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Neighbours Episode 2368 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2368
Australian airdate: 19/04/1995
UK airdate: 12/12/1995
UK Gold: 28/11/2001
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Hannah wants to know where Jen is. Phil says that Jen wants to spend more time in her own home - he's been taking her for granted. Hannah thinks it's her fault for asking Jen to go to the bra shop with her. But Phil explains that Jen thinks they've been treating her like she's Hannah's mum. Hannah says that Jen is just Jen and she's totally different from Julie. Phil says he seems to have forgotten that lately.
Lou and Cheryl's
Kingston has come round with a new contract for Danni - with a doubling of the money. He also offers her a new car. Danni is excited, but reads through the other criteria and is a bit unsure. Kingston urges her to sign it, but Danni wants to show it to Cheryl first. He leaves, reluctantly.
Hannah answers the door to Jen, saying that Phil is out. They chat about the "mother" thing. Jen tells Hannah about her sister and how she had to be a mother to her. She wants to have her own life now. She doesn't want to take Julie's place. Hannah says that Jen has to give Phil a chance to prove himself.
Lou and Cheryl's
Ren is telling Cheryl about what happened with Kingston. Danni shows Ren her new contract - Ren reads it and says it's a complete rip-off. Ren says that Kingston will use anyone. Danni rips up the contract. Ren tells Danni they're going to sell the car - then she'll give the workers a proper job with proper wages. Ren says she's not the first person to be sucked in by Kingston, but she will be the last.
Susan and Phil are having a chat. He tells her what's happened with Jen - he thinks he's got too much baggage. Karl comes in at that moment, but Susan tells Phil to stay. Karl tells them about a patient he had that just came in, waffled about nothing, then left!
San and Annalise are still all over each other. He drags himself away to work.
Stonie comes round with some flowers for Cody. She isn't very impressed and tells him she won't keep going through this with him. Cody gives Stonie his computer back.
Hannah takes Phil through to the kitchen where a candlelight supper is prepared. Phil is surprised, and even more so when Jen comes up behind him. They have a conciliatory pash and Jen says she didn't like having space - she was lonely.
Karl is woken by the phone ringing in the middle of the night. It's the patient from the surgery (Sandy Morris). He tries to tell her that's it's a minor ailment and she should make an appointment in the morning. Karl tells Susan that the woman has corns and that's it. Susan thinks the woman is lonely and wants attention.
Lou and Cheryl's, the following morning
Kingston comes round to find Ren waiting for him with Danni. They start by quitting their jobs. Ren says Kingston will sign the car over to her or she will be in touch with Immigration. Ren can't be touched because Kingston never actually made her a legal partner. Kingston tries to suck up to Ren, but she's not having any of it: Kingston only cares about himself. The deal is that Kingston gives her the car and closes down the business - she and Danni will go out on her own. It's clear she means business.
When Kingston has gone, Danni tells her that she's done well. Ren looks a bit sad though - she clearly did care about Kingston.
Jen has stayed the night and Phil has been out to buy her some croissants. They agree to talk more about things that bother them in future.
Hannah is pleased to see that Jen is still there. Phil slinks off to the shower. Jen asks Hannah if she minded her staying the night and Hannah says she doesn't.
JEN: I'd like to do it more often if that's OK.
HANNAH: Stay forever if you want.
Stonie has come to see Cody to invite her to do something as mates this afternoon. She agrees and Stonie celebrates enthusiastically!
Susan comes round to bring Karl his watch that he left at home. Karl has been talking to Sandy Morris again. He's considering referring her to someone he hates! Susan is tired of working at the Coffee Shop - Karl says she's got to be firm with Annalise!
Coffee Shop
Sam has come to see Annalise and gives her a pash behind the counter. Stonie comes in all smiles and tells them a miracle has occurred - Cody has agreed to go out with him.
Ren is telling Cody what's happened with Kingston and the business. Apparently even the illegal immigrants might be OK and the Immigration Department may be prepared to give them work visas.
Jen has come to see Karl - he's glad to hear that she and Phil are getting on so well.
Susan opens the door to her friend Carmel - she wants Susan to mind the kids for a couple of days. She says no, but Carmel won't take no for an answer. Two rowdy kids run in and start fighting on the sofa.
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