love. Helen tells Reuben that she wants a pre-nuptual agreement - stating that she's not entitled to any of his wealth, before or after his death.
Cottage in the country
Mark and Lucy are just finishing their dinner. She tells Mark it's time for him to keep his promise and massage her neck. Mark says he promised no such thing. He tells Lucy clearly that he's not interested in being anything other than friends with her. Lucy rolls her eyes and says she only wanted a massage, but she clearly wanted much more than that(!) Mark tentatively starts rubbing her shoulders.
Reuben refuses Helen's request saying that he wants to leave her something after he dies, and besides prenuptual agreements are not romantic. Reuben thinks someone has put these thoughts in Helen's head, but Helen says she just wants the world to know that she wants Reuben's love and nothing else. Reuben says if it means that much to her, he'll call his lawyer.
Karl is engrossed in the computer game(!). He hears someone coming, so quickly turns it off and picks up a magazine. Unfortunately, the magazine is called "Girlfriend"!
Susan comes in and mocks the magazine, "Makeup Tips for Teenagers".
Karl tries to get Susan away from the computer, saying he'll bring her a cup of cocoa in bed. Susan is clearly having withdrawal symptoms from the game and so is Karl! Susan reluctantly drags herself off to bed while Karl sits down at the computer again!
Cottage in the country
Lucy runs out of her room screaming that there is a huge spider in there. She begs Mark to let her sleeps on the sofa with him. Mark gets very cross and tells Lucy he never should have brought her - she has to stop jumping on him every five minutes. Lucy looks fed up and goes back to her room.
Kennedys, the following morning
Susan cataches Karl playing on the computer game and sneaks up on him. She mocks him, saying that computers are "a complete waste of time". Karl protests that he's just checking the game out as part of his parental responsibility!
SUSAN: Oh darling, isn't it awful when you realise you're just human, like the rest of us!
Karl goes off to the shower all embarrassed.
SUSAN: Mind if I finish your game?
KARL: Why should I mind?
Phil has made Helen a nice breakfast and tells Helen he's going to miss her around the house. Helen tells Phil that the prenuptual agreement is being drawn up at that very moment - she'll sign it before the wedding. Phil says that Helen is entitled to something, but Helen is determined to sign away her rights in the name of love.
Jen comes in and tells them she's going to work on the sculpture. Phil tells her not to worry - he's finished the sculpture for her.
Jen looks aghast and then laughs nervously. But he insists it's true.
Garden of the Martins
Phil has indeed finished the sculpture. Jen is very angry indeed and tells him he's made her sculpture into junk.
Cottage in the country
Mark has been for a morning walk, and comes back to find Lucy sitting silently on the verandah. He apologises for hurting Lucy's feelings, but that they're just good friends. Lucy isn't impressed, saying she just needed a little comfort last night. She tells Mark he doesn't care about her and starts to cry, saying she'd been feeling down. She's definitely just manipulating Mark though.
Phil and Jen are making up in the kitchen, but she still isn't very pleased. She agrees to have another look at the sculpture though to see what she can do.
Bric-a-brac shop
Marlene tells Rhonda that they've bought Helen the perfect gift - a love seat. Rhonda encourages Marlene to go home and prepare for the wedding. But Marlene wants to give Rhonda some time off, much to her horror. She sends her off to have a coffee in the kitchen.
Lassiter's gazebo
Helen is telling Garrett about the prenuptual agreement. She tells Garrett that she wants Reuben to spend the little time he has left peacefully, without aggravation.
GARRETT: What do you mean, the little time he has left?
Apparently Garrett didn't know about Reuben's heart condition.
Bric-a-brac shop
A girl creeps up behind Marlene. I think it's Bianca, but I really, really hope I'm wrong.
BIANCA: Surprise!
Marlene is more excited to see Bianca that I am though, and she gives her a big hug, telling her she's missed her. Bianca tells Marlene that she's seen her mother but she's more interested in catching up on what's been going on in Ramsay Street. They chat happily about Helen's wedding.
MARLENE: Guess who I've got working in the shop?! A pal of yours.
Marlene calls to the back room.
When Rhonda comes out, Bianca and Rhonda look at each other in hatred.
BIANCA: I don't know what she's told you Marlene, but this scrag ain't no friend of mine.
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