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Neighbours Episode 2384 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2384
Australian airdate: 11/05/95
UK airdate: 03/01/96
UK Gold: 20/12/01
Writer: Jeff Truman
Director: Philip East
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Brett asks Sam for a job. He offers him some work on a house with him.
Karl refuses to employ Lucy, saying that she has a drug and drink problem.
Jen asks Phil to deliver a telegram for her, dressed in a costume.
Coffee Shop
Helen and Reuben are looking at wedding locations again, when Phil comes in dressed as a carrot.
He reads a telegram for Mark from Luke Handley.
'Under new management' says the sign on the door
Mark Gottlieb's here to brighten your coleslaw.
For the best, and freshest, and tastiest treats
Do yourself a favour and try his sliced meats.
Buy your next sandwich or roll with cheese or a pickle
Whatever your appetite, he's the guy who will tickle...it
So forget those worries that come with new ventures
This one's a winner, I'd bet my own dentures
So let's raise a cheer, hip hip hooray
May this be the first of many a successful chip.
Oh dear. But all the Coffee Shop patrons clap anyway.
Mark hasn't recognised Phil, who makes a sharp exit!
Sam and Brett have turned up to start work on the house, putting in insulation. The bloke tells them to be really careful not to get mess on the floor - everything else is covered in plastic sheets.
Sam climbs up a ladder into the loft. He says there's about 50 years of dust up there! They chat about the poetry competition a bit, but Sam is a bit touchy on the subject of Annalise winning more money to use on her round-the-world trip.
Bric-a-brac Shop
Rhonda has made up some new displays and Marlene is very pleased. She tells Rhonda again how much of an asset to the shop she is.
A lady comes in to buy something she's seen in the window. She asks Marlene to hold the item for her until this afternoon. Marlene writes her name on the ticket and puts the plate under the counter, but goes to give the plate a wash first.
Phil is putting the carrot costume back in the box when Jen comes in. He tells her about the awful poem, but that Mark didn't recognise him.
Coffee Shop
Lucy has come to tell Mark about being rejected for the receptionist's job. Lucy rants at Mark that he wasn't around after the interview when he needed her - luckily Luke stopped her from drinking. She tells Mark that she can't do it by herself.
Bric-a-brac Shop
Marlene is off to the dogs again this afternoon to put a bet on Suede Tess. Rhonda says she's a bit stretched for cash at the moment.
Cody comes in and has a look at the new stuff that's come in. She fancies the plate, but Marlene tells her its already sold. Marlene offers her a nice bracelet instead. Cody buys it. She tells Marlene that she's off bowling with Stoniefish that afternoon.
When Cody has gone, Marlene looks for her pen and accidentally breaks the plate! Rhonda says she could probably fix it with glue though.
Coffee Shop
Lucy has calmed down a bit now. She says she'll get the paper and start looking for another job. Mark says he's got the perfect solution - she could work at the Coffee Shop! He'll need someone once the new pizza run starts anyway. Lucy agrees.
Helen and Reuben come home as Phil heads off for the track. They tell Phil that they have looked at a lot of wedding places, but they'd like somewhere more intimate. So they've reached a decision - they'd like to have the ceremony in the grounds of Lassiters. (Well, fancy that!)
Sam and Brett have nearly finished the job. The bloke comes back and makes a fuss about the dust floating around. Sam assures him that it's all under control.
Coffee Shop
Jen is admiring Cody's new bracelet. Cody tells Jen she's been a bit depressed about Rick, but Jen says it'snatural, it'll take a bit of time.
Mark comes over and tells them he has an idea for a new record - longest apple peeling.
Lucy is having a bit of trouble with the till.
Phil is preparing Suede Tess to go to the track. Helen says he might be better this time, but Phil isn't convinced(!)
When Phil has gone, Reuben says that he's very excited about the wedding, saying it's going to be a day to remember.
Outside the Martins
Cassie has escaped again and runs over to see Suede Tess. Dog and sheep look longingly at each other again (sigh)
Bric-a-brac Shop
Rhonda has successfully mended the plate, much to Marlene's delight.
Marlene puts the radio on for Suede Tess' race. There's no sign of her, but then she comes up on the inside. Marlene cheers her on and Suede Tess wins by a narrow margin! Marlene is very pleased, she's won her bet at 50-1!
Phil has brought Suede Tess home and he's thrilled to bits. He gets Suede Tess some steak out of the freezer! Helen says she never doubted she'd be a winner - she could tell when she picked the dog up. Phil admits that Helen bought the wrong dog and he didn't want to tell her.
Just then, Suede Tess runs off looking for Cassie.
Sam shuts the loft hatch and they start to clean up the mess. Sam finds an extra piece of insulation, meaning they've missed a spot somewhere. Sam isn't very pleased. Brett goes back up the loft.
Coffee Shop
Cody and Jen are practising peeling apples. Lucy is still struggling on the till.
Bric-a-brac Shop
The lady has come back for the plate. She accidentally drops it and it smashes again! But as it turns out, she wants mosaic pieces! Marlene and Rhonda start laughing.
Brett has found the spot in the loft. Unfortunately he missteps and his foot comes through the ceiling.
<<2383 - 2385>>
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