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Neighbours Episode 2383 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2383
Australian airdate: 10/05/95
UK airdate: 02/01/96
UK Gold: 19/12/01
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Karl thinks quickly and realises that the only way to get out of the situation is to play along with Sandy. He tells her to come back tomorrow when he's got more time, saying they mustn't be too obviously as they're meant to have a doctor-patient relationship. Finally Sandy leaves.
Helen is keen to see some of Jen's sculptures, but she says she's got artist's block. Helen says that Jen is very busy with her studying and work - the muse can't strike a moving target! Helen advises her to just go out to the garden and just goes for it with her sculpture.
Billy is thinking about shearing Cassie. Hannah says that Cassie should have mates and says they should take Cassie to visit a farm one day. Billy looks at her like she's mad!
Garden of the Martins
Jen has not managed to break through her artist's block. She and Helen chat about inspiration - Jen hopes she'll find it again.
Karl gets home and gives Billy his birthday present. It's a CD, but Billy says it's a CD for computers, and can't be played on a stereo.
KARL: Oh, I see. Just as well we bought a computer then, isn't it?
Susan has crept into the room holding a gift-wrapped computer. Billy is very pleased and thanks them profusely. They explain it's for the whole family to use, but that Billy can have first go.
While the kids are fussing over the computer, Karl tells Susan quietly about the incident with Sandy Morris. He says he'll have to put his psych colleague on to her.
Outside the Kennedys
Sandy approaches the house. But she walks past and continues down Ramsay Street.
Outside the Scullys
Phil, Lou an Cheryl have brought Suede Tess home - she's going to live in the back yard until they can find another trainer.
Suede Tess gets a whiff of Cassie and dog and sheep lock eyes. Romantic-sounding music plays(!)
Annalise is in a good mood and apologises to Sam for being so horrible to him. She wants to make it up to him by taking him out. Annalise says she's happy - her period has come. She's overjoyed she isn't pregnant and is looking forward to everything. Sam looks a bit disappointed.
Karl is showing the kids how to use the computer, but the kids have all used computers before at school.
There's a knock at the door and Susan answers it to Sandy. She comes in and tells Karl that she couldn't keep away.
SANDY: I just wanted to ask you all to forgive Karl, and to let him go.
Sandy says that she's not ashamed of the love between her and Karl and wants them to be free.
SANDY: Please, Mrs Kennedy! Give your husband his life back! You know he hasn't been happy for years.
Susan has decided to play along with Sandy's insanity.
SUSAN: Yes. Yes I do, Sandy.
SANDY: I know how to make him happy! I can look after him! I'll cook him all his favourite things! I'll go out to work so that he can stay home and watch television all day!
Sandy begs Susan to let Karl go.
SUSAN: Alright, Sandy.
Susan suggests that Karl and Sandy could go somewhere and talk about their future. She suggests they go to the Coffee Shop. Karl is horrified and tells Susan that it isn't a good idea. However, she persuades him, telling him that she'll "let his friend know exactly where they are".
When they've gone, Susan dashes to the phone and calls the psych doctor.
Annalise is dressed up and ready to go out with Sam. He tells her he would have liked them to have a baby. Annalise says they probably will one day and there's time yet. They agree not to think about the future for the moment and head out to go dancing.
Coffee Shop
Sandy is telling Karl all about how well she's going to look after him. Karl tells her that sometimes he might have to work later - he is a doctor after all. Sandy gets all defensive and it comes out that her father was a doctor and had an affair with one of the nurses.
Helen is on the phone to Rosemary telling her not to worry about anything. Debbie is apparently at her senior prom. Helen wonders if it's too late to call Cheryl.
Just then the phone rings again and it's for Jen. She has to agree to work, even though she has classes. She tells Helen that she's right - she has spread herself too thin.
Just then, a muse strikes Jen by the mashed potato Hannah has been shaping(!)
Coffee Shop
Sandy says that she can't leave the Coffee Shop because "he'll be back" and that he "promised to visit every Saturday". Karl realises that her father left and never came back.
Susan and Karl's psych friend, Griff arrive. Sandy takes quite a shine to Griff when she realises he is a doctor. She says she wants to cook for him, and Griff says she'll have to come to his place. Sandy agrees and they head off, presumably to a padded cell!
Susan and Karl hug in relief.
KARL: You are a very clever woman. I love you. And I love psychiatrists!
Billy comes out of the house to find Cassie is gone.
Mal tells Libby that she can't keep the silent treatment with her parents up forever.
Billy comes in and announces that Cassie has been stolen. They say maybe she escaped but Billy drags them out to form a search party.
Lou and Cheryl's
Helen has come to see Cheryl. Apparently Rosemary would be delighted to accept their offer for Lassiter's - Lou and Cheryl are now the owners of Lassiter's arcade!
Garden of the Martins
Billy and Hannah find Cassie and Suede Tess together! Cassie strains on her lead and again Cassie and Suede Tess lock eyes and romantic music plays(!)
Sam has made a nice breakfast for Annalise. They had a good night out clubbing.
Sam hears about a literary competition on the radio - "What Erinsborough Means To Me" and tells Annalise she has to enter - she could win $1000 in prize money. She agrees to have a go at writing a poem.
Helen tells Phil that Jen is frazzled. Jen shouts from the bedroom that she needs a telegram delivered for work - she's too busy to do it herself. But it has to be done in costume.
Ramsay Street
Billy shouts to the Kennedys that Cassie is found. He and Mal go off to look for a chain for Cassie, since she chewed through her rope.
Libby approaches Karl and Susan and they apologise for their conspiracy with Luke. They agree to make up, especially as he's now dumped Libby. Karl and Susan promise never to do such a thing again.
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