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Neighbours Episode 2386 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2386
Australian airdate: 15/05/95
UK airdate: 05/01/96
UK Gold: 24/12/01
Writer: Lois Booton
Director: Geoff Hunt
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Reuben and Helen announcing their engagement.
Lou and Cheryl are worried about interest rates going up - they're all going to have to tighten their bets.
Mark tells Lucy he'll follow her wherever she goes. They hug.
Helen is making wedding plans and chatting to Phil. Apparently Reuben has invited his son to be his best man. Phil asks who's giving Helen away, but she says it isn't appropriate at her age!
Lucy comes in and asks if they've seen her overnight bag - Mark is taking her away for the weekend. She thinks Mark fancies her. Phil thinks Lucy is reading a lot into a weekend away.
Lou and Cheryl's
Brett tells Lou and Cheryl that a lot of people have ordered a skylight from Sam! He's thinking of staying on with Sam, but Lou says he has to give up all his other jobs if he wants to work in the car yard.
Lou says selling cars is an art form and he'll give Brett a few tips!
Brett comes round to see Helen. Helen asks Brett that she doesn't want anyone to give her away, but that she'd like him to help her "totter" up the aisle. She tells Brett that he's one of her closest friends. Brett looks surprised but very pleased. He readily agrees.
Billy and Mal are playing on the computer while Libby complains bitterly that she needs the computer to work on the school magazine.
Lucy is packing to go away for the weekend. She tells Helen that she'll be back in time for the wedding - she'll see them there.
Ramsay Street
Danni hasn't turned up for school. Libby isn't impressed as Danni had some photos for her for the magazine. Brett tells them that Danni was out until 6am checking out a nightclub. Mal isn't at all pleased to hear this.
Helen wants to use Jen's sculpture as a focal point at the wedding. Jen says it isn't finished yet, but she'll do her best to finish it off.
Ramsay Street
Lucy is very excited about the weekend as Mark puts her bag in the car. They head off in Mark's car.
LUCY: Thanks for this, Mark. I love you for it.
Mark looks a bit scared!
Cheryl brings Phil a cheque for the winnings from Suede Tess - then promptly takes it off him for the newsagency rent!
Cottage in the country
Mark and Lucy have arrived. Lucy is very excited and runs around the house having a look about. It's a nice place with a fireplace and old furniture, and Lucy is very taken with it. There's only one bedroom though, with a double bed. Mark says he won't share with Lucy - he'll sleep on the couch.
LUCY: Why? We're both adults.
MARK: Exactly.
Lou and Cheryl's
Lou is hanging up a framed photo of Suede Tess(!)
He starts giving Brett tips about selling cars. Brett is keen to get started. Lou warns him to be subtle, and not over-confident.
They act out a mock sale for practice!
Garden of the Martins
Jen is working on her sculpture, but she's not happy with it.
Jen comes in and Helen tells her that the sculpture is coming along very well. Jen says she can see the sculpture in her head, but doesn't think she can get it out properly. Helen and Phil reassure her.
Reuben's son, Garnet, has invited Helen for a drink at Chez Chez - she's a bit nervous.
Lou and Cheryl's
Lou and Brett are pretending to be on a test drive so Brett can practise his sales technique. Lou is quite impressed and says he thinks Brett is ready - and to meet him down the car yard after school.
Helen is just off to meet Garnet (wearing the most horrible pair of trousers).
There's a knock on the door and it's Garnet who's come to pick Helen up. Helen introduces him to Phil. Helen and Garnet head off to the pub.
Libby is working on the school magazine when Billy comes in. She's stressed out because there's so much work still to do.
Billy says that he's been to the clinic and they've given him advice about controlling his asthma. It's all to do with diet and exercise.
Mal comes in, saying that Danni hasn't finished the photos yet. He says she's not much of a girlfriend being out with another man all the time.
Car Yard
A man is looking at cars and Brett approaches him, telling him that it's a great car. Brett then caves in and tells him the truth about it. The man appreciates his honesty and decides to take it for a test drive anyway. He says that he's looking for a car to use at the stock car races - he thinks Brett is very knowledgeable. Then he agrees to buy the car. Lou is flabbergasted!
House in the country
Lucy has just had a shower and tells Mark that she needs a neck massage. He is not happy about this.
The Pub
Garnet is quizzing Helen about her position in life. Helen thinks Garnet has some reservations about Helen. Garnet tells her that Reuben is very wealthy, and he thinks Helen is a gold-digger!
<<2385 - 2387>>
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