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Neighbours Episode 2363 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2363
Australian airdate: 12/04/95
UK airdate: 05/12/95
UK Gold: 21/11/01
Writer: Michael O'Rourke
Director: Chris Martin-Jones
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Sam invites Luke and Sam to the races.
- Karl is ill and wonders where the kids are.
- Lou warns Marlene that he can't be buttered up as a judge for the cake competition.
- Luke and Libby go in for a kiss.
No.28 (Garden)
Just as he and Libby are about to kiss, Luke pulls back.
LIBBY: Luke, what's wrong?
LUKE: Nothing, nothing!
LIBBY: I thought...after what just happened...
LUKE: *Nothing* just happened, OK? It never will.
LIBBY: Can we talk about this?
LUKE: What's there to talk about? You're seventeen! I'm...I'm older. End of story.
LIBBY: What's age got to do with it?
LUKE: It's got everything to do with it! Look, I think you should just go. Maybe we shouldn't see each other for a while. I'm sorry, I think it's for the best.
LIBBY: OK. I'll go, but on one condition.
LUKE: What's that?
LIBBY: Tell me honestly that you didn't feel anything for me just then. Tell me that and I'll go right now! If you do feel something for me then we should at least talk about it, shouldn't we?
LUKE: Look, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. But I *don't* feel anything for you.
LIBBY: You don't mean that.
LUKE: Talking like this isn't going to get either of us anywhere. You're a good kid, Libby. You should find someone else, your own age.
LIBBY: Luke...
LUKE: I'm sorry, I don't want to discuss this anymore.
He leaves.
Karl is going out to do some gardening and Susan tells him off - he's sick and is supposed to be resting. He is insistent though and heads off. As he's leaving, Libby runs in and goes straight to her room.
Luke tells Sam that he's fallen for someone impossible. Sam says he has plenty of experience of that, but he's looking forward to Annalise coming back next week. He advises Luke to keep trying with the girl, but he tells a shocked Sam that the girl is seventeen. Then he admits that it's Libby and Sam is even more shocked - he tells Luke that Karl will kill him and advises Luke to forget her!
Jen pops round to see Cody. She tells Jen that she's not sure how to handle Stonefish now he's told Cody he likes her. Jen thinks that Cody might like Stonefish a little bit(!) but Cody says she's still technically with Rick. Jen tells her Rick is a long way away now!
Cheryl, Sam, Luke and Lou are heading off to the track. Cheryl tells Sam to watch his betting, especially if he can't afford to lose money. Phil and Jen arrive and they all head off.
Dark Room
Libby is developing the pictures of Luke.
Billy tells Hannah that she's need to work harder on Holly if she wants her to win the cutest pet competition. Billy reckons that Cassie will win by a mile!
Everyone is back from the races and it seems Cheryl won quite a lot of money. Also, Sam won a lot as well. Phil and Jen head off.
Karl is lying on the sofa, blowing his nose. Libby is heading off back to the dark room this evening.
Billy comes in while Susan berates Karl for doing gardening this afternoon. Libby tells Billy off for entering Cassie in a beauty contest.
Hannah is lying on the sofa feeling sick and Cody tells Phil that she's probably eaten too much junk. As he takes Hannah off to bed, he accidentally calls Jen "Jules". Phil is horrified and apologises, but Jen says it's fine - Phil has a lot on his mind.
Sam reckons he's got betting sorted now, but Marlene and Luke warn him that it's a mug's game. Sam reckons he's got a hot tip on the horses tomorrow!
Cheryl is putting the topping on her cake and Lou is keen to get to the fairground. Cheryl says she's decided to withdraw her cake from the competition, because even if hers was the best, it would make Lou look like he was playing favourites.
When he's gone, she gets another cake out of the cupboard - she's obviously going to sneakily enter it.
Ramsay Street
Karl, Susan, Libby and Billy are heading off to the Easter Fayre, despite Susan's protests about Karl's cold. Billy has got Cassie wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses. As they leave, Libby sees Luke walking across the street and gives him a lingering look. Susan sees this look and looks intrigued.
Luke pops round to see Sam. Marlene has got her cake ready for the Easter Fayre and reckons she's going to win. Marlene asks Luke to try to get Sam to lay off the betting.
When Marlene has gone, Luke wonders if he should leave the area to get away from Libby, but Sam thinks that's a bit extreme. Sam says he's going to put all his winnings from last night on his hot tip for the horses.
Easter Fayre
Lou opens the Easter Fayre. Cheryl wishes Marlene luck with the cake competition.
Phil, Jen, Hannah and Cody greet Susan and Karl. Hannah has got a pink bow tied around Holly.
Billy is looking for Tanya, but she's not there yet. Libby is looking for Luke, but there no sign of him.
Lou is judging the cakes.
Sam and Luke are listening to the horse race on the radio. Luke throws down his paper and walks out.
Easter Fayre
Karl is coughing and decides to go home.
Lou is still judging the cakes, and has now narrowed it down to the last two. Finally he announces that "Marjorie Fontaine" has won and Cheryl confesses that she put her cake in under an assumed name. Marlene starts angrily saying that the competition is a fix.
Susan tells Billy and Libby she's heading home to check on Karl.
When Susan comes in, Karl is sitting at the table, looking at picture of Luke. Susan says the shots seem innocent enough - only upper torso stuff. But Karl shows her one that looks like LUke's bum.
KARL: That girl has got some explaining to do, and it better be good!
Sam is shouting at the radio - his horse has lost. He looks very dejected - he's totally wiped out of cash.
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