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Neighbours Episode 2366 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2366
Australian airdate: 17/04/1995
UK airdate: 08/12/1995
UK Gold: 26/11/2001
Writer: John Hanlon
Director: Geoff Hunt
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Sam gets a letter from Annalise saying that she's heading home.
Lucy comes on to Mark.
Jen tells Cody that Phil is being a bit full-on.
Mark gets away from Lucy by going into the kitchen. Lucy says she's just having a bit of fun, but Mark says this is how she gets into trouble - and anyway, he's training to be a priest!
Lou comes in looking for Phil - Phil's forgotten that they're off to see Suede Tess. He invites Jen to come along, but she says she has lot of reading.
When Phil has gone, Hannah asks if she can call Jen something special - "Aunty Jen". Jen says that "Jen" is special enough.
Marlene suggests that Sam helps her out at the Coffee Shop.
Lucy asks Mark if he was tempted by her just a little bit. He says of course he was, and Lucy is pleased. Just then Luke comes in. Lucy immediately introduces herself. She starts fawning over Luke and invites him for coffee sometime!
Hannah is looking at a bra catalogue and asks Jen's advice. Hannah wonders if she should get a training bra, but Jen thinks she could go straight into a normal one. She suggests a comfortable one to start with - she could ask the lady in the shop. Hannah doesn't want to, and she doesn't want to take Phil either.
Coffee Shop
Marlene is frantically taking orders when Annalise arrives. Sam is holding a tray of dishes at the time and drops them all, smashing them.
Hannah is broaching the subject of bras with Phil because she needs to get "underwear and things". Phil asks Jen if she'll go with Hannah, but Jen isn't very keen and suggests Helen. Finally she agrees though but Hannah looks a bit disappointed.
Lassiters Lake
Annalise and Sam are strolling around the lake. They tell each other how much they've missed each other and they are in the middle of a pash when Lou interrupts them, apparently not noticing(!)
Luke is banging on to Mark about how gorgeous Lucy is. He says he's going to take up Lucy's offer to see more of her - it might be the very thing to take his mind off Libby(!) Mark warns Luke that Lucy has had a rough trot - the coming on strong stuff is just an act. He tells Luke he can't go into details, but the last thing she needs is another casual fling.
Outside the Pub
Sam and Annalise have shaken Lou off and are drinking a bottle of champagne. Annalise wants to talk about her and Sam - she's got something to tell him. She's booked a hotel room for them(!) Sam is chuffed to bits and they are having another pash when they are interrupted by Luke and Jen. There is an awkward silence and Jen drags Luke off into the pub. Sam and Annalise head off to the hotel room(!)
Hannah is telling Phil off for making Jen go shopping with her. She says he's ruined everything. Phil doesn't really understand what he's done wrong though. Hannah says she can see that Phil loves Jen, but she doesn't mind. They hug.
Hotel Room
Oh dear, I don't think I want to see all of this!!
Sam and Annalise have arrived to musical accompaniment. Sam seems quite nervous and fiddles with the radio. This is a rather weird scene. Annalise heads off to smell soap in the bathroom. Sam tests out the bed but stops when Annalise comes back. They finally start to kiss and thank God the scene cuts to Sam hanging a "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door.
Outside the Pub
Jen and Luke are talking about Phil. She doesn't think it will work out with Phil - he seems to expect her to pick off where Julie left off. Luke tells her to talk to Phil and tell him her concerns.
They turn to talking about Luke - Jen wants to know about his feelings for Libby. Luke says he can't get Libby out of her mind, but plans to forget about Libby with Lucy Robinson(!) Jen doesn't think this is a very good idea - she thinks Lucy is manipulative.
Hotel Room
Sam and Annalise are snuggling in post-coital bliss (yuck!) There's a knock at the door and it's room service delivering champagne and fruit. He smiles at them knowingly.
Annalise digs into the fruit and Sam joins her saying that he loves her.
Phil hands Jen a drink and she tells him that she wants to talk. He's quite surprised. Jen says she didn't appreciate being put on the spot earlier with Hannah - she thinks Phil is confusing her with Julie. Phil doesn't really understand. Jen explains that she wants to join his family on her own terms, and not be pressured into taking Julie's place. Jen says they both need a bit of space. Phil is not pleased and thinks Jen wants to break up with him. Jen says she's different from Julie and leaves.
Hotel Room
Sam and Annalise are enjoying themselves (now dressed in bathrobes). Sam suddenly remembers that he's left Marlene in the lurch - she's planning a Welcome Home dinner for Marlene. Annalise says they'd better go - they can always come back to the hotel after dinner!
Marlene is delighted to see Sam and Annalise and wonders where they have been(!) Marlene tells Annalise that she's looking very well - something has obviously agreed with her! Marlene says that Annalise is welcome to come back to stay at No.24, but Sam explains that they've got a hotel room booked for this evening. Marlene suggests that they could both stay with her from tomorrow night on. Sam explains that they wouldn't want separate rooms anymore. Marlene is shocked and doesn't quite know what to say!
<<2365 - 2367>>
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