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Neighbours Episode 2385 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2385
Australian airdate: 12/05/95
UK airdate: 04/01/96
UK Gold: 21/12/01
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Sam is despondent - he can't think how they can possibly fix the ceiling in time.
BRETT: Do you think she'll notice?
SAM: Well, no. Not if she's gone blind!
Brett says he'll think of something. He gets an idea and smiles.
Outside the Pub
Cheryl is chuffed at her offer for Lassiter's arcade being accepted. She and Lou chat about the future - Cheryl wants to have renovations and landscaping done. Lou reminds her that she hasn't got enough money to overspend initially. He warns her not to overdo things.
Bric-a-brac Shop
Marlene has got a box of materials in and she, Rhonda and Danni are looking through it. They chat about Cheryl's purchase and Marlene is pessimistic - she thinks Cheryl has taken on too much. Marlene sings Rhonda's praises to Danni.
MARLENE: She's a godsend. I don't know what I'd do without her.
Coffee Shop
Lucy is struggling to fulfil all the orders while the customers get grumpy. Ren and Danni chat about Rhonda - Ren tells Danni she's seen Rhonda's true colours. She thinks Rhona is a bit dodgy, but she's always nice as pie to Marlene.
Lucy breaks a plate.
Sam doesn't think Brett's plan to fix the ceiling will work. Brett is confident though.
Coffee Shop
Lucy is depressed about breaking the plates. Mark tells her not to worry about it - she should get things into perspective. Mark tells her that she has the makings of a top waitress - she cares about all the little things like whether the drinks are cold and stuff. He tells her he has faith in her, and Lucy looks a bit happier.
Annalise reads Sam the start of her entry in the poetry competition.
The sun rises early in this town of ours
It shines on the trees and the plants and the flowers
Sam laughs that she's only managed two lines in the whole day. Suddenly they start arguing about Annalise's trip again and Sam storms out.
Ren comes in and tells Marlene that she's worried about Rhonda - that she was really aggressive towards Ren the other day. Marlene says maybe Rhonda was having an off-day. Marlene says she's a pretty good judge of character though - she was right about Bianca and some others. She doesn't think there's any problem with Rhonda.
Lou and Cheryl's, the following morning
Cheryl is still banging on about doing a facelift at Lassiter's. Lou tries to calm her down again - he reminds her that even half a percentage rise in interest rates could make things very difficult for them.
Sam has come to pick Brett up to go and finish off their job.
Ramsay Street
Annalise, Cody and Ren are out running. Ren is still worried about Rhonda's chameleon act, but says she'll drop it from now on. Annalise is trying to find her poetry muse!
Mark has come to pick Lucy up for work, but she says she can't face another day of stuffing up. Mark tells her that she's come a long way already - she's dry, she's off the pills, she's working and has direction. Lucy thanks him and gives him a hug.
Brett and Sam are taking the covers off the furniture when the owner of the house arrives home. She looks up at the skylight recoils in horror.
Bric-a-brac Shop
Rhonda is on the phone.
RHONDA: No, the old bag's not here, I've got the place to myself.
She tells the person that she's got Marlene wrapped around her little finger and says that everything will go "just the way they planned".
The owner is still going mental - it seems Brett and Sam have put a skylight in to cover up the hole in the ceiling! The owner says she only wanted insulation, but they say the skylight is a gift from Handy Sam's - because she is the "1000th customer".
SAM: It is my pleasure in presenting you with your free bonus gift...lucky 1000th customer...skylight.
OWNER: Is free?
SAM: Not a cent!
OWNER: That's-a-fantastic! Thanks a lot boys! I love it!
(She's a bit foreign!)
She offers them some refreshments and Brett puts his arm around her - they seem to have got away with it!
Coffee Shop
Brett and Sam are celebrating their lucky escape. Sam apologises for shouting at Brett the night before. He asks Brett to come on another job with him, but Brett says he's taken a job with Lou as a user car salesman with Lou.
Brett asks Sam if he's heard from Bianca, but he hasn't. (What a shame!)
Mark comes over and asks Brett and Sam to put a skylight in.
Cody is rushing off to Uni. Marlene is just popping down to the Bric-a-brac Shop to check on Rhonda.
Annalise is musing what Erinsborough means to her. Like the wedding she never had, or getting attacked in the Waterhole, the melanoma, Sam...lots of things!
Lou and Cheryl's
Danni thinks Cheryl should have a classy restaurant at Lassiter's, but Brett suggests a cinema. Lou comes in and says he's heard some news on the radio - interest rates are going up again. He looks very worried and tells them they're in for some very serious belt-tightening.
Bric-a-brac Shop
Rhonda's dodgy mate has turned up with some stolen goods for her to sell off in the shop. Just then Marlene comes in, so he pretends to be a browsing customer.
Marlene asks Rhonda for her Elvis magazines and she heads off to read them at home, leaving Rhonda to manage the shop.
Coffee Shop
Lucy has served someone the wrong meal and the customer complains to Mark.
Lucy cries in the kitchen saying that she's hopeless. She tears off her apron and tells him she's quitting - she's says she's causing Mark more trouble that she's worth. Mark says he'll follow Lucy even if she leaves the job. They hug.
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