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Neighbours Episode 2362 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2362
Australian airdate: 11/04/95
UK airdate: 04/12/95
UK Gold: 20/11/01
Writer: Chris Phillips
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- A bloke asks Kingston where Danni is. Ren is surprised.
- Libby tells Phil she can't work at the newsagency as she's got a part- time cadetship, so Brett offers to take her job.
- Libby asks Brett o help her keep Lester Jones occupied.
- Danni tells Brett that Fabian has called to offer her an interview for the job of her dreams.
Brett is moaning at Danni for not helping him prepare dinner, but she is more interested in painting her nails. Brett tells her that Cheryl won't be too chuffed at Danni having an interview for a job at the nightclub. Danni says that she's not going to tell Cheryl(!)
Libby and Mark remind Ren that they're having a meeting to organise Lester's arrangements. Luke joins them and they discuss Lester's sleeping arrangements. Mark offers his room. Libby wants to do something for the paper - showing him around and getting his impressions of Erinsborough. Ren says they don't need her!
Coffee Shop
Fabian is chatting to Danni about the nightclub job. He thinks Danni is perfect for the job and they'll cover all her expenses - they'll even give her a clothing allowance. The hours will be mainly Friday and Saturday nights and they'll train her in PR too. He suggests they go down to the club now to meet the rest of the team.
Cheryl is baking and asks Brett to try her chocolate topping. The secret ingredient is cognac. Lou rolls his eyes, saying it was his best cognac! Lou, as the mayor, is going to be one of the judges!
Libby pops round to see Danni, but she's not there. Lou asks Brett where Danni is and he starts, guiltily. He suggests Libby pops round in the morning, but it's too late - Cheryl has got suspicious!
No.30, the following morning
Ren is moaning that the boys have left the house in a mess. They talk about activities for Lester - Luke says he'll take him dirt- biking and Ren suggests they could take him surfing.
There's a knock at the door and Ren goes to answer it - it's Lester. It's a girl called Tanya Jones - Lester Jones's little sister.
Danni answers the door to Libby. She's very groggy and tells Libby that she's got a new job at the nightclub. Libby apologises to Danni for going off at her about the paper job before. Libby is amazed that Cheryl is letting Danni work in a nightclub, but Danni points out that she's 18 and can do what she likes!
Tanya explains that Lester has appendicitis, so her mother has sent her instead. They tell Tanya that she'd better bunk in with Ren. Libby comes round to meet Lester, and they introduce her to Tanya. Luke suggests that he and Libby take Tanya for a drive around so she can get her bearings.
Youth Centre
Brett is painting candles - he's planning to sell them at the Youth Centre market. Danni asks Brett to cover with her while she's working at the nightclub. He tells her she can't hide it forever, but he'll cover for her for a while - on the condition that she tells Cheryl eventually.
Coffee Shop
Tanya tells Luke and Libby that their closest cafe at home is 20km away. While Luke is at the counter, Tanya tells Libby that Luke is gorgeous, and she thinks he likes Libby! Libby says Luke is too old for her, but looks pleased!
Danni comes in and Cheryl tells her off for being late for her shift. She also wants to know what time Danni came in last night. Danni avoids the question and goes off to see Ren and Kingston who are sitting at a table. Kingston gives Danni a cheque for the jewellery and Danni is very pleased - it's quite a lot.
Back at the bar, Danni tells Cheryl that she'll finish her shift, then she's giving up her job at Chez Chez!
Car Yard
Brett asks Lou for some extra work and he offers him some car detailing. Brett is struggling to fit everything in, but he wants to save a lot of cash so he can go overseas. Lou warns Brett that he's going to burn himself out. He tells Brett he's fired from his car yard job.
Youth Centre
Tanya is very interested in the Youth Centre and says she'd like to meet some city kids. She puts her name down for carpentry. Libby is taking photos. She says she'd like to do a series on photos of different parts of the body(!)
Mark comes in and takes Tanya off to go rollerblading. When they've gone, Libby asks Luke to be a photographic model for her this afternoon. Luke asks if she's only talking about his hands, or other parts of his body too?!
Ren tells Kingston about Tanya and he thinks it would be a great marketing opportunity - country kid in hemp clothes.
Fabian comes in looking for "the fabulous Danni Stark". He gives Cheryl Danni's nightclub ID for her new job and Cheryl is rather surprised to say the least!
Ramsay Street
Mark is teaching Tanya to rollerblade. Luke and Libby come along and tell them she's off to take some photos of Luke's hands. Tanya looks at her knowingly!
No.28 - Garden
Libby is taking some macro shots of Luke's hands. She asks him awkwardly if he can take his shirt off so she can take photos of his arms. He doesn't mind - he tells her he used to be a nude model at Uni!
Cheryl and Danni come in arguing about the nightclub job. Cheryl tells Brett off for not telling her. Cheryl and Lou think Danni's education is more important, but Danni assures her that she'll get all her homework done. Cheryl relents and says she can work there, but the minute her schoolwork slips, Danni will have to leave.
Ren introduces Tanya to Kingston. He asks her if she's interested in trying on some hemp clothes and she is quite interested. Apparently her Dad tried to grow it once, but he couldn't get a licence. Tanya realises that their angle is a "bush kid in hemp clothes" but she agrees to do it anyway.
No.28 - Garden
Libby is taking photos of Luke and various close- ups on parts of his body. When she's done, he puts his shirt back on. As they put the camera equipment away, their hands touch and they move in for a kiss.
<<2361 - 2363>>
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