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Neighbours Episode 2365 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2365
Australian airdate: 14/04/1995
UK airdate: 07/12/1995
UK Gold: 23/11/2001
Writer: John Upton
Director: Chris Martin-Jones
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Lucy tells Hannah that modelling is no fun.
Tanya agrees to do some modelling.
Marlene tells Sam that he has to stop gambling. Sam says he'll do what he wants.
Cody tells Jen that she's going to have to move out of Ramsay Street - she feels unwanted and alone.
Lucy has come to ask Mark if they can have a talk. Mark suggests a counsellor, but Lucy doesn't want one.
The Pub
Jen and Cody are chatting about Lucy. Jen asks Cody if Lucy is being bitchy, but Cody says she can't talk about Lucy as Jen is part of the family now. Jen looks a bit pleased.
Coffee Shop
Tanya is telling Jen and the publiciser (Kingston White) that she's looking forward to doing the modelling. Ren says they'll send her a full set of photos. Tanya says she'll get the farmers behind it for publicity.
Lucy is telling Mark that she had to get away from London. Mark tells her that everything that's happened is in the past - she's in control now.
Ren, Tanya and Kingston come in and are surprised to see Lucy tere. Lucy tells Kingston that she was modelling in London and it turns out they know some of the same people. Lucy says if she can help Kingston out, she'd be pleased to.
The Pub
Jen tells Lou and Phil that her first reaction was that greyhound racing was boring, but once she'd given it a go she quite enjoyed it. Jen tells them she's cramming this weekend - her Uni exams are coming up. Phil asks Jen how she feels about Phil's job and explains how he nearly had a breakdown when he was managing Lassiters. Phil says he thinks a family business is the way to go. He wants her to come and meet Michael and Debbie, but Jen gets nervous and says she has too much study to do.
Lucy is painting her toenails when Cody comes in. She asks Lucy if she's moved her computer and says she'd prefer if Lucy didn't touch it. Lucy says Cody isn't a proper member of the family so has no say.
Youth Club
Sam is frantically working out the horseracing scores when Tanya and Mark come in. They try to talk him out of betting, but he's really into it.
Kingston is grilling Ren about Lucy. Ren isn't happy and says that she thinks Lucy is pathetic for smarming all over Kingston. She is cross that Kingston was talking to Lucy as if Ren had no say in the company. She tells him that Kingston is shutting her out. He says he won't in future - he'll explain everything to her starting tomorrow. Ren is mollified by this. Kingston says he's got something special lined up for her.
Youth Club
Sam is listening to the racing results on the radio. However, his horse loses. Marlene comes in and sees his face. He admits he's lost a packet. Marlene tells him he'd better listen to her - she was married to a gambler and she won't go through that again. If he doesn't stop, he'll have to leave the house.
Ren is hoovering when Cody comes in. She tells Ren that she can't live with Lucy anymore. Ren says she might be moving in with Kingston, so Cody could move in to No.30. Mark thinks Ren is jumping the gun - she hasn't known Kingston very long.
Phil comes in to find Lucy filing her nails. She admits to Phil that she might have upset Cody by moving her computer. She smarmily offers Phil a cup of tea.
Ramsay Street
Tanya is heading off and thanks Ren and Mark for letting her stay. Just then, Kingston drives up in a convertible and gives Ren the keys - he's got her a company car. Mark isn't thrilled but Ren is delighted. As Ren drives off Lucy comes up and tells Mark that he's good at knowing what people are like inside. She thinks he's close to being perfect.
Garden of the Martins
Phil is weeding when Jen comes up to talk to him. He suggests she joins him at the shop for a couple of hours - he'd like Jen to be a part of his family. She tells him she can't today, she has to check something with Cody.
Jen sees Cody in the kitchen. She tells Cody that Phil keeps pushing her with the shop and the kids - she's scared and needs a life of her own. She feels like there's never any time for just her and Phil anymore.
The Pub
Lou is asking Sam about his gambling. Cheryl also starts on him and Sam is not pleased. Lou says he used to be a gambler and got himself into debt. It's hard to recognise when the gambling bug has got you. Sam says he's decided to stop gambling anyway. Lou says a few bucks on Suede Tess wouldn't hurt(!)
Lucy has been talking to Mark about her past again. She starts coming on to him and he looks rather shocked.
<<2364 - 2366>>
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