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Neighbours Episode 2367 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2367
Australian airdate: 18/04/1995
UK airdate: 11/12/1995
UK Gold: 27/11/2001
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Mark tells Ren that he doesn't want her to get hurt with Kingston. Ren says she's happier than she's been in a long time though.
Lucy and Cody are sniping at each other again. Cody tells Lucy off, but when Phil comes in she switches back to sickly-sweet.
Phil is surprised at Cody's mood. He tells Cody that he thinks he's blown it with Jen - she's told him she wants some space. Cody reassures him that Jen really likes him - he should just wait for her to calm down.
Lou and Cheryl's
Lou and Karl are laughing about a woman who rang in with a very sexual question and made Karl blush(!) Karl asks Cheryl if she's heard anything about Lassiters being sold.
Brett comes in and says that he and Marlene are going to look after the Coffee Shop today. Cheryl asks Karl to look at Brett's eyes for conjunctivitis. He tells Brett to make an appointment.
Coffee Shop
Brett tells Marlene that he can't take his sunglasses off because his eyes are all puss-y (nice!)
Marlene tells Cody that Annalise is back and spending a lot of time with Sam. Marlene tells Cody that Annalise is moving in. But she confides that she's in a moral quandary about the sleeping arrangements - she doesn't feel entirely comfortable with it. Cody says that if there's a spare room, could she move in with her? Marlene agrees.
Youth Club
Lucy is waiting for Mark to finish the breakfast club. Mark tells her to stop chasing up every guy that walks down the street. Lucy suggests that they go and see a movie as friends. Mark says he's busy doing good things today and Lucy should try it. She isn't impressed and storms out.
Cody is telling Karl that she's having a personality clash with Lucy, so she's moving out.
Lou and Cheryl's
Cheryl is telling Marlene that she's being too old-fashioned. Marlene doesn't want to lose either of them though, so she says she might turn a blind eye.
Cheryl tells Marlene the rumour about Lassiters being sold.
A field
Phil and Lou are talking about the Lassiters being sold rumour. Phil hopes it won't affect his lease.
Brett has arrived for his conjunctivitis appointment. Cheryl and Cody chat about Sam and Annalise moving in together.
Karl's Office
Lucy has come to get a repeat prescription for anti-depressants, but Karl wants to know some history. He wants to call her doctor, but Lucy puts him off. Karl says in that case, he'll have to start from the beginning and give Lucy a proper medical. Lucy gets angry saying that she just wants the pills. Karl says he has to be careful bcause the pills are addictive. Lucy is furious, running out and slamming the door.
Karl despairs and calls Brett in.
Lou and Cheryl's
Brett isn't allowed to wear his contacts until his eyes are better. Cheryl suggests getting Brett a more modern-looking pair, but Brett likes his owl glasses - he says they make him feel intelligent!
Youth Centre
A woman there called Isabelle starts to cry - her husband has thrown her out. Even though she has a job, she can't afford to house and feed herself. Mark and his mate are shocked to hear that she is working six days a week in a factory. After a bit of probing, Mark hears that her boss is called Kingston. He looks upset.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Ren asks Kingston about them moving in together. But he doesn't think they should be too hasty. Ren says if they loved each other he wouldn't want to wait. Kingston says they can discuss it again when they get back from Paris - the company has grown and they can afford to go first class!
Cody is telling Phil about her plan to move out - she can't put up with Lucy anymore. Phil hugs her and says he's sorry to see her go.
Lucy comes in in fury and shouts about Karl.
Phil tells Lucy that Cody is moving out and she says it's the best news she's heard all day. Phil is shocked to see Lucy's true colours
Youth Club
Mark has been to see the sweatshop and is furious at the exploitation going on. He thinks Kingston must falsify his business records, but employs enough legitimate immigrants to keep the tax people off his back. June wants to make a report to the authorities, but Mark wants to talk to Ren first. He doesn't think Ren has any idea what's going on and he wants to break it to her gently.
Marlene is helping Cody to carry her stuff in. Cody says it's good to be back. They chat about Lucy's awkwardness and Cody is glad to be away from her. Marlene is still a bit unsure about Annalise and Sam though.
Lassiter's Bridge
Ren is looking forward to going to Paris. Cheryl comes up and says that Danni is being paid peanuts for her designs. Ren says Danni is making good money, but Kingston makes a quick exit. Mark comes up and tells Ren that he has to show her something.
Phil comes in to find Lucy with her head in her hands. She says she's got a bit of a migraine. She has got the sickly-sweet act back on and says she'll apologise to Cody.
Ren is defending Kingston to Mark as they enter the sweatshop. But she is shocked to find women working in dreadful conditions. Mark tells her they work 12 hour a day, 6 days a week for $150. Ren is really shocked.
Ren is ranting at Kingston saying that it was like something out of the 18th century. Kingston says he's doing them a favour by giving them a job at all. Ren is not pleased and starts asking about Kingston ripping Danni off. She says she's going to check Danni's contract very carefully. Kingston says if she doesn't like the way he runs things, she can leave the business.
<<2366 - 2368>>
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