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Neighbours Episode 2361 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2361
Australian airdate: 10/04/95
UK airdate: 01/12/95
UK Gold: 19/11/01
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Libby is cross with Danni about the job. Danni says she didn't know, but Libby doesn't believe her.
- Karl goes into work with a cold.
- Helen tells Lucy she'd be better off living in Erinsborough.
- Paco makes a move on Mal.
Danni storms in and wants to know what's going on between Mal and Paco. He says it's none of her business. Libby and Billy roll their eyes and Danni stalks out.
Lucy is looking at some old photos. Phil and Hannah are helping Lucy to settle in and Phil tells her she's very welcome in the house. Lucy suggests to Phil that they go for a drink at the pub.
Phil and Lucy are talking about Julie. He tells her that he's finally met someone else now and tells her about Jen. Lucy tells him that her own marriage was a disaster. They drink to fresh starts, but Lucy seems a bit cynical.
Danni is ranting to Brett about Mal. Brett tells Danni to stop trying to change Mal, but she says she's just trying to improve him(!). Brett thinks Danni is a control freak and tells her he doesn't want to hear any more.
Mal and Libby are chatting about their dislike for Danni. Mal feels like going out with Paco just to teach Danni a lesson. But he is still sort of in love with Danni despite everything.
Billy comes out dressed up and warns Mal off Paco. Mal says he's not interested in Paco - she's just one of the guys to him.
Just then, Paco comes round dressed up in a black dress. Both Mal and Billy are dumbstruck.
Coffee Shop
Karl has still got a cold and tells Susan he'll have to take a couple of days off work. He wants to send the kids off to the country, but Susan says with her working, she needs them around to help out.
KARL: Do they really need that much looking after?
Susan just looks at him.
Billy is playing the violin for Paco, but he's distracted by Mal and Libby watching him. He complains that he wants some privacy. Mal is staring at Paco and Libby laughs to herself.
Ramsay Street
Susan and Karl arrive home to find Danni up a ladder spying through their living room window. Danni runs off and Susan promptly climbs the ladder to find out what Danni was looking at(!)
Danni is ranting about Paco trying to crack on to Mal. Brett rolls his eyes. Danni says she's going to fight fire with fire. She goes off to change.
Karl wants to know why Mal is sitting through a violin lesson. Mal says he likes violins(!)
Paco invites Mal to the Coffee Shop and he agrees. Billy says he'll come along as well. Susan and Karl just laugh. Karl says he might take violin lessons himself(!)
Hannah asks Lucy if she could be a model. Lucy isn't sure that Hannah would want to - it's not that much fun. Lucy tells her sadly that she's not modelling much these days and she might be getting too old. Hannah says she'll stick to being a vet!
Karl is languishing on the sofa and Susan is rolling her eyes. Libby is totally unsympathetic! She tells them about her first assignment as Student Affairs reporter - the primary school Easter Fayre!
Danni comes round, very dressed up in a black dress. Libby tells her that Mal has gone to the Coffee Shop with Paco and Billy.
KARL: Is there are shortage of fabric in this town at the moment?!
LIBBY: You would think so, wouldn't you!
Ramsay Street
Brett sees Danni coming back from No.28. She's determined to go down to the Coffee Shop. Brett tells her that Fabian Conti has rung and wants her to call him back. She says Fabian caused all the trouble with Mal in the first place.
No.26 (Garden)
Phil, Hannah and Lucy are gardening when Brett comes over. Phil introduces Lucy to Brett. He's pleased to meet a "supermodel" and asks her for her advice on travelling overseas. She says she knows a lot about hotels and airports. They agree to meet up to chat soon.
Coffee Shop
Paco and Mal are getting on really well and ignoring Billy. Danni comes in and Billy sits back to watch the fireworks. Danni tells Paco to get lost and says she and Mal have a lot to talk about!
No.26, Garden
Libby comes over to tell Phil that she's got the cadetship on a part- time basis, so she won't be able to keep working at the newsagency. Brett overhears and asks if he can work at the newsagency instead. Phil agrees. Brett and Libby head off for a coffee to celebrate.
Coffee Shop
Mal and Danni are ranting at each other. Paco tells Billy that she and Mal are just friends. Libby and Brett come in, see the arguing, and decide to go somewhere else!
Outside the Coffee Shop
Brett tells Libby that Danni was genuinely trying to be nice to her regarding the cadetship. Danni and Mal storm out of the Coffee Shop, still shouting at each other.
Paco heads home, telling Billy to find someone his own age.
BRETT:(to Libby) Join us for the next exciting episode!
Karl thinks the house is suspiciously quiet. He thinks trouble is brewing and all hell will soon break loose.
As it happens, he's right, Mal and Billy come in shouting at each other about Paco. Libby comes in and has a go at Mal for shouting in the Coffee Shop. Susan tells Libby to stop stirring, but she retorts that she's the only one in the house with any sense of decency!
KARL: Why can't your children behave nicely like they used to?
SUSAN: They're not my children.
KARL: They are between nine and five!
Danni tells Brett that Fabian has called her in for an interview and she might have the job of her dreams!
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