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Neighbours Episode 2369 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2369
Australian airdate: 20/04/1995
UK airdate: 13/12/1995
UK Gold: 29/11/2001
Writer: Jeff Truman
Director: Geoff Hunt
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Susan tells Karl that she's fed up of working at the Coffee Shop.
Luke tells Libby that he doesn't feel anything for her. Libby doesn't believe him.
Carmel dumps her kids on Susan and disappears for a few days.
Coffee Shop
Susan has rung Annalise to tell her that she can't come in. Annalise isn't happy. Luke suggests finding someone else, but Annalise says she really needs a manager.
Cheryl comes in and asks if Annalise has heard a rumour about Lassiters being sold.
Luke tells Annalise he might be interested in helping her out in the Coffee Shop - he's got experience. Annalise agrees as long as he can provide references.
Carmel's kids (Justin and Therese) are causing havoc and Susan is doing...absolutely nothing. She leaves Mal and Libby in charge!
Karl is not pleased to hear that Justin and Therese are staying - they have no discipline whatsoever. Apparently Carmel has got a new boyfriend. Karl says he might be staying late after work for a while(!)
Coffee Shop
Libby is sitting at the counter when Luke comes back with his references. Annalise is impressed with his references and says she'll show him the ropes straightaway.
Lou and Cheryl's
Mal and Danni are having a pash on the sofa. He tells Danni about Justin and Therese staying - the kids are feral! Mal says he's found the perfect way to make them behave.
Billy and the Devine kids are tied up and gagged in front of the TV! There's a knock at the door and it's Hannah! Billy begs her to rescue them.
Coffee Shop
Sam comes in as Annalise is finishing up showing Luke the ropes. He decides to take over straightaway and put an apron on. Annalise mentions that she might need a buyer when she goes away again. Sam is dismayed to hear she might go away again.
Hannah has let herself in through the back door and untied everyone. They are therefore in the process of wrecking the house. Hannah and Therese head off, just as Toadie arrives. He surveys the devastation and suggests some "serious" fun instead.
Lassiters Lake
Annalise and Sam are having a heart-to-heart - Sam thought she'd come back for good. Annalise admits she's only back for six weeks - it's always been part of her plan to go overseas. She says she wants to do something with her life - Sam can't expect her to cancel all her plans. She wants to sell the Coffee Shop and use the money to take her wherever she wants to go. Sam is clearly gutted. Annalise says that Sam could come with her, but Sam says his business is only just starting up - he can't leave it now.
Hannah is riding a horse and Therese is admiring her (the horse, not Hannah). Hannah asks Therese about her new bra. Hannah says she's getting one soon - she's going shopping with Jen.
Justin, Toadie and Billy are wrestling. Susan comes in and is very angry indeed - the house is a disaster. She makes them clean it up.
Coffee Shop
Libby is STILL in the Coffee Shop and orders another coffee from Luke. He tells her it won't work, but Libby says she can't keep away from him. Luke says it's impossible for them to have a relationship - Libby is far too young for him. However, they start to have a bit of a pash across the table, but are interrupted by Annalise. Luke runs off to the kitchen.
Youth Centre
Toadie, Billy and Justin are jumping over furniture for a laugh. Toadie says he has an idea.
Karl is reassuring an old patient, but she gasps when she turns and sees three zombies in the waiting room. It's Billy, Toadie and Justin with masks on. They run for it, but unfortunately for them, Susan is coming in the door and stops them.
Coffee Shop
Annalise is pouring salt aimlessly into a cup when Cheryl comes in to buy a quiche. Annalise asks Cheryl if it's wrong to put your interests first in a relationship. Cheryl says it can be OK as a one-off, but it's a very tough question, especially considering she only has a fledgling relationship with Sam. Annalise groans - she doesn't know what to do. They chat about Annalise's trip and Cheryl suggests she comes over to dinner tonight and show her the photos. Annalise asks if she can bring Sam - maybe he'll catch the travel bug himself.
Karl is shouting very loudly at Justin, Toadie and Billy. He tells Justin to stop smirking - the old lady could have had a nasty turn. He tells Billy that he should have known better and they will have strong words about it when they get home. He says next time he'll call the police.
Hannah and Therese are dressed up in Susan's clothes, wearing Libby's jewellery and wearing makeup. Susan comes in and is very angry with them.
Lou and Cheryl's
Annalise is showing Cheryl and Sam her photos and they're both very interested.
Danni and Mal are off to a club, but Cheryl points out that Malcolm is still underage.
Sam enquires who a bloke in a photo is and mentions that Brett has met him and wants to go sailing around the world on his boat. Cheryl is shocked.
Karl has set Billy and Justin some chores. Justin and Toadie haven't learnt their lesson and are already planning their next trick. Toadie says they'll go for a burn and says he'll ask Shane to drive - he's out of jail at the moment.
<<2368 - 2370>>
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